"Kale, go down and tell them to get the children to the cave." I ordered as I put the rifle down. It was only one shot round. I cursed Doc and his ancient technology. That was odd though, how did we have ancient rifles and yet have cameras, recording devices and enhanced lens all on the same island? It was a mystery for another time.

"All right." The male picked himself up from his station and headed down the stairs. I could only shake my head. He was stiff and despite the situation I couldn't help but chuckle, knowing that he had actually shit his pants. Well things were getting ready to get ten times worse.

I left the rifle. There would be no time to reload it, so it left only the pistol. There's no telling what kinds of weapons they have. But we're going to need to get our hands on them. Taking the last gun out of the waist band of my pants, I checked the lens one last time before heading down the stairs after Kale.

Those who hadn't been in the water blockade were no longer milling about the house. Children were screaming and crying, which lead the enemy to have a better advantage than us. We wouldn't be able to hear them coming. But it also means that they shouldn't be able to hear our plans. The gears in my mind started turning as I can down the steps.

Doc was walking into the house as I hit the bottom step. "That was a fine shot." I nodded my head.

"The children?"

"Bein' rounded up. Tak'n to the cave."

"Good." I didn't have to say that we needed them out of here. That they didn't need to see the violence that was going to occur within a matter of moments. Not to mention that they could be used as collateral damage and that was something we didn't need to happen.

"You ready for this one, girlie?"

"As ready as I reckon I'll ever be. It's not often people go to war is it?" I commented before looking over to the man. He had an odd look on his face before nodding.

"I 'ckon. War is a solemn busines' that many don't face in this world."

"How many times have you faced it?"

"If I answer'd that. I'd be givn' away my true age." I could only laugh at his comment.

"Then we'd better make this the last, huh?" I managed a weak smile before heading to the back of the house. It was the closest point that the boats could get. Unless they surrounded the house. Then the attic would be the best place. There we could bottleneck them. Frowning, I still couldn't understand how I knew all of these things. Doc seemed to know everything and never gave any of it away. It really was frustrating at the best of times.

Shrill cries went out around the house. My face paled, I was certain. Even Doc seemed off center. I could almost read the look on his face of 'so soon.' Racing to the back windows, where most people ate dinner, I took up a position.

My back was to the wall with two other walls around me. Others were readying themselves but we had no real weapons to speak of. Just things we had made in haste or things we'd been using to catch fish. It would have to do. And hopefully, the traps we had set were working well.

A sharp sound caught my attention and I knew without a doubt that it was one of the traps going out. Everyone else seemed to understand the sound as well and a few people cheered out. That was when an ear shattering sound rocked those closest to the windows. One shattered and Jerf flew to the ground in a heap.

Turning, I saw a single hole in the middle of his forehead and blood pooling out around him. People started screaming.

"Focus! They're coming!" I yelled turning back to face the windows, pistol held high. One head and one of their weapons was all I needed. Then the battle would truly begin.

Making sure my back was fully protected; my final thought was please don't let them surround us. We would be sitting ducks. With all of the fighters in the ocean, the children in the caves, and really only me and Doc to protect the house, we were going to be fighting a losing battle.

After the first shot had broken the glass killed Jerf all four windows in the dining area broke as four men dressed completely in black flew into the room. Nodding my head, one of the teens let loose one of the in house traps we had designed.

Rigged to work like it did with fishing, the trap was activated by hand when a catch was near. Typically, the point was to keep as much meat on the animal as possible. In this case it was to make sure the person was dead. A spear with a finely sharpened point on the end went through the man on the furthest end. One down three to go in this room anyway.

Lifting up the pistol, I shot at the next male. He went down. Bullet to the head for bullet to the head. That's for you, Jerf. May your funeral be as wonderful as you were. I thought before discarding the worthless piece of metal and rolled for the corner. I couldn't see past the sweat in my face and the burning sensation in my eyes. But finally, I had my hands on one of their guns and my luck it was fully loaded.

Swatting down near where Jerf's body had fallen, I made sure the safety was off and started shooting. I couldn't keep checking on the others. Somewhere in the back of my mind I knew I had to trust Doc. He would have trained this people who didn't deserve this to at least protect themselves. Even if it was to hide. Taking out another one, I rolled back to my corner among the bullets. Another wave of black cloaked men stormed into the room.

Shit. Please don't run out of bullets now. It seemed as if time had slowed down or either sped up to the point that it seemed to be frozen in place. Something about the way these men moved triggered the throbbing pain and the room started spinning.

"Why must you train all day?" Looking up into the eyes of somewhere very dear and precious, the girl walked beside of the male. He was dressed in full battle gear; black cargo pants, a black long sleeve, bullet vest, holsters, guns and ammo. It was a sobering thought to know he was kin.

"Because, I train to protect everyone from…" The male seemed to think of the right word to say. The girl beside him was young after all. How much could he tell her without giving her nightmares for the rest of her life? No, that was exactly why he fought. So she would never have to know the truth.

"I fight for you, cousin." The little girl smiled up at him.

"If I asked you not to fight again?" The male only smiled at her, ruffled her hair and got the same far away look in his eyes she'd seem a million times. People were hiding things from her. She knew it.

The room finally stopped spinning. Breathing hard into the wall it was almost as if the battle ceased to exist. The memory hurt, if that's what it was to begin with. Turning back around, I leveled the sleek black automatic gun back up. Just as I pulled the trigger to take down one of the black clad soldiers the sharp, stinging pain of a bullet tore through the armor I was wearing.

Trying to forget the pain I was in, I took out the one in front of me and turned for the other one. He went down without me having to fire a single shot. Turning I saw Kale. A weak smile crossed my lips. The boy who couldn't kill a fish had killed a man. What had I done to these people?

Within moments everything settled back down again. I shook my head. The wound was still burning, but as I glanced down at the hole in my side, I saw no blood. Doc and some of the women could take a look at it in a little while. Glancing around the room, I could tell there were more important matters to take care of first.

"Doc, how bad is it?"

"Look round, girlie." I understood what he said and let the matter drop. We'd held out better than I had believed we would, but this war was far from over. They would come back. I watched as the dead were gathered and moved into rooms upstairs. The wounded were lead to the living room area to be treated.

Without our fighters we wouldn't last the second wave of attacks. I shook my head knowing I should have left as soon as I was able. Only I couldn't pull myself away from the loving embrace these people had given me. Staring at one of the dead as they took the body upstairs, I knew the only blood was on my hands not theirs. Every death was my fault. I only wished I knew why.

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