You see the shine of the sun,

The sparkle of the moon

The cold of the stars

And the flight of the eagle

But in dreams…

In dreams I see the sun's flaming power

In dreams I see the moon's cold beauty

In dreams I see the stars' icy loveliness

In dreams I see the eagle's broad freedom

You hear the roar of the ocean

The wind in the trees

The voice of the geese

The echo of the valley

But in dreams…

In dreams I can see each separate drop

The unleashed power of the wind also

The wild call – "Come home!" – of the geese

The voices of the ancients echoing in the valley

You feel the touch of my hand

The breath of the rain

The falling leaves

The flower's petal

But in dreams…

I feel your love, coursing through your touch

The breath of the rains' longing and crying

The falling leaves' celebration in their death

The delicate purity of the glowing petal

And the dream is better than the reality…