As soon as the doors open to the school I got up and put my journal into my bag. I walked quickly off the bus and grabbed my stuff. Since I was new and it was the middle of the school year, I went to the office.

Walking in there was a middle aged lady sitting at the desk. Swiftly I walked over.

"Excuse me, but I'm new and I need to pick up my schedule."

"Umm… Yes and your name is?"

"Victoria Simmons"

"Ahhhh, here it is. You will be rooming with six other people. There is a girl's room and a boy's room. They are off to either side. There is a commons room in the middle connecting both rooms. No boys are allowed in your room. You are not allowed in their room. Understood?"

I nodded and grabbed my stuff and went to look for room 193 in the Wescott Hall. It took a good fifteen minutes to find it because the school was so dang big. I wandered around till BAM I found it. I had walked past it three times before. Yep. I felt so smart after that. Going on, I walked up to the third floor where I was going to be staying. Finding the room easily, I slipped in.

As soon as the door shut I turned around and dropped my bags along with my jaw. This place was amazing. The room was circular but really open. There was a small kitchen off to the side. There was a TV in the center of the room with a few couches surrounding it. Underneath the TV I saw a few video games making me remember that I had roommates that were guys. Agh. I kept turning around to see more things, like I saw the windows that showed the soccer field. Underneath them there were little seats that you could sit and would be perfect for reading.

Finally I went to the girls' room, which was pink and put my stuff on the unoccupied bed. I quickly put all my clothes away. It didn't take very because I only had brought the clothes that I had actually liked. Not all the other dreadful clothes my mother would force me to try on and buy. I walked over to the mirror where there were other family photos but I could see the distant space that was mine. I put up the picture of my adorable dog, Ollie. I missed him. I also put up a picture of me on all my friend's shoulders after breaking my old high schools 100 backstroke for the first time. I was only a freshman. Good times. Smiling, I looked at all the rest of my pictures. After putting the last one up, I ran to my bed and jumped and landed tired from the tiring day.

Deciding that I had to go to find my classes and ask all the teachers where we were in our books. I got up slowly because I really didn't but knew it would come in handy later. I check my appearance, not because I'm vain but because I didn't want to look hideous in front of my new teachers. I mean, I had been just rolling in bed. Wait, back up, I was by MYSELF, minds out of the gutter people. Deciding that I needed to run a brush through my hair, I did so quickly. Out of the dorm I had no I idea where I was, so brilliant me, I took out my map. During my amazing navigating skills I ran into someone. Smooth, right? When I looked up from my life-saver, I saw it was one of those people that I had met earlier.

"Sam, right?" I said to my accidental victim.

"Close, Danny." He murmured with amusement in his eyes.

"Ahh, well, I got to go." I said, not comfortable with one on one conversation.

"See ya, we'll save a seat for you at dinner if you want one." He said quietly slipping around me.

I met all my teachers and liked them all well enough but I got the feeling that some of them sucked at teaching. I mean I had nothing against them, but the way they spoke told me more than their words.

I ran back to my dorm, I only got lost twice! Grabbed my swim stuff and went to the natatorium after I FINALLY found it, I went straight to the office. I knew that someone would be there considering it was a sport school.


"Yes, and you are?" asked a tall lean woman that was in shape despite being middle aged.

"Oh, I'm Victoria Simmons."

"Oh, yes I remember you now; I forgot that you were coming. Sorry about that." She seemed to be sizing me up, as if she wanted to make sure I was me.

"Can I swim?"

"Yes, there is always someone here."


I went to the locker room and changed as fast as I could get my body into my suit. I went out on deck, put my stuff down and jumped into lane 3. I loved being in the middle of the pool because I liked to know what my competition was. Finally I lowered my goggles on and swam and swam and swam till I was burning everywhere going as fast as I possible could. I must have swum about a mile when I stopped taking a rest. I looked around at the natatorium, my eyes finally coming to a rest near where my stuff was. It was another one of the bus sitting people.

"You are Victoria Simmons aren't you?"

After seeing me swim I knew that he that I was without my conferring it or not. So I just stared at him. Then I got bored and put my goggles on again to swim.