Battle of the Mixed Up Bands

Every story has some things that must be included. These things are:

A beginning, middle and end- otherwise it's not a story

An introduction to the characters and setting- otherwise it would just befuddle everyone (who would want to be befuddled?)

A build up to the dilemma (e.g. the characters getting to know each other etc. etc.)

A dilemma/ problem- otherwise the story wouldn't be very exciting and enjoyable (this makes the reader want to read on to know what happens)

A resolution- this solves the problem and puts everyone at ease.

An ending- everybody wants to know how the story ends, make sure it's a good one

A hero/ heroine

A bad guy

A sidekick, maybe

An antihero, maybe

The story must appeal to the reader (make sure the title is suitable for the genre)

Blah, blah, blah, blah.

I finished writing my notes for English and headed to my next class. Calculus. Ugh. Sorry, you have no idea who I am, do you? Well, let me introduce myself.

Robin Hill

Height: 5 ft 2 inches

Eye colour: brown

Hair colour: medium brown

Nationality: British

Currently living in: America

State living in: Oklahoma

Living with: brother (older)

School: Ridgewater high school

Friends: 1

Best friends: 0

Years since moved here: 1

Thoughts right now: oh dear!

"Robin!" I heard my friend Chrissie call.

"Hey, Chrissie," I made my way towards my locker to grab my calculus book.

Just then the person I hate most decided to pass by, Joey Hunter. Just because he is the captain of the American Football team and all the girls are drooling over him, doesn't mean he is the greatest man on earth. Curse him and his big head.

Unfortunately, Chrissie saw me glaring at someone behind her and decided to follow my gaze.

"For goodness sake, Rob, stop staring at him" she grabbed my wrist and pulled me towards class.

All I could think of when I sat down was how I can kill that Joey Hunter.