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Full Summary: You see, I'm in a very complicated situation. I'm in love with Mr. Hot New Bad Boy but Mr. Jock wants my attention. Ms. Slutty Cheerleader wants both of them and her boyfriend, Mr. Pretty Boy, blames me for blames and hates me for no reason. Now, here's the complicated part, I'm starting to fall for Mr. Jock and Mr. Hot New Bad Boy is starting to like me. Mr. Pretty Boy wants nothing to do with any of us and Mr. Bipolar Gay Guy just started making out with my guy friend. Now, where does Mr. Soccer Team Captain come in? Me? I'm just normal ole Shaylee Zanda.

Chapter 1:

I sigh. That boy has the body of the Roman God Adonis. Not that I've been staring at him from across the classroom for 20 minutes straight, why do you ask? His name is Cameron Mitchell and he's the new 'bad boy' in town. He has perfect brown hair with a few highlights from the summer sun and a slight brush of scattered freckles across his nose. His eyes, a bright, sky blue, could be seen from even my desk and his smile, oh, his smile. It's contagious, I swear it. Well, I don't cuz I don't wanna be sent down to Hell cuz of my language. Yeah…

Someone snapped their fingers in front of my face and I turned to see one of my best friends, Ella Kingston, smirking at me. I raised an eyebrow at her.

"What?" I asked innocently, as if I wasn't just caught staring at the forbidden fruit. She kept on smirking and flipped her long dark hair behind her shoulder. "Oh, nothing. Just watching my best friend drool on her desk over some guy."

I swiped at my mouth and yelped in surprise. There was actually drool collecting there. Ewww! Great, now people were giving me funny looks because of my rather loud exclamation. Ella laughed, a wild thing and even more people stared at us. I know, I know. We're weird. But, I guess every school has to have the weirdos and the crazies, right? Anyways…

"I was not!" I said defensively. Ella gave me a look and I ducked my head in shame. "Okay. Maybe just a tiny bit."

She made a noise of satisfaction. "That's right. I am victorious! Take that world!"

I felt a blush creep onto my face as I realized the entire class was silent cuz the bell rang during our conversation and the angry-looking English teacher stared at us through narrowed eyes.

"Is there something you'd like to share with the rest of the class, ladies?" she asked. I shook my head ferociously and cracked a nervous smile. "Nope. We're good. Just don't pay attention to the girl who acts like a total maniac when random things happen."

Apparently, this didn't settle well with the teacher. If possible, her eyes narrowed even further and she raised a thin, bony finger and pointed at me.

"Detention! I don't like the way you are speaking and you should rinse your tongue of such nasty words!" she commanded. I opened my mouth to reply. I really wish I hadn't.

"But if you rinse your mouth, that would imply that I used soap and I remember one time when I was little when I dumped nearly a whole container of dish soap into my dad's coffee. Wow. That was not the brightest thing I did. Anyways, I'm trying to say that if I used soap to 'clean' my mouth like you suggested, I would probably end up in the hospital, trying to rid my stomach of all the poisonous acids that soap carries," I explained. Mrs. Angry Face stared at me in shock and the class was silent before bursting into rambunctious laughter. I blushed as I saw Cameron laughing along with the rest of the class at my unintentional humor. Ah, good times, good times.

Finally, when Mrs. Angry Face snapped out of her shocked state, her face contorted into a big frown and she pointed to the door this time. I swear, the little vein by her temple was doing its own little dance cuz it kept jumping back and forth. I was so mesmerized by it that I hadn't heard a word the stupid lady said. "I'm sorry, could ya repeat that?"

Her glare was so intense that I cringed under it. She took a step closer to me and another until she was at my desk. Fuck, I knew I shoulda sat in the back so I could escape her torture. I looked up at her expectantly. "Could ya move? I'm kinda trying to copy down the stuff you wrote down on the board before you stopped class."

That got her. She brought her yardstick down hard onto my desk and a loud 'bang' echoed to every corner of the classroom.

"Double detention for you! Go to the office young lady! This is the first week of school and yet you still disrupt my classroom! Go! And don't come back!" she added as I walked out the door. Right as I was about to walk out the doorway, I turned back around and walked back up to the English teacher, who's name happened to be Mrs. Angerling, and tapped her on the shoulder. She spun around and glared at me through her beady eyes.

