Chapter One

Someone or something was poking his side. He groaned and tried to swat it away, turning over on his bed and curling closer into himself. There was a stubborn noise and more poking and he mumbled in complaint again. He heard a sigh and he reached out blindly to try and shove the person away as they grabbed onto his shoulder. Then, he felt a slight weight on his mattress and he groaned into his pillow.

"Riker Samuel, you need to get up," a voice hissed. Riker buried his face deeper in his pillow, letting out a whine. The person sighed again and then the weight was gone from the bed. "Come on. Time to get up."

"It's Saturday, Jeffry," Riker complained into his pillow.

"Yeah, and we have practice and have to go to set today," Jeff replied. Riker groaned again but made no movement. "If you don't get up, I will get a cup of water and dump it on you. Ice included."

"No! Not again!" Riker exclaimed, bolting upright. He looked over to see Jeff smiling smugly over at him. "Jackass."

"Am not," Jeff replied defensively.

"Sometimes," Riker yawned as he stretched his arms over his head before looking over at his clock. He groaned again. "Remind me again why we have to go to set so early today."

"Like I know," Jeff replied as he walked over to his closet and opened it. Riker rolled his eyes and threw his blankets off of himself before grabbing clothes and changing. When he turned around, Jeff was still standing in front of his closet, one hand on his hip while his other hand was at his chin, tapping it with his index finger.

"Jeff, honestly. We're just gonna go to set and have to change," Riker breathed before going into their bathroom to brush his teeth.

"We have practice today too," Jeff called out.

"Yeah, and who are you trying to impress?" Riker asked before starting to brush his teeth.

"I don't have to dress to impress others, Riker Samuel," Jeff hissed, sticking his head into the bathroom. Riker rolled his eyes, smiling slightly. Jeff stuck his tongue out at him and then went to go change. When Riker walked out of the bathroom, Jeff was pulling a shirt on over his head. Riker looked over at Jeff and shook his head.

"I never understood how you got into jeans that tight," Riker breathed. Jeff shrugged as he closed his closet and started to mess with his slightly long, dirty-blonde hair.

"The struggle is worth it. My ass looks awesome," Jeff added, turning to look at his ass in the mirror. Riker snorted and rolled his eyes.

"Maybe you should ask John for his opinion," Riker said.

"Hell no! I already know the creeper has a fascination with my ass! I don't need to build on it by asking him what he thinks!" Jeff exclaimed, eyes wide. Riker burst out laughing, grabbing his bag full of his sheet music for practice later.

"Oh, come on, it was only one date," Riker said.

"Yeah, one where he kept trying to get me to make out with him as he tried to grab onto me," Jeff breathed as they left their dorm room and he locked it. Riker snorted with laughter, shaking his head.

"Can I remind you how many guys you've let make out with you and grab your ass while at parties?" Riker asked. Jeff rolled his eyes.

"Totally different circumstances. Those are parties are where we are all wasted," Jeff replied. Riker shook his head, smiling slightly and Jeff chuckled. "Last time I checked, you've grabbed my ass."

"On a dare," Riker replied. Jeff looked over at him.

"Mhm. And how nice is my ass after you've felt it?" Jeff asked, raising one eyebrow as he smirked. Riker rolled his eyes.

"Sometimes I think you're a bit too conceited about your butt," Riker told him as they walked outside. Jeff laughed.

"Sometimes I really wonder what goes on between you two," their friend, Jamie, breathed as they walked up to her. Riker snorted.

"Nothing bad, I promise. Just the normal things that could go on between a gay roommate and a straight roommate," Jeff breathed, waving a hand. Jamie giggled, shaking her head.

"I still say you two are not normal. I have no idea why the school let you room together again this year. You almost burnt down your room last year," Jamie said.

"That was his fault for leaving his straightener on. I had no part in that one," Riker replied, holding a hand up. Jeff smiled slightly.

"I'm sorry I like to straighten my hair sometimes," Jeff added.

"Your hair is straight!" Riker exclaimed.

"Not straight enough!" Jeff complained. Jamie watched them and shook her head, smiling slightly.

"What the hell are they arguing about this time?" Lauren asked as she walked up to them, yawning, a coffee in hand.

"Straight hair," Jamie replied. Lauren shook her head.

"Sometimes I swear both of you are gay," she said.

"Well, I know I am. I can't vouch for Riker here, though," Jeff said, pushing his hair back. Riker rolled his eyes.

"Pretty sure I'm straight, bro," he added. Jeff just shrugged.

"If Steve isn't here soon, I am so going back up to sleep," Jeff complained.

