Daddy was my best friend

Daddy was my every thing

Daddy loved me.

Daddy lied to me

Daddy got caught

Daddy replaced me

Daddy say's he loves me

Daddy we left and you didn't care

Daddy we left and you didn't stop us

Daddy do you love me?

Daddy I miss you but you won't see me

Daddy I tried but you don't care

Daddy what the hell is love

Daddy I'm alone

Daddy I'm angry

Daddy I need you, mom moved on

Daddy I've cried but no one cares

Because the past is the past

Daddy change the past

Daddy I regret being born, I regret having you as a dad

All you ever brought me is


Daddy go away, I want your love

But you won't share

I'm shutting out the world.

I don't care.