The Shade


Lissa M. Howe/Dark Fairie


We were nothing more than well trained dogs. If they said to lick their boots, we licked their boots. Some of us resisted, others were smart and did what we were told, but some stood no chance. Sometimes it is really scary to watch the obedience, how they did everything on command, without question, or resistance. I don't know what goes through the mind of a broken slave, perhaps they think there is no other way, that this is how things are meant to be. I never plan to find out. I managed to stay out of The Shade most of my life, I was born there and taken out when I was young, but the power you have there is alluring and once you go there you never want to leave.

At the beginning of time about 12,000 BC Atlantis was the center of the world. Though humans only hear tales of its supreme technologies, they don't know half of what was really there. In The Shade it is common knowledge, our history. It is taught to our children and is one of the first things they learn in history. Atlantis was the slave center of the world, if you wanted a particular breed or if you wanted a slave broken, you went to Atlantis traded and haggled for services. Regardless of what our history says, Atlantis was real, and it was around long before civilization was first recorded.

Though the Demons first vanished from the earth with Atlantis, they will always be the origin of our powers and no one forgets that. They were our gods our masters. The Shade races picked up the trade because it was all anyone knew when Atlantis fell and who does not desire power, wealth, a solid following, and unquestioned obedience. At one point The Shade was the world, humans were almost always slaves and daemons were their favored. They had land money, respect, and they run The Shade today. They run the trade with the rest of the free races. The Vampires, gargoyles, witches, shifters and they fey all were the Demons favorite creations and rule over The Shades now. The rest of us, the Mystics, Angels, Nephilim, Vampires, Dreamwalkers, and of course Humans.

Training a slave is a harsh job and life altering for the one who must go though it. Some are willing but most are kidnapped or sentenced to the life of a slave. Few people are able to keep their humanity after being broken. Those that are able to are quickly disposed of. While being trained a spirit is broken but the mind needs to stay in tact, few trainers can do this. And so we have slaves that are little more than trained dogs and those that are broken. Nothing really matters if the slave is loyal without question.

My journey began when I walked through the boarders of The Fix, into the world of slavery and Daemons. My life was forever changed by the way my master began my training.