Hi, this is my first Fictionpress story so if you don't mind, R&R! Flames welcome. *I'm sorry to anyone I might have offended. Sorry, hope you'll forgive me, promise not to do it again. "Agents Taylor, Craig, Davis, please report to Directress Smith's office." Zack, Dan, and Nate lifted their heads out of their food. "Oh lovely, another mission," Zack muttered, his British accent prominent."After the one in Kenya, this should be no problemo." "Confidence is a curse, Taylor,"said Dan. They got up the table and took the elevator."Remember the spill you had in Australia? The FBI almost caught us." "Will both of you please shut up? I need to think." Nate said, frowning at both of them. "Nate, if you're worried this is gonna be another kidnap-a-terrorist-mission, do you actually think they're going to assign you after what happened last time?" Zack said, and knocked on the last door on the hallway. "Come in, gentlemen." They went in a familiar room with one wall made of clear glass with a awesome view of the New York skyline. A twenty year old redhead with icy blue eyes greeted them. She didn't waste any time."Good morning boys, I suppose you'll be wanting to hear the details of your next mission?" Dan rolled his eyes. Zack and Nate tried not to smirk. Ally Smith was Dan's step-sister, and only three years older than them, therefore making her one of the youngest Directresses ever. Ally ignored them. She scooped out a handful of files from under her desk and handed a white file to each of them. "This is the Target. Sole daughter of a major terrorist group known as Hydra. Our sources say she'll be at a secret meeting at the Terrace Club tomorrow." "Terrace Club? Is that the one with the view of Rockefeller Center?"asked Nate, leafing through the pages. Ally nodded gravely and they repressed the urge to laugh. "Wow, this chick's hot for a terrorist heiress." murmured Zack, gazing at the file. "They're all like that, Zack,"Ally said stiffly,"makes it easier for them to take love-struck boys and kill them. I suppose Nate would agree with me?" Nate froze, his hands on the unopened file. Zack and Dan shot him sympathetic looks. "Why don't you open your file, Nate? Then maybe you'll ease up a little," said Ally, then added, "She's not like Cindy." Nate's cerulean blue eyes looked like a storm at sea."Don't talk to me about her." He started leafing through the crisp white pages. He scanned the back pages before the Info page. It showed a tall, slim, and obviously sexy blonde in various positions that suggested the images were taken with a surveillance camera, except for the last one where purple-bluish eyes glared at the camera as if she didn't want her picture taken. Nate studied the slim nose, angelina jolie lips, milk-with-lots-of-honey complexion, violet eyes ringed with dark lashes, and cornsilk hair and thought Oh yeah, definitely a chick. He turned to the Info page. Name: Melissa 'Massie' LaFont Current age: seventeen Height: 5'5 Looks: platinum blonde, purple-bluish eyes Background Info: Only daughter of Landon LaFont, known Leader of terrorist organization Hydra and an ex-agent. Mother died in hands of a CIA traitor (name yet unknown). Forming of Hydra suspected to be a form of revenge. Skills, Assets, Talents (SAT's) *those only known: blackmailing, poison, hand to hand combat, martial arts, guns, knife-throwing, archery, surprise attacks, bombs, computers, hacking, disguise, sweet-talking... The list was endless. Nate was flabbergasted."How are we supposed to beat this chick? What are we going to do with her anyway?" "Your mission is not to beat her,"Ally smirked,"it is to abduct her, and you will do so tomorrow." I know. Cliffy. Well, I have to have some reviews to see if I'm any good, right? R&R!