Let's be best friends for ever. We can stay up all night. We can go explore in the forest you like so much. We can go people watching, since you like to do that too. We can make movies and take pictures, since you love the camera so much.

Take me with you, Mr. Slenderman. I'm sure you're a very nice person. Let's play.

I'm sure that it must stink always being outside in the rain and people being scared of you. I'm not scared of you. I want to be your best friend.

I. t. .e y.o.r .est f..

What else do you like to do, Mr. Slenderman? Maybe we can do those things too.

. . .eave. m. . i. . t. b. . . f..

Look Mr. Slenderman! It's raining outside! Would you like to come inside? Or maybe you like the rain, if you like the rain, let's go for a walk outside! Let's go walking in the forest.

.ould. . .ife. g.t. .ad. .lea.e. . . .e. . i. . t. b. . .

Take me with you, I don't like it here. No one understands me like you do, Mr. Slenderman. You listen to me. I like you; I like you a lot Mr. Slenderman.

Why do people call you a monster, Mr. Slenderman? Who cares if you take little children with you into the forest and never see them again? Who cares if you eat their hearts and brains and other squishy parts? You're my friend, so you can't be a monster. People just judge you because you're really tall and thin, like the tree in my yard.

.ou. c.n. ea..y . .f . .eans. . .ein. . .ver. . .

. .ou. d.r. .ry. t. .ver. .ea.e m.

You listen, and you don't make funny faces at what I say, you just stand there outside my window and watch me, tilting your head occasionally. I assume that that means that you're listening to me.

I guess it'd be impossible for you to make and funny faces, with you not having one at all. Though, I still like you lots.

Let's talk again at midnight again, it's super fun. People say that they can't see you, but they know you exist, with you eating my baby sister and all. They don't like you.

But I like you. I like you lots and lots. I want to be best friends forever. I'm glad you ate my baby sister, it's so quiet now. I would like you to eat my mommy and daddy though, they're always crying, and they won't let me sleep.

Oh look! It's stopped raining Mr. Slenderman! And it's such a pretty rainbow! OH WOW IT'S A DOUBLE RAINBOW!

Do you like rainbows, Mr. Slenderman? I like them very much; it's so pretty with its bright colors. Hey, where did you go Mr. Slenderman?

I was so distracted by the rainbow, so I guess I wasn't thinking of you and your feelings! Please come back Mr. Slenderman!

. . .ac. i. .ont. . .o. b. .lone. .ou. .sed. .me. .



.ake. .me .way. .o. ... . me. . y.u. .. .o. .ying. s.n. of. . .itch.

Oh, it looks like you're back, Mr. Slenderman. I didn't mean it. I still want you be your friend, I need to be your friend.

Why are you laughing, Mr. Slenderman?


Oh, it seems that you have a mouth! That must be how you ate my baby sister; your teeth are awfully sharp and bad looking, they look black and jagged and all bloody. Your tongue is like a long black worm, what are you trying to do, Mr. Slenderman?

Oh, I forgot that you had tentacles, I remember seeing them but they were a lot wispier looking and looked like shadows. They don't look or feel like shadows, they feel super rough like sandpaper or bark and really strong. You're hurting me, Mr. Slenderman.

.re. y.u. .oin. .o. . .e. . .. m. .wa. .. .n. .ver. . w. c.n .be. be.t. ..ds. .

It seems that you have more than one tongue, you're very surprising Mr. Slenderman! I never knew this about you! You're very, very, very interesting! There are four tongues! Eww gross why are you touching my face with it? Are you kissing me, Mr. Slenderman? I'm not your wife or your destined bride! I don't know if this is good. No it's not good. You're still touching me with your tongues, Mr. Slenderman.

It's all slimy, Mr. Slenderman. My face is all tingly, what are you doing, Mr. Slenderman? It's starting to hurt, Mr. Slenderman, its like when I cut myself and lemon juice got squirted into it.

My face stings Mr. Slenderman! Why is it stinging? Please stop kissing me Mr. Slenderman. I thought kisses were supposed to be nice, Mr. Slenderman. This isn't very nice, it hurts so much.


Oh no, don't put my head into your mouth, Mr. Slenderman! It burns even more please stop!

My face hurts very much, Mr. Slenderman. I do not like this kiss; it smells very bad in here. It smells like the forest when it rains and daddy finds your snacks and dinners stuck on the tree branches!

Ow, why did you spit me out like that, my head hurts from banging it! My face feels weird, Mr. Slenderman. It's all bumpy and stuff, hey where are you going?

