Author's Note: This story was inspired by Evanescence's "Haunted."

"Come on little girl," the clown whispers. "Come on, come on." Its insane laugh fills the air. It sounds like the mixture of the crow and the banshee. "Come on, come on. Come out and play!"

The clown jumps down from the landing it was on. Now, the creature is right in my face. It reaches out and touches me. I try to pull away, but it keeps coming closer, closer, closer. "Now, now, my sweet, you're not playing the game right." It tilts my head upwards. "Who's afraid of the little clown? Who's afraid of a little circus clown?" the clown sang it to the tune of "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

I pull away and strike the clown. "Leave me alone!" I yell.

The clown laughs its crazy, twisted laugh again. "Just remember, my sweet, I'll be watching you, wanting you, seeking you." With one final burst of laughter, the clown disappeared into the fog and mist of the forest.

Above, a wall of crows exploded from the forest. I could hear their cries of death. The cries sent a shiver from the unknown down my spine. This was just creepy. There was no other way around it. The more I looked, the more that they mixture together into one. Their eyes, oh, their eyes, were the worst thing in the mix. Their eyes were the only thing that did not blend into the mass. I knew, and it felt like, there was thousands, upon thousands, of them watching me. I watched their jet, black bodies disappear into the grey sky. Even after they was gone, their cries still chilled me to the bone.

The crows were not the worse. After they was gone, another mass of black burst from the forest. I could hear it making the noises of rats. Only these animals were not rats. They rhymed with the word, but they were not rats. Their great wings unfolded as they swept down upon me. I scream, but there was no one to hear my scream. They scratched and screamed.

"GET OFF, GET OFF," I scream to no one. "PLEASE, GET THEM OFF!"

The bats would not leave nor did anyone come to save me.

"GET OFF!" I am hitting each one with all of my might. I believe that I killed a few, but was not sure. "GET THEM OFF!" I am almost in tears. My voice is breaking. I fear that I may lose it any given moment.

"Please..." I beg.

Then, just as suddenly as they had come, they were gone.

I got to my feet and looked around, checking to make sure that they were truly gone. I would not rest until I knew for sure. I listened. The only thing I heard was whispering of the winds in the proud, willow trees. I listened. The only thing I heard was the wind blowing, gently through the woods. It made what was left of the leaves sound like paper being crinkled. The sticks sounded like bones being banged together creating a hollow sound. Creepy, but no sounds of the bats. I look. The only thing I can see is the shadows in the paling lightness. The sky is gray, a sign that darkness will soon be upon me.

I stare into the pale light. I had a feeling that the clown was still watching me, still wanting me. How many people would believe me whenever I told them that I was haunted by a clown? Heck, I do not even believe me!

I walk back toward my home. I pass the dark, foreland fountain. I look down at the dark and unforgiving sea. It crashes against the rocks in rolls of thunder. This sea is not the gentle sea that is found in the movies. This sea is a sea of death and whispers. It threatens to kill everyone and everything in its wake. I shiver and draw my shawl closer around me.

The fountain itself is enough to send shivers down one's back. It is as black as a raven's eyes. The stone was so old that it was crumbling and much of it laid on the ground that surrounded the fountain. The fountain's head was a gentle angel. However, one of her wings was completely gone and the other was severely chipped. Her face was no longer happy, in fact, it was quite dreadful. She had once smiled so beautifully, but now her mouth was drawn in a permanent frown that would last for all eternity. The water that the fountain somehow still managed to hold was disgusting, brown rainwater. However, the water fit the fountain's personality: dark and gloomily.

I sat down on the edge of the fountain and twist my black hair around my ring finger. A clown was after me. A clown was hunting me. I breathed the moist air in. I could still smell it. The fresh scent of cheap, circus makeup lingered in the air as the rotten smell of the clown. I gag. I was just sickening.

I unwind my hair from my finger. I need to get out of here, but it comes back. I look around. I know it is still there watching me, wanting me, and wanting to do worse. I will not let the clown take me.

