"Bessie Jones, if I have to remind you one more time I think I'm going to go crazy! You have a boyfriend!" I yelled at her.

"Shh," she said looking around to see if anyone heard.

I rolled my eyes, "Lord help you," I said a little bit quieter.

She shrugged her perfectly round shoulders and bit her perfectly shaped lip. Her finger twirled around her gorgeous, dirty, blonde hair. "Well I…"

"Well what?" I snapped rudely.

She stopped in her tracks and I turned abruptly toward her. Her blackened eyelashes batted at me innocently, hiding her bright, clear day eyes. "Don't bat those blue, blue eyes at me," I told her sticking out my tongue. She blinked again.

I sighed and shook my head. "I can't help it," she explained, "I really like Richard, but I get so bored."

I flipped my pale, almost white hair over my shoulder. "Well he's going to end up finding out and when he does I have a feeling he's going to find someone else," I told her raising my eyebrows and crossing my arms.

She sighed dramatically and started walking again. "So, who was it now?" I asked.

She looked up at me, her eyes starting to water, "Edmund," she said putting her head down.

My jaw dropped and my head swung down. "His best friend!" I yelled once I wrapped my head around what she said. I stared her down with my milky, green eyes, "Who are you?" I asked.

"Bessie Jolena Jones," she whispered softly.

"Shut up, it's bad enough that you cheat and make me keep it a secret, but to do it with his best friend! Richard is a great guy and you don't need to go and hurt him. You're lucky enough to have him to call yours, so quit ruining it!" I screamed.

She opened her mouth to say something, but her eyes grew wide and she froze in place. She was staring at something intently, unable to speak, so I followed her gaze and gasped out loud.

"You cheated on me?" a figure asked coming out of the alley nearby.

"Richard," Bessie gasped breathlessly.

"I was- never mind on what I was doing, is it true?" he asked angrily.

Bessie hung her head and hugged the books in her arms tightly to her chest. Richard's face turned into a horrible mask of pain and sorrow. "Who?" he whispered.

She mumbled something to herself and kept her head down.

"Who!" he shouted.

"Edmund," she said quickly, closing her eyes in grief.

I started to walk away, scared for my sister and scared for what will happen to her if he breaks it off. I could hear Richard shouting and Bessie's muffled cry. My body started to shake as I realized that this wouldn't have happened if I didn't shout. I took in a rugged breath and started to run home.

I looked up to see Bessie slamming the bedroom door shut. "I hope you're happy!" she screamed at me, her face red and her cheeks wet.

"Why would I be happy?" I sneered flipping the page. I was sprawled out on my twin sized bed reading 'Twilight' by Stephanie Meyers. She looked at my book with little interest and threw me one of the dirtiest looks she could muster. "It's a good book," I said, flashing the cover.

She rolled her eyes at me, "I think you know why," she said, throwing on her pajamas.

"Well, you had it coming," I said accusingly.

She stopped, cocked a hip, and pierced me with her sky light irises. I stared blankly at her seventeen year old figure. "Rosalie Marie Jones, how dare you say such a thing to me, you don't know anything!" she hissed.

"Just because I'm a year younger then you doesn't mean I don't know anything less!" I shouted defensively.

"Shush, do you want to wake ma and pa up?" she asked.

We sat in silence for a bit until I asked, "How upset was he?"

She was sitting on her bed, legs tangled in her criss-cross way. "Upset," she said a bit more quietly, "We're done."

"I'm so sorry," I said desperately, "I shouldn't have shouted as loud as I did." I got up and walked across the room, shutting off the light. I swept my way back to my bed, hitting nothing but the soft carpet. "Well, what's done is done and we can't change the past," I told her sliding underneath my blankets.

"Yeah… Hey, I'm sorry I put you in a hard position and making you keep my secret for so long. Thanks for understanding and not letting me get away with it without giving me a good yelling. I guess I learned a life lesson and hopefully it won't happen in the future. If it does though I need you to promise to straighten me out. I mean it Rose; there will be serious consequences if you don't," she said laughing.

"We won't have a problem with that," I said smiling into the dark, "I mean you are my best friend, aren't we suppose to?"