"Says the one who woke me up," Riker said. Jeff shrugged.

"If you did that, Jackson would probably hunt you down," Lauren said. Jeff shrugged again.

"Then maybe he should get our driver to campus on time," Jeff replied.

"Sassy," Jamie giggled. Jeff smiled slightly and rolled his eyes, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Plus, I want to know what the hell is going on in the show this season," Jeff added.

"Such a vital point, Jeffry," Riker agreed.

"Huh?" Joey asked as he walked up to them.

"We're talking about how we get to find out what's going on in the show this season today," Lauren said. Joey nodded and yawned, running a hand through his already messy hair.

"My money's on something going down between Nick and Eli," Joey breathed.

"What?" Jeff and Riker exclaimed in unison. Joey shrugged.

"I could see that," Lauren said. Riker and Jeff exchanged glances. Nick and Eli were their characters.

"Same," Jamie agreed.

"Well, I guess we'll find out soon enough," Jeff breathed as Steve pulled up in front of them.

"Yep," the rest of them agreed as they climbed into the van, yawning their hellos to Steve.

Lauren was giggling, Jeff and Riker each staring moodily at the ground as they headed to practice later. Joey snorted and rolled his eyes as Jamie shook her head and headed towards the girls' wing since she wasn't in the Midnight Swallows with them.

"Have fun at practice," Jamie giggled, waving to them.

"Later, James," Joey said, Lauren still giggling while Riker and Jeff just nodded slightly.

"Hey, guys. Sorry we're late," Lauren said as the four of them walked into the room and took seats on couches and chairs. Everyone looked over at them.

"What was the hold up?" Chris asked. Joey and Lauren looked at each other and smiled.

"Some people on set were making a fuss today," Lauren giggled. All eyes immediately went to Jeff and Riker, who were deliberately looking anywhere but at each other.

"Uh oh," Emma giggled.

"What happened?" Trish asked.

"We're not allowed to talk about it," Joey said.

"Oh, come on. You've guys have given us so many spoilers for the show before," Alex complained.

"Nope. This time we are not saying anything. Plus, I wouldn't. I would wait for one of those two to say," Lauren said, nodding her chin over to Jeff and Riker.

"So not saying. I am going to keep fighting this," Riker hissed.

"Mhm," Jeff grunted in agreement. Joey and Lauren exchanged a glance and rolled their eyes.

"There are some things I could say right now, but I won't," Joey said.

"Shut up," Riker growled, knowing what Joey wanted to say. Joey chuckled.

"Okay. Well, we should move on with practice now that the four of you are here…" Chris said.

"Please," Jeff breathed, shifting slightly in his seat and crossing his legs.

"If you are gonna act like there is a pole stuck up your ass the whole practice, we are going to have issues," Grace said, looking over at Jeff, who rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms.

"He's not the only one with a pole up his ass," Trish snorted, eyeing Riker, whose lips were pressed together with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Okay, I'm so sorry I'm not pleased with what is going down on the show. Can we please move on?" Riker asked. Lauren rolled her eyes and moved over to squish between Jeff and Riker before looking over at Chris and Grace.

"We'll be good now," she said. "Don't even ask me why they sat down next to each other."

Joey snorted and shook his head as some of the other laughed too. Chris shook his head as he pulled his notes towards himself and they actually started getting stuff done.

"Jackson, I don't want to do the scene!" Jeff complained loudly later on in the day.

"Too bad, Jeffry! You and Riker are going to have to deal with it!" Jackson yelled. Jeff and Riker both groaned.

"Not cool," Riker whined.

"Oh, calm down. You knew something like this would eventually happen," Dylan said as she settled into the couch on set next to Riker. Riker sighed, wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"They won't calm down until it's over, Dylan. Get over it," Grant breathed as he sat down on her free side.

"Which makes no sense. It is just going to happen again after the initial scene. Like, come on," Jamie said as she sat down against Riker's legs.

"Don't remind me," Jeff breathed as she flopped down across from her. She giggled and poked his leg with her foot.

"Oh, come on…" Jamie started.

"So not going into that story, Jamie," Riker hissed, flicking the back of her head.

"Ow," she hissed, glaring back at him. He just smiled innocently.

"Oo, what story?" Grant asked, chuckling.

"No story. Forget it," Jeff replied a little too quickly. Dylan immediately began giggling.

"You guys have already, haven't you?" she asked. Jeff and Riker both sighed.

"No," they replied.

"Almost," Jamie corrected. "In their defense, they were both super drunk at a party after they won that dance competition."

"They were in public too. Not their room," Lauren said as she walked over. "You know, if you're talking about what I think you're talking about."

