Okay, so, I'm just gonna start off with saying I am so freaking sorry. I know, I haven't updated since September *cringes and allows people to throw things at me*

Soyeah, there is this thing called college and classes. They get in the way of me typing. I mean, my classes definitely are more important than working on my story. In reality, I am about halfway through writing chapter forty-three.

And here is where we run into the next conflict…my external hard-drive decided to stop working. Soyeah, can't work on the story, BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE I HAVE EVERYTHING SAVED.

In case you can't tell, I am super frustrated about it. My whole life is on my external, but hopefully I will get it fixed over my winter break *please dear gods* and can start working again. I freaking hope.

So, I am deeply sorry. I know how annoying it is when authors don't update fast enough and you just want to cry in a corner. I've had my fair share of that feeling because I honestly read too much fanfiction.

Also, if you follow my tumblr and ever see a post saying my hard-drive is fixed, but then notice I am derping on tumblr, feel free to bum me a message and yell at me. I seriously need a little bit of motivation…except whenever I open the document and read I am all OMGBBYDARREN, I MISS YOU. WHY DID I LEAVE?
Though, this time it is not entirely my fault. Blame my poopy technology, because literally most of my technology sucks.

Anyway, I am sorry again about not updating, and sorry for getting your hopes up when this is just an explanation and apology.

Good luck to you all and I hope you still keep up with this after all this time. I thank you for that. All my love to yous. Bye for now.

(Also, when a new chapter FINALLY goes up, I will just replace the content of this chapter and re-name it...so keep a look-out)