The Duke's plans were promptly executed and Ellen found herself soon possessing the Kingdom. Ken

Patterson approached the palace, proclaiming that he was naturally the King, being the husband of

Ellen, and was kicked out several times before he finally made his way in disguised as a manservant.

He was finally given his throne and his coronet. Some people enjoyed his rule, others didn't, but

overall, people thought him the strangest King that ever existed. Despite his deep scrapes, Ellen was

always there to help things out and the populace unwaveringly loved him for his being truly one of

them. And of course, Ken Patterson never touched a drop of drink ever again. He even went so far as

to try and ban that liquid from the city permanently but Ellen managed to make him see reason on time.

The executioner was fired. So was Helda, and no one's face was marred in the city again.

Natalia was reestablished in the Prentice Street School, which had its old administration back. It turned

out that the nuns who ran that establishment had been exiled out of the city due to their loud

protestations against Meredith's treatment of Ellen. Also, the requirements for the school had changed.

As well as daughters of nobles and princes, deserving girls from other backgrounds were able to get

into the school free of charge. Natalia finally found her first best friend among these girls. Former

Queen Meredith, after the scene with her daughter, took upon a fever and never recovered. The Duke

of York couldn't stand his wife in her hours of sickness as well as in her hours of health and sent her to

the most expensive of establishments for nervous persons but she was kicked out of them because the

staff in these establishments couldn't stand her either. Princess Helen, also known as Rianna, died of

her wounds. The Scarlet Cloaks dissolved for the reason that a large number of their important

members had died at Princess Helen's wedding. As for Appa, he had decided to retire out of

delinquency and spend the rest of his life in his hobby of poultry farming. For similar reasons, the Black

Hearts also dissolved. Charlie and Sunny ended up living a happy life in a small but dear apartment.

Lawrence tried to find a wife, couldn't, gave up, and then ended up accidentally knocking a girl over the

Mourning Bridge (where he had met Charlie), saving her life, and marrying her.

The Impoverished and Undernourished Gentleman's Group of Purposelessness and Inactivity, having no

purpose to exist, ended up dissolving. Yet, many friendships made in that group lasted long during the

turbulent (and somehow peaceful at the same time) reign of King Ken Patterson, they all had someone

to turn to and to reminisce with.