"Who is she?" The whisper from a passing girl made the petite brunette cringe.

She didn't like to be noticed. It made her nervous and clumsy. The brunette slowed down a bit, her eyes darting every which way to check for any on lookers. Once she came to he conclusion that nobody was paying attention to her she resumed her usual pace. Her expression was unreadable and her sky blue eyes took in all of her surrounding. She was in a big city that she hadn't been to before. The streets were bustling with people and she had to be careful not to bump into anybody.

"Time?" The brunette figured it was just a coincidence but just in case she looked up to the direction from where she heard her name. She knew it wasn't a coincidence when she locked eyes with a man with the same sky blue eyes she had. The man looked just like the brunette girl but a male of course. She was shocked for a minute but she ran to him as fast as she could and pulled into a tight hug that she had been waiting for years for. The man hugged her back just as tightly.

"It's been so long, Space," the brunette cried to the man. The twins had finally been reunited.

Space and Time ~