Why did you do this, Mr. Slenderman? My mommy came in and saw me and screamed when she saw my face. Then I seen it in the bathroom mirror, I look all burnt up and melted, like that Freddy guy in those movies mommy won't let me watch.

m. .ace. . .o. . .h.t. d.d. .uo. d. .o. me? . .h. . .o. .wa.

You're still my best friend forever, Mr. Slenderman. You still come to visit and just listen to me. Though, I want to know what you're laughing at. Why are you laughing?

I want to know what's so funny, is it a funny joke, Mr. Slenderman? Can you tell me, whisper it into my ear, because that's what friends do right? Tell each other secrets. You're mean; you're not telling me your secrets! Oh well, that's okay, since maybe your secret is too much of a secret to tell me.

I want to play outside, Mr. Slenderman. My mommy won't let me go outside, saying that my face might scare people. I feel so mad at mommy, Mr. Slenderman. I wish she would go die so I could play outside. Daddy too.

I feel sick, I'm always coughing, and medicine won't work. Mommy even got the Doctor to come over and take a look at my cough and my face. He gave me medicine and looked at my throat, and said that it couldn't be my tonsils, since he took them out years ago.

He gave me lemon candies that might help, to get rid of how raw my throat is from coughing so much. Do you know why I'm coughing so much, Mr. Slenderman?

d.d. .u.. .lay. . .ire. . .irl?

The Doctor asked if I played with fire, Mr. Slenderman, or if I played with cleaning stuff, or if mommy and daddy were hurting me. I said no to all of them, Mr. Slenderman. I may hate mommy and daddy, but I wouldn't lie. Lying is a bad thing to do, Mr. Slenderman.

I want to go outside and play, but mommy said that unless I found something to cover my face (or until they get enough money to make my face better) I can't go outside. I think I'll make a mask, it'd be like Halloween, but it isn't. Isn't that a good idea, Mr. Slenderman?

Oh, you're going? Okay… Come back soon, Mr. Slenderman.


.e. .om. ba.k. .o.n.

See, Mr. Slenderman? I made a mask, it's like my favorite doll, and it's white and has a black mouth and black eyes and tiny little eye brows. It's a little scary, but I really like my doll so I made it my mask! Isn't it nice, Mr. Slenderman?

You look like you don't like it, Mr. Slenderman. What's wrong with it, whatever, this means I can play outside now, Mr. Slenderman!

.he. s.n. .n. t.e. .. .e.. . . n.v.r. .w.n. .o. .g..

Mommy said I can go to school again, Mr. Slenderman! But she said to make sure that no one EVER takes it off, and she is also upset about you taking the puppy and making its insides pop out and hanging it on the front door, Mr. Slenderman.

I'm not mad; I didn't like that dog either. It's like when you ate my little sister, Mr. Slenderman. I didn't get mad, and I like how the door was red and pink, those are my most favoritest colors ever! Did you know that, Mr. Slenderman?

Though, it smells really icky and yucky on the front door. There's still a little bit of pinky squishy parts in between the door and the frame, I poke at them a lot, Mr. Slenderman.

.nt. . .un. .. . m. .. .m. n.t. a. . i. .o. .. .onster. i. n.t a. .er. im. n.t. . .. .ea.e. .me. . i. .eed. a. .

The kids at school make fun of me today, they called me ugly and weird because I wore my mask today. Then the meanest one took my mask off and everyone screamed at my face, Mr. Slenderman. They called me Freddy Kruger, Mr. Slenderman. They called me a wrinkly old lady, Mr. Slenderman. They threw rocks at me. Mr. Slenderman. They said I should be in the freak show and scare the little kids, Mr. Slenderman. The older kids said I have a face that not even my mommy would love, Mr. Slenderman. They said I should go live up in the attic or in the walls or under the stairs, Mr. Slenderman. They told me that I'm better off buried alive, Mr. Slenderman. They told me that my daddy should throw me into a sack and throw me over a cliff because I'm a monster, Mr. Slenderman. They called me a monster, Mr. Slenderman. They called me a monster, Mr. Slenderman. They called me a monster, Mr. Slenderman, they called me a monster, Mr. Slenderman.

I think I'll make sure that my mask never gets taken off, Mr. Slenderman. It'll hurt a lot, but the kids won't make fun of me anymore, Mr. Slenderman, because they won't pull my mask off, Mr. Slenderman. Isn't that a good idea?

