With Me, With You

A One Shot/SongFic

By Kyrastri/Blinded by the Moonlight/DivineScythe

Summary: 'I don't want this moment, to ever end.' The loss of a loved one. The tears we led astray. Songfic.

A/N: Hello everyone! This is just a small oneshot that was devised in an attempt to obliterate my writer's block. This is a background story of sorts for my work 'S e r e n e: Distinc.t 'with lyrics from Sum 41's With Me.

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I don't want this moment, to ever end

My heart thumped away wildly in my chest as I gazed at you, my mind desparately trying to soak in every last detail of your being. Your hair, the color of the night glistening in the sun as the breeze tosses it around. Your eyes, an exotic shade of brown with golden flecks glazed over, seemingly to look at the stars with awe. My arms wrapped around you, with what felt like the first tears in years falling through to nothing but oblivion.

Where everything's nothing, without you

"You can't go! You can't leave me yet!" My voice, seemingly distant as it resounded through the canyon. Desparation coursed through my being for the first time as I pull you into my embrace, tears beginning to flow down my cheeks as the stream that started the river, the oceans.

I wait here forever, just to see you smile

"You promised! You promised that we'd get through this mess together!" On the last word, my voice cracked and my sanity shattered with it. I cast aside all my rational thoughts and started casting a healing magic; I pushed back the nagging voice that we were still surrounded by enemies, that we weren't safe...

Cause' it's true

"Elise!" A voice half-heartedly tried to drag me back to reality. "Elise, we've got to go! We're outnumbered; this was a trap!" Hands tried to pry me away from you. I fought them off and continued to let out bellowing, screeching sobs. A pair of hands grabbed me around the waist and I turned to face Joshua.

"FUCK OFF!" I screamed, kicking out in a frenzy. "Let go of me! Adam needs my help! He's going to-"

"He's dead." The shaman's even voice cut through me like ice. "Even the most advanced of magics cannot revert him."

"NO!" I twisted and struck Joshua squarely in the jaw, knocking him over in surprise. I broke free of his restraint and cast another healing magic over you, taking your broadsword and facing the shaman. "YOU!" I screeched before lunging directly at her, sword raised with both arms. "YOU BITCH! YOU KILLED-"

I am nothing without you

She quickly fended off my attack with her quarterstaff and turned to obliterate another few rogues who were swiping at her. "I did not kill your friend." She replied calmly whilst remaining on the defensive against my attacks. "He knew what could have happened if things didn't go as planned."

Through it all

"DON'T. LIE." I growled between gritted teeth, slashing furiously at the staff. "YOU WERE THE ONE WHO DIDN'T ALLOW ME TO GO! HE DIDN'T HAVE TO DO IT! I COULD HAVE! HE DIDN'T HAVE TO RISK HIS LIFE-"

I made my mistakes

"He risked his life so you could live."

I stumbled and fell

I stopped, my eyes widening, dropping the sword. "... What? So I could... Wait..."

But I mean these words

Then, the realisation hit me. "No..." I shook my head, my mind gathering the little sanity I had left to blatantly deny everything. I reached for the sword, but stumbled and fell to my knees in defeat.

I want you to know

The shaman lowered her staff and looked down at my sunken figure with gentle eyes. "You figured it out, haven't you Elise?" Her melodious voice was soft and surprisingly gentle in contrast to the chaotic battlefield around us.

With everything, I won't let this go

I nodded, another wave of tears blurring my vision.

"I... I killed him, didn't I?" I looked up at her from my blood-stained gloves. I grimaced and stripped them off, burying my face in my tainted hands.

These words are my heart and soul

"Yes." Her hand had gingerly reached out to stroke my hair, as if I was a child being reassured that people come back from the dead.

How ironic, really. A bitter laugh escaped my lips.

I hold on to these moments you know

"What is it?" I looked up to see her hazy green eyes filled with concern.

"It's so ironic that these hands to which I sought to protect people with end up dying by them," I answered darkly. "Why can't I do this right? Why do I always have to rely on someone to take care of things for me? Why can't I pull my own weight?"

Cos' I'd bleed my heart out to show...

"That's not true!" I could hear the slightest tinge of guilt in her voice as she spoke. "You are doing this right! You just haven't see-"

"Seen it the right way?" I answered for her, grimacing. "Don't you dare feed me that bullshit. You know you're lying! I can tell just by looking at your face!"

