Hey baby, do you see all these boys around me?

Gosh they are such big little walking talking wanna-be-s!

You never know what's on their mind,

Cause they always talk in lines stolen from movies.

And they think that using bad spellings,

And neglecting grammar makes them cool and groovy.

When they speak, all I hear is blah, blah, and blah, blah,

Yeah all their super boring words just blur.

I'm so done with it, I'm not wasting my precious time,

On a bunch of fake Romeos and losers.

Guys trying to act cool make me go L-O-L.

Oh please, don't use such cheesy lines, it's an epic fail.

Like, do you think I'm holding auditions for a show on Broadway?

Yeah, use all the hair gel you want, I won't go out with you any day.

Hey baby, I never really get all the references you use.

Sometimes I don't even understand the big words you choose.

But you always speak truly about what you feel,

You're not out of a musical, you don't use cliché pick up lines.

You always set my heart-beat on rock and roll,

It's magical when our eyes meet and our hands intertwine.

When you talk, it's so damn cute, I lose myself every time

In the sweet sound of your soothing voice.

I know I picked the right guy, you were the right decision,

Yeah, I made the damn right choice.