"Didn't I tell you to get out of here?" she hissed. I shrugged and pointed to her back. "What?"

I rolled my eyes and reached back and plucked the sticky note attached to her hunched back. I flipped it around so she could see it. It read 'Hunchback Hag'

"This was attached to your back, Mrs. Angerling," I said. I dropped the note and walked out. I heard the distant shrieks of her voice, yelling at the whoever stuck the note to her back. I smiled and opened the door to the office.


The lunch bell rang and everyone filed out of the Chemistry classroom. I snatched up my books and made my way out the door. Right as I entered the hall, someone turned and elbowed me in the face. Unfortunately, it was really hard so it caused me to fall back and knock over the head cheerleader of Newport High, Jasmine Klyde. She let out an exaggerated squeal of surprise and fell into a bucket of water that the janitor left out in the hall. I fell on my butt and a shadow loomed over my head. The person who elbowed my face. I looked up and I saw that it was Andrew or Drew Lock. He leaned over and helped me back onto my feet. I rubbed where his elbow had come in contact with my skin.

"Hey. You alright?" he asked. I rolled my eyes at the huge jock dude.

"Oh, yeah. I'm totally used to 6 foot guys elbowing my face," I replied sarcastically. He laughed and I grimaced at the sound.

"Well, I know you're okay now," he joked. "So, Shaylee, wanna join me and my buddies for lunch?" he asked hopefully. I raised an eyebrow.

"No." That earned me a frown. Drew opened his big mouth to say something back but was interrupted by none other than…the slutty cheerleader. Or the girl with the wet butt and panties.

"Watch it, bitch!" she sneered. I shrugged and she got into my face. "Are you gonna say sorry or what?"

"No," I said, waving a dismissive hand. "And I don't wanna talk to you so, shoo."

Her eyes narrowed and she raised a perfectly manicured hand. "Why you little…"

I ducted and she swung her arm right where my face once was. Unfortunately, man I say that a lot, another guy was passing by and she slapped him instead. Jasmine the Slut stumbled back and gasped. I looked up at the guy she'd slapped and recognized him as Michael Vale, her boyfriend.

"Mikey! I'm so sorry! I-I didn't see you there!" Jasmine cried in her horribly high pitched voice. I saw Michael glance at me and back to Jasmine. "Is she the one you were trying to slap?" he asked, gesturing to me. Jasmine nodded, realizing she had an advantage now and stepped towards 'Mikey'.

"Oh, yes, Mikey. You see, she pushed me into the bucket of disgusting water and laughed." Jasmine faked crying and I groaned in disgust.

"Oh, puh-lease! Push her? I have better things to waste my time doing." I inspected my nails and found them to be spot on perfect, same as this morning. Jasmine went bug eyed and she looked up at her boyfriend, pouting.

"Are you gonna believe the bitch that pushed me?" she asked in a small voice that I knew was fake. Hell, everything about her was fake. 'Mikey' turned to me and shrugged.

"I ain't gonna do nothin' about it," he said. I smiled and sent a smirk at Jasmine.

"Aww, thanks, Mikey!" I said. Turning to Jasmine, I said, "Bye, Slutsky."

I left the hall where people had gathered, watching our little dispute and an angry looking Jasmine out for my blood and headed to my locker. After I dropped off my books and grabbed my lunch, I headed to the cafeteria and looked around. Spotting my friends, I started walking to them but a body blocked my way, leaning 'coolly' on the brick wall. I sighed. It was Drew. Again.

"What do you want, Drew?" I asked. He smiled at me and I felt annoyance flare up dramatically. "I'm kinda hungry so you wanna make this quick?"

"Come eat lunch with me and my buddies." Ugh, what was wrong with this guy? Can't he take a hint? Or a 'No'? I pushed down my annoyance and tried to put on an apologetic smile.

"Sorry. Already promised some friends I'd sit with them," I lied. He caught on and frowned at me.

"You always sit with them, Shaylee," he pointed out. I nodded and darted around him.

"Exactly why I can't sit with you! I'm so glad you understand!" I yelled over my shoulder as I dodged the bodies in between the table where my friends sat and me. I plopped down in the vacant seat next to Ella and let out a huge breath. She looked at me and smirked.

"Drew?" she asked. I nodded and slammed my paper lunch bag on the table. "Is he driving you insane?"