"Yep," Jamie said. Lauren giggled.

"I am not enjoying this," Riker groaned, leaning his head back. The others, excluding Jeff, laughed.

"Oh, come on. It's just acting. You're going to be in plenty awkward situations during your career if you continue acting," Dylan said.

"So true," Grant agreed.

"Whatever," Jeff sighed, pushing his hair out of his face and crossing his legs. Riker snorted, shaking his head. Jeff looked over at him. "What?"

"I seriously do not understand how you move in pants like that," Riker chuckled. Jeff shrugged, resting his arms across his knees.

"I wear skinny jeans enough that I'm used to them," Jeff added.

"Makes your ass stand out," Dylan said. Jeff giggled and pointed to Riker.

"Told you!" Jeff exclaimed.

"I never said they didn't. Plus, I don't spend my time looking at your ass, Jeffry," Riker replied.

"Well maybe you should. It's a pretty nice ass," Jamie said as Jeff giggled.

"No thanks. I don't really look at other mens' asses," Riker said. Jamie shrugged.

"Your loss at looking at a nice ass," Lauren said. Jeff was still giggling, bouncing up and down slightly.

"You guys calmed down now?" Jackson asked, walking over to them.

"I still don't want to do the scene," Jeff said as he stopped giggling and bouncing and looked up at Jackson seriously. Jackson sighed.

"I don't either," Riker added.

"Too bad, boys. I don't write the show, I just direct it," Jackson told them.

"Lame," Jeff breathed, resting his chin in his hands moodily.

"You kids will be fine. It's just a kiss," Jackson said.

"Ah! Why'd you have to say it?" Riker exclaimed, clapping his hands over his ears. Jeff's eyes widened as he looked over at Riker and then back up at Jackson.

"So not that simple, Jackson," Jeff said.

"Obviously," Jackson breathed. "Only because you two are over thinking it."

"Are not," Jeff and Riker said defensively.

"Are too," the rest of them replied.

"You guys are acting like you've never kissed anyone before," Dylan breathed.

"Which is so untrue. You've both had your fair share of random make out sessions," Lauren said.

"Yeah, but those aren't my best friend that I've known since I was a toddler…who happens to be the same gender as me," Riker said.

"Mhm," Jeff agreed, nodding once as he pulled his knees up to his chest. Dylan looked over at him with one raised eyebrow and he smiled innocently at her. She rolled her eyes, leaning against Riker's shoulder.

"The same gender part does not work for you, Jeff," Grant snorted. Jeff smiled and rolled his eyes.

"Well the fact that he's my best friend doesn't change," Jeff said. "But your point is valid. I have obviously kissed other males before."

"Yeah, obviously," Dylan, Jamie, and Lauren snorted in unison.

"Oh, be nice," Riker chuckled.

"Seriously, just because I don't like vag…" Jeff started.

"Don't see what that has to do with kissing," Jamie said.

"Well, kissing can lead to other things. I would like the person I'm kissing to have the body parts I want to mess with if it gets that far," Jeff said.

"Whoa, a little too much there, Jeffry," Riker breathed. "I just had a flashback."

"Oh please. That time was not that bad. Clothes were still on," Jeff said.

"His hands were down your pants, Jeffry," Riker hissed. Jeff shrugged, arms still wrapped around his knees.

"Seriously, sometimes I wonder what happens in your guys' room," Jamie breathed.

"You probably really wouldn't want to know," Jeff said. All the others turned to look between Jeff and Riker, eyebrows raised. Riker snorted.

"It's nothing bad, okay?" Riker asked.

"We're just weird as crap," Jeff said. Riker nodded in agreement.

"Like that day I woke up with your butt in my face," Riker snorted. Jeff smiled.

"I wanted to show you how fabulous my butt looked in those jeans right as you woke up," Jeff replied, smiling smugly. Lauren smiled and shook her head.

"There is something wrong with you two," she breathed.

"Meh," Riker and Jeff said in unison, shrugging.

"There is. Accept it," Jamie said.

"So true," Dylan agreed. Grant snorted with laughter as Jeff and Riker both made faces, lips pursed.

"No, Mom. I'm not overworked," Riker breathed into the phone later.

"Are you sure, honey?" his mom's voice came. "You have so much going on."

"It's fine. I know how to balance it," Riker told her. She sighed.

"I don't want anything bad to happen to you again," she said. Riker rolled his eyes to himself.

"Mom, I am completely fine. If I wasn't, Jeff would have already alerted you," Riker said.

"Sweetie, sometimes you don't tell Jeff," his mom said. He huffed a breath, pushing his hair out of his face.