"T-That's not true..."

"You know it is."

That I won't let go.

"Hey, El?" He looked at me with a grin before looking back at the sunset.

In front of your eyes

"Yeah?" I asked, turning my gaze away from the autumn leaves floating gently off the cliff to look at him. "What's up?"

It falls from the sky

"Want to hear a riddle?"

"Um... Okay? But just to tell you I'm really terrible at these things you know."

When you don't know what you're looking to find

"Oh great, that's the spirit Elise! Okay erm, a man walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a glass of water. The bartender, in response, takes out his shotgun and shoots right next to the man, not injuring him the slightest. The man then thanks the bartender and gives him a tip before leaving. Why?"

In front of your eyes

"Er." I racked my brains for any answer I could possibly think of. "He was being stalked by a mercenary and the bartender was a partner of the man so he knew the codeword for danger?"


It falls from the sky

"Uh, he was taking his bitchy wife around town and wanted to get rid of her?"

"Haha, that's a good one, but not the answer. C'mon Elise, it's very simple."

When you will never know what you will find

"He was eating a donut and he was being stalked by a hobo that seemed very dangerous to his wellbeing?"


I don't want this moment

"Am I even getting close?" I narrowed my eyes at him.

He grinned in response. "Just keep on trying."

To ever end.

"He was erm, fidgeting with a gadget and it went out of control but he couldn't show it otherwise it'd kill him?"


"I give up!" I slumped back onto his shoulder in defeat, sighing loudly. "I told you I was bad at this."

Where everything's nothing.

"Keep on thinking about it, okay? Tell me when you finally figured it out." He patted my head fondly. "Think inside the box. You're going too complicated with the riddle; just keep it nice and simple."


Without. You.

"Shaman?" I looked up at her at last, examining her thoughtful face.

I want you to know

"Yes?" She answered almost immediately, bending down to look into my face.

With everything, I won't let this go

"Aegis." I spoke the single word softly, turning away from her surprisingly childish eagerness splashed across her expression of uncertainty.

These words are my heart and soul

"Aegis...?" Her voice was puzzled, confused at what I had said. "Protect... But what must you protect, Elise?"

I'll hold onto this moment you know


Cos' I'll bleed my heart out to show...

An eerie feeling of sadness hung in the air.

A woman clothed in a traditional Shaman robe, the folds fluttering slightly in the wind. Her hazy green eyes, glazed over in surprise and weariness, with just a tinge of sadness and guilt. Her mouth was open as if she had words to say, but with no means to say them with. A rich crimson color,soaking through the front of her robes and slowly spreading. She had her arms spread out, as if she was going to break her fall with them.

And beside her, a younger woman weilding a long claw centered around her middle finger. She had felt no regret. She had felt no guilt.

They had lied to her, all along. Tricked her into foolery, sworn her to secrecy.

I'll always be here when you've decided to come to me. She had remembered his words, the ones which she had turned down with utmost ease only a month ago.

What had she said? Dream on, fool. I will only join you when hell freezes over.

'But that was then. Not now.' She told herself, clutching her right hand and covering her left with the Shaman's blood. 'Things have changed...'

She turned to leave.

"Elise!" She turned at the call of her name, to find a battered and torn Joshua weilding a cracked hammer. There was now no more battling, with two people slowly shifting in and out of consciousness. And an eerie silence that was only broken with a cricket's lone call. "What are you doing?"

"To end this all." She began to walk away, her stained boots crunching twigs and leaves. "This is goodbye, Joshie."

"Hey, wait-"

The claw had morphed into a glistening onyx sword, the tip of it at his neck, a tuft of dirty blonde hair falling to the ground. "Go back to the Academy. Take the Shaman with you. I didn't decide to kill her; she's still alive right now, if barely. Tell them it was an ambush, whatever you'd like. I'm going."

"Wait!" He leapt back and edged towards the body of a man with the faintest traces of healing mana off him.

She reacted faster than he did, and had carefully lifted the body whilst pointing the blade at him. "Back. Off. Go back to your stupid world of lies! Of injustice! If no-one will do anything about it, I will!"

And with that, she faded away, clutching the body and whispering into his ear, "Hiccups."

That I won't let go.

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