It is now time for a period of reflection. Hummmmm….. Hummm….. Okay reflection time over. Now we all know that my ways to get that insanity cracking works right? And if you don't say yes then I will have to set my buffalo on you… when I catch one.

Anyway, remember Number 102? (If you don't go back take a recheck to get the fuzzies out of your brain). For that one you had to come up with your own ideas. And it shall be here that everyone's ideas will be shared. So, relish in the insane things other people have come up with, and you can take my guarantee that they shall all keep you insane forever (mhahahahaha).

Ed Harley-

Step 1: Go to park! Sit there on park bench! Shhh… don't bark at people! That's rude! Ow Ow Owoooooo! Howling recommended, pants optional!
Step 2: Look friendly, Big Smile; get up and follow people around smiling, show teeth, don't blink! Wait… wait… wait for it. Oh… flashing lights and sirens! Just look at all the nice people come to see you!
Step 3: Court appearance! Now everybody dressed up just to watch you! Oh lucky day! Focus! Soon the judge will let you stand and ask you questions!
Step 4: "Do you have anything to say in your own defense?" Boy do you! This is it! Time to shine! Present your defense to court through interpretive DANCE! Hold nothing back! Breakdance! Waltz! Cha Cha Cha! Go ahead show off that insanity!


Step 1: Spin around in a circle three times. One...two...four! If you aren't insane, then you wouldn't have succeeded in questioning my counting abilities.
Step 2: When somebody looks at you like you're crazy, just laugh. Laugh like you've never laughed before! Yes! Do it!
Step 3: Pretend to choke. Someone will eventually try to save you from dying a tragic death due to fake choking. It can happen!
Step 4: When they come within three feet of you, stand up straight and stare at them like they did something wrong. (Because odds are, they DID.)
Step 5: Find a big stick. Yes, a VERY big stick. Now throw it at the person who tried to help you stop choking.
Step 6: When the screaming starts, you need to cry. That's right. Drop to the ground and cry. Give yourself a punch or two to leave a mark and point at that person.
Step 7: When someone else comes up to check what's going on, you must repeat steps four through seven again and again until someone calls the cops. Oh, snap! They're coming for you! HIDE!

Now I know there was another one but my tracking devices seem to be a little short-circuited (I'm pretty sure it was the buffalo, it can sense I'm close to catching it). So if that was you I'm incredibly sorry (we're blaming the buffalo here though, remember that). And could you please refresh my memory.

I hope to expand on this but I can't do it, you must! It is all up to you to keep the insanity alive!