"He knows me too well. I don't have to tell him," Riker said. He heard her let out a nervous sigh. "Mom, honestly, I'm doing fine. Why don't you believe me?"

"Because you sound tense," she replied. Riker snorted.

"It's just some stuff with the show," he said.

"Like what?" she asked.

"Stuff for the upcoming season," he replied.

"Again, like what?" she asked. He snorted, hearing the smile in her voice.

"I can't tell you that, Mommy," he chuckled.

"Aw, how cute, you still call her mommy," Jeff giggled as he walked into the room. Riker smiled and rolled his eyes, throwing a pillow over at Jeff.

"Last time I checked, you still call your parents mommy and daddy all the time, jerk," Riker added. Jeff chuckled and then collapsed down onto Riker's bed next to him.

"Do not," Jeff added.

"Do too. Mommy, I have three tests to study for! Daddy, I…" Riker started imitating before Jeff pursed his lips and punched his arm. "Ow!"

"That's what you get," Jeff replied.

"Boys, behave," Riker's mom sighed into the phone. Riker smiled.

"No way, Mom. We're two seventeen year old boys sharing a room. We don't ever behave," Riker told her.

"That sounds bad…but you're straight so it is okay," Jeff said, curling up at Riker's side. Riker chuckled, shaking his head.

"Tell Jeff he needs to keep his mind in check," Riker's mom said. Riker laughed.

"That will never happen, Mom. He's got a dirty mind," Riker replied.

"Like I'm the only one," Jeff snorted quietly, rolling his eyes. Riker made a face at Jeff, sticking his tongue out. Jeff did the same in response before leaning over and licking Riker's cheek.

"Ew, Jeffry!" Riker screeched, pulling his sleeve over his hand before frantically rubbing his cheek. Jeff just giggled, hugging Riker's shoulders.

"Boys…" Riker's mom warned.

"No, Mom! He just licked my cheek! That is so not okay!" Riker exclaimed. He heard her laugh.

"You boys used to lick each other all the time pretending you were puppies when you were kids, get over it," she said.

"Yeah, that was when we were three, Mom. Not seventeen," Riker replied.

"Oh, did she mention the puppy phase?" Jeff asked. Riker nodded and rolled his eyes.

"Puppy dog phase?" Lauren asked as she walked into the room. Riker and Jeff looked over at her.

"Yeah. We had a puppy dog phase when we were three," Jeff said. Riker snorted, shaking his head.

"I don't understand why our parents let us do that," Riker breathed.

"Because it was cute," his mom told him. Riker laughed.

"That is so not cute, Mom. That is disgusting," Riker told her. Jeff just shrugged. "So not going into this, Jeffry."

"Didn't say anything," Jeff replied.

"You were thinking it, I know you were," Riker said. Jeff shrugged and Lauren giggled, watching them.

"You don't even have proof I have before," Jeff replied defensively.

"Oh, don't we?" Lauren asked, raising one eyebrow at Jeff, who shook his head.

"Nope," he added. Riker heard his mom sigh.

"And this is when I hang up. I love you, kiddo," she said.

"Love you too, Mom. We'll see you next weekend after filming Saturday," Riker told her.

"Alright. Be safe and don't let the pressure get to you," she said.

"I won't. Love you, bye," Riker breathed into the phone before hanging up. Lauren rose her eyebrow at Riker this time, who sighed and rubbed his temples. Jeff giggled slightly.

"Riker's mommy is very protective of him. She never likes hanging up the phone," Jeff explained. Lauren snorted.

"How cute," she said.

"Oh, shut up," Riker told her, placing a hand on top of Jeff's head since Jeff was still leaning against his side. "She is too overprotective."

"Not all the time," Jeff said, peeking up at Riker, who rolled his eyes.

"Speaking of which, she is probably going to contact you to tell you to watch me. She was freaking out because I sounded tense," Riker said. It was Jeff's turn to roll his eyes. "Yeah, I even told her it was just stuff for the upcoming season. I'm not sure she believed me."

"I'll get her to chill," Jeff breathed, shifting positions and pulling his phone out of his pocket. Lauren looked over at them, confused. Jeff noticed and shook his head. "Don't worry about it, Lauren. Just his mom being protective."

"Whatever," Lauren breathed, slouching down in Riker's desk chair. "Have either of you looked past your scripts after that scene?"

"Nope," Riker and Jeff told her in unison. She smiled and rolled her eyes.

"You should. There is other interesting stuff in there," she said. Riker shrugged and Jeff snorted.

"Maybe at a later date," Jeff added. Lauren just shook her head before they began talking about other things.