I shot two birds the night of the attack, right before it happened. "Hey Jaguar look at this!" My friend Owl said. He is 15, but looks younger and has big eyes. "The priests back at Teotihuacan would be interested." He said pointing at a small jaguar that has been shot in the eye. The dead body lays in the ground.

"They'll sure be angry, no one is to kill them soon."

"It could be the Tikal, they have a different season."

"No, they do it in the equinox."

"I tell you the southerners are angry at us."

"No reason to perform a ritual."

"Let's go back to the city, take the deer."

We carry the deer, and after a few minutes we're home. "We should've brought the body, but it would've taken longer." Owl says.

"Let's report the Jaguar and get over with it." We ran to the temple. We walked up the steps to the priest's house. "Hello!" I shout. The priest opens the door.

"What is it?"

"W-W-We found a j-jaguar that was shot in the eye."

"Alright, I'll investigate tomorrow."

"Won't the gods be angry?"

"I don't believe in them, ours are not real." He says and he closes the door. We begin to walk back to our houses, but we hear a battlecry, see a fire, and begin to run.