I Have Always Wanted You

I could say "Stay for a second,"

But when that second is over

I won't let you leave

I could say "Stay for a minute,"

But when that minute is up

I will take you in my arms and kiss you harder than ever before

I could say "Stay for a day,"

But when the sun starts to set, i lay down with you and breathe in your scent and fall asleep With the memory of your touch lingering into my dreams

I could say "Stay a while,"

But we'd both know i was lying because as much as you kill me

You keep me alive

So Why Do You Kill Me Inside?

I could say"Never leave me,"

But I know the second I turn around

You'll have another in your arms

I could say "Stay forever,"

But since forever is a commitment

I know you won't agree

I could say "I will love you,"

And you'll say the same

But when I walk away, at my heart you'll aim

I could say " Forever and always,"

But you'll never listen

Because you never do