Awakening within the soul;

Many lives awaken from their Yuletide slumber.

I can hear the soft chirp chirp!

Of the newly hatched birds.

The whiteness fades away,

And the green blades of life

Peek out from the surface of the Earth.

The silence was deafening,

The arctic everlasting,

The whiteness, unbearable.

And so, the silence is broken

By the soft chatter of the squirrels;

And so, the arctic is melted away

By the vernal season's breaking rays;

And so, the whiteness is dispersed

Into a field of vibrant green

The tall, majestic trees

Whose branches were bare and cold,

Were covered by bright colors

Surfacing on every twig.

The vernal season's arrival

Has brought back the life and vivacity

Of the earth's many inhabitants

That awaited the approaching spring.