To the right of me, a raven cloaked. It causes me to jump. I glare up at it. "Stupid animal," I mutter. "Stupid animal for frightening me."

I stand up and walk back to the cliff. The wind is whispering to me now.

"Amy, sweet Amy, come to me? I want you!" the wind commands in the clown's voice. Then, it laughs the clown's twisted laugh.

I jump back from the edge. My face is a twist of disgust. "NO, I KNOW IT'S NOT REALLY YOU, YOU SICK CREATURE!"

The wind laughs back at me. "YOU KNOW I'M STILL HERE!"

I do not respond.


I step back even further.


I take a final step backward.

Something grabs me from behind. I scream, but my scream never escapes my mouth. A gloved hand comes out from behind and clamps it over me. I bite, but, yet, the hand does not move. I bite so hard that I can taste the vile blood. It is not the sweet salty flavour of blood, but one that tastes of gore and poison. I try to spit it out, but the hand prevents me from doing so. I refuse to swallow the foul substance. I will not, I will not!

"Come on, my sweet, take a drink," the clown hissed in my ear. It began to shake me violently. "Come on, my sweet!"

I will not...

I must not...

I do not swallow.

The clown is still shaking me. "Take a small drink, if you do not wish to take a big on," the clown said innocently. "It's not polite to refuse a drink."

I am struggling not to swallow, but I must not let it know that. It shook me even harder.



"Come on, beautiful."

I fight. I kick. I curse it with every word that I know. The clown still will not let go. I try to spit the blood out once again and manage to do so. I bit the clown again, but not hard enough to draw blood. It does no good. Nothing is working or helping.

The clown pulls my head up so I am looking it in its devilish green eyes. The black paint around its eyes has run down its face in a river of black tears. The paint above the eyes is bright red. The red disappears into the clown's flowered hat. The remaining part of the face is snow white; it is an angel's face covering a devil. The lips are shaped into a heart.

"Hello, beautiful," the clown said. Its smile widened and showed me its yellow teeth.

I spit in the clown's face.

The clown jumps back, but does not let go of me. "Now, now, my sweet, this is no way to treat me."

I look at the clown. "Why not?"

The clown kissed my lips with its foul mouth. I try to turn away, but I cannot. Its breath smells like the dead. Once again, I taste vile in the back of my throat. After a few minutes, the clown breaks away.

"I want you, my love," the clown says sweetly.

I look at the foul creature in disgust. "No!" I gather up my black shirts and shake free. I do not make it very far, the clown has a hold on me again.

"My love," the clown hisses.

"Even if you use the longest words, I would not have you!" I shirk.

The clown looks just downright sad. "Please, my love."

I look at the clown with a look of utter disgust. I hate this creature! It does not belong in this natural world! Most importantly, I do not belong to it! No more would this beast haunt me!

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" I scream in a shrill voice.

The clown flinches. Then, the clown's face twists in something else, something much more terrible. It grows into the maddest clown I have ever seen. No longer does it just look foul, now it looks rabid. The clown steps toward me. "Listen here, princess," the clown says sharply. No more is the clown kissing up to me. "You're life is in my hands or have you forgotten."

I do not understand. How could my life be in the hands of this rabid creature? "You have no control over my life!"

The clown smiles once again and drags me to the edge of the cliff. "That's where you're wr-ong!" The clown holds me over the edge. I look down at the harsh water as it crashes into the rocky sea line.

I look back up at the clown. "Please, don't," I beg.

The clown's smile widens. "Say you'll have me!"
I choke. "Ne-never."

The clown shakes me. "SAY IT!"

It shakes me harder. "SAY IT!"



The use of the clown's name ends it. The clown pushes me over the edge and my scream fills the air.

The clown stands up. "I told you that I would haunt you, Amy. That's what you get for killing me."

Bryon disappears into the air leaving me to die.