I'll sew my mask onto my face; it'll be Halloween every day, Mr. Slenderman! Mommy and daddy might get mad, but that means if it always stays on, we can go outside and stuff again! I think it is a very good idea, Mr. Slenderman.

it. . .t. .urt. . .urt. so. mu.h. w.y. .re.y.u. . . .o. u.

It's a little hard to breathe, Mr. Slenderman, but I feel so good. I look just like my favorite doll, and I used the pretty pink thread that my mom uses for my dresses. She saw me do it, Mr. Slenderman. I was almost done and was crying because it hurt a lot and she wanted to know what I was doing.

She screamed, and told me to stop but then saw that I was almost done. She went to get the scissors but was scared of cutting my skin off, Mr. Slenderman. She says that she's taking me to the hospital later on today, Mr. Slenderman.

I like the hospital, it smells like carrion. It smells like the forest and it smells so sterile, that's when you know it's clean. But I always smell the dead people downstairs, I can recognize it all the time now, since you keep leaving your snacks on the ground outside in the forest, Mr. Slenderman.

Take me with you when you get hungry, Mr. Slenderman. But only when I get back from the hospital, since mommy wants to go RIGHT NOW.

t.e. .octor. . .ix. me. no. i. .n. n.t. .ven. .he. .. n. on. .an. f.x. m. n.t. .ver.

The doctors cut some of the mask off, they stopped because apparently I sewn it too tight to my face on the left side, and if they want it off, they have to cut the skin. They say that they have to get the paper wet so then the mask will be easy to pull off and then they'll take out the stitches when it gets off, Mr. Slenderman.

I ran away, Mr. Slenderman. And I find you at the part of the forest near the park, are you watching the kids play, Mr. Slenderman?

It looks like they're having fun, aren't they, Mr. Slenderman? Did you want to play with them, Mr. Slenderman? Or are you hungry, Mr. Slenderman? I can ask a kid to play with us, Mr. Slenderman.

It won't be too hard, I'll ask the special kid to play, he's so stupid that he'll play with us right away. He'd be happy to play with us, we can play hide and seek in the forest. Would you like that, Mr. Slenderman?

.ome. . .ith. .y. . . in. t.e. . i. .. . y.u. .ill. .e. i. .ime. f.r. .inner.

You're a really messy eater, Mr. Slenderman. You're mouth is all bloody and there's pieces of loose skin and stuff in between your teeth, you should fix that before someone sees you. We don't want people thinking that you're a slob, right?

The noises are really gross, Mr. Slenderman. The snapping of his bones in your teeth and the tearing of the meat is really squishy sounding. And the blood squirting everywhere is making yucky noises too.

Ew! Why are you ripping his arms off like that! That's so yucky, and you got blood and guts all over me, Mr. Slenderman! And now you're eating his arms, I hope you don't get too messy!

I think I should look away now, since I know what you're gonna do now. I'm going to close my eyes too, since you like to impale people on the tree so it's easier to open their chest open.

Ew! That sounds like it really hurts, when you rip it open like that, you almost hit me with that rib… Be careful! That can be really dangerous, Mr. Slenderman! You could've hurt my head!

What do you do with the insides? People say that you just 'borrow' the insides! And they bury the body before you're able to put them back, do you not like the insides? Are they too slimy and squishy for your tastes, Mr. Slenderman?

I didn't know that you could open your chest too! It looks like a giant mouth and your ribs are like teeth, Mr. Slenderman! It's really cool, but really scary too… No offense, Mr. Slenderman. So that's what you do with the insides, you put them into your own chest?

Are you all full now, Mr. Slenderman? That's good.

How come you're looking at me, Mr. Slenderman? How come you're grabbing me again? Please don't put my head in your mouth again, and kiss me, I didn't like that at all.

How come you're laughing, Mr. Slenderman? How come you're opening your mouth-chest-thingy up again? Don't put me in there, Mr. Slenderman!

Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please don't! Please don't put me in there!

I thought we were best friends forever, Mr. Slenderman? My legs! My legs are hurting, ow you're biting them… You're biting them off!


You dropped me, Mr. Slenderman… It hurts a lot… My legs… My legs… my legs…

I can't even crawl away… Mr. Slenderman…. You have my arms… you're holding my arms…. Please don't rip those off… Please… please…please…

IT HURTS… mommy… it hurts…

You're not a very good friend… Mr. Slenderman! Friends don't eat each other! Y-you're eating my arms… ew you're making that tearing thing again…

I can't move… I can't even roll… You took my arms…

N-no… please, please, please, please… N-no! Please… please let me g-