By: Lissa M. Howe

Cradle your blanket,
Hold tight your bear,
The night is beginning,
An ethereal nightmare in the air.

Pretend dear child…
That the wind does not howl,
That the floor does not creak…
Pretend dear child that nothing is there.

Hope dear child….
For a hero tonight,
To win the battle,
To win the fight…

Listen dear child...
As you shiver beneath your bed,
To the footsteps unwelcome,
To the creaking beyond the door…

Run dear child the monster is here!
The man with the whip,
The demon with a smile…
Run faster dear child the monster gives chase!

Defend dear child,
The door will not hold!

The key is in the desk,
A fearful darkness in the corner.
Hurry dear child!
Open the forbidden drawer!

Child what are you waiting for? … … …

Listen dear child,
The door has open,
The monster is here,
It is time to take action,
The darkness you will not fear,
End your suffering,
End your pain,
A piercing noise followed by a heap on the floor …

Your hope is burning in your hands,
Your demon at your feet,
This battle is over,
This battle is won….

What pretense dear child?
That the whip never fell,
That the wind never howled,
That the floor never creaked.
What pretense dear child?
That you took flight?
That your hero is ever came?
That you could ever win?

Pretend dear child…
Dream dear child…
Of the hero in the forbidden drawer that might have saved you tonight,
As the monster pulls you from beneath your bed,
Hope dear child that maybe there is an end.