"Let go," the wind whispered to her. She had pretended so long that it wasn't there, but she didn't feel like pushing it away anymore. Everything in this world had let her down. Her family had abandoned her, friends had disappeared, and the feeling of a purpose had long lost it's way in her life. With the promising feeling she got from the option of letting go, she could deny it no longer.

With a small smile, Ellis let go. She stopped caring, thinking, moving and a sudden peace washed over her. Where she had been standing on the grassy school fields she was now in an endless sky blue air. It was a beauty that she marveled at in amazement.

Here, she knew she could find happiness. Her questions were answered by the simple sense that they didn't matter answers could not bring anymore joy than what she already had.

Her joy was endless, forever. Ellis felt like she was flying effortlessly. Could there be a better paradise than this? Ellis thought not, for this could be the only Eden that could hold her despair and grief at bay.





The desperate voice rang out on the practically empty school grounds. It had been a while since school had let out and Demetri had been looking for Ellis ever since she didn't show up at the school gate.

"Ellis, wake up," he pleaded, shaking the young girl roughly. She was just laying there on the ground when he came. Tears stung at the brim of his eyes as she didn't answer. He had felt for a pulse. None. He had checked for breathing. None.

What did this, he thought. There was seemingly no cause. She seemed like such a cheerful person.

Someone nearby had called for an ambulance, but it was to late. The shrieks of sirens in the air were telling the world of help that was coming too late. A soul had already drifted off, never to return.