I looked at her and she raised her hands and backed off. "What do you think?"

"I'm guessing with your attitude today, then yes." Dawne, another one of my best friends raised her eyebrows.

"Who?" she asked. I shook my head. Mae, yet another friend, answered for me.

"Just some poor bloke that got rejected by Shay," she explained. Dawne shrugged.

"Good enough for me," she said, digging into her lunch. I watched as she downed her juice and practically shoved her entire sandwich into her mouth and swallow. Apparently, she noticed everyone staring at her and she played with the corner of her napkin. "What?"

No one had the chance to answer before Aaron, a friend of Ella's, dropped into another seat. He groaned and grabbed his hair, trying to tear it out. I glanced at him with slightly widened eyes.

"What's wrong with you?" I asked rudely. He glared at me before squealing like a little girl and hid behind Ella and me. "And why are you hiding?"

He glared at me again and pressed a finger to his lips. "Shh! He's coming this way!"

I frowned in confusion. 'Who's 'he'?" I asked. I didn't even have to ask the question because another guy showed up. He had hair similar to JB's except brown and green eyes that could easily pass for hazel. He was somewhat Asian. I'm not being racist, I'm just pointing it out. He looked straight at me.

"Do you know where my Ronnie-poo is?" he asked in this not-manly-voice. How I must look to him. My lips were partially open, making me look like an airhead and I was squinting a little. Well, you get the picture.

"I-uh-don't know who you're talking about," I finished lamely. He laughed like a little kid and gave me a hug. Oookay, this guy needed medical help. He kept on smiling like nothing was wrong and rambled on and on about how cute 'Ronnie-poo' was. Aaron jumped up, obviously unable to take the random stuff this guy was saying. The weird guy squealed in excitement at Aaron's sudden appearance.

"Ronnie-poo! So, that's where you went!" the guy cried, wrapping his gangly arms around Aaron's neck. Aaron pulled away and the guy looked disappointed. Aaron cleared his throat.

"Listen, Hunter. I don't know who told you I was gay but I'm definitely not," Aaron said. The gay guy, Hunter, was silent before bursting out into laughter. Everyone stared at him, not sure how to react to this situation. Finally, Hunter wiped away the tears from his eyes and slung an arm around Aaron's shoulders. I noticed that he had to stand on his tippy toes cuz of his short frame.

"Oh, Ronnie. We're so good together. You with your joking around and humor and me with the fashion sense and coolness. We're just like a puzzle piece!" Hunter declared happily. Aaron's eyes widened and he looked scared. I cleared my throat. Okay, this was really awkward and it will only get more if I don't intervene.

"Okay, weird guy, person, Hunter," I said, finally calling him by his name. He looked at me and smiled. "Yeah?" he asked. I brushed back some of my black and red highlighted hair over my shoulder.

"Listen, if you guys are a puzzle piece, then you all have 4 people you really connect with, right?" I said. Hunter nodded, still following along. I continued.

"Well, what I'm trying to say is that…" I trailed off, trying to come up with a decent lie. Unfortunately, damn, I hate saying that word, Aaron beat me to it and wrapped his arm around my waist. Wait, WHAT?

"What she's trying to say is that we're together," he finished for me. The entire table was silent. What did he say? I turned to Hunter and gave a feeble smile. "Uh, yeah. That's right. We're together. Bf and Gf. In health and sickness. For all of eternity." With every word, I squeezed him tighter and his smile almost turned into a grimace. Hunter stared at us, looking at his arm around ym waist and my arm around his neck.

"Oh, well, that's kinda embarrassing," he said. He turned to Aaron and smiled like a little kid. "Well, I'll leave you kids alone now. But if you guys ever break up," he winked at Aaron who shifted his weight, uncomfortable, "you can always find love with me, Ronnie-poo." With that, he walked away and as soon as he was out of earshot, I jumped out of Aaron's arms and slapped him, hard, across the face.


AN: How was it? Was it okay? By the way, every one of these characters are some of my friends in real life. Just me, and Dawne, Mae, and Ella's names are different because I don't wanna give anything away to strangers. Of course, I changed last names but the first letter is the same so everything has the same initials. Oh, and this is high school if you didn't already figure it out. Sophomores and Juniors only. They rock! –Susie-