A/N: Okay so I have been thinking about doing this for a little while because I thought it would be kind of funny to meet my charries. In reality I can't meet them (duh) but I totally wish I could.

This first chappie is about when I meet my characters in The End and The Revolution.


Chapter 1: Charries from The End and The Revolution

SE= Me, these are my real initials.

RW= Rylee Wyatt, my official alter ego.

SETTING: Earth before blowing up.

SE: Hey Rylee, who are those random people in the forest over there?

RW: I don't know, let's go see.

SE: Why? They could like, kidnap us or something!

RW: You are the one who wants to know who they are!

SE: Fine, whatever.

*Both walk into the woods towards people*

(2 teenagers, 1 kid)

RW: Hi! What are your names? I'm Rylee and this is-

SE: Shut it Rylee I'm incognito!

RW: Suuuure you are.

Keel: Who are you people?

RW: I'm Rylee Wyatt, and I created you!

Keel: Uh…

SE: Gosh Rylee, quit taking credit for my creations! I created you Keel, not Rylee. She's just my alter ego.

Keel: I think we will just go-

SE: You will not go unless I say so…or type so.


Ava: No kidding.

RW: I created you too!

SE: No I did! EVIL!

Jacii: This is…weird.

Ava: Can we, like, go now?

Keel: I can't.

Ava: Why not? Wait, I can't either! Is it the aliens?

RW: No.

Keel: Then who is it?


Ava: Uh, okay then.

SE: You will also be happy to know that I decide everything that is going to happen to you! Like Keel goes into depression!

Keel: Um…

Ava: Well, I think we have to go now.

RW: I also decide what is going to happen to you! Like you suddenly burst into flames!

*Ava bursts into flames*


*Dies and flames die out*

Keel: O.O Jacii, come on!

*Pulls sister and they start running*

SE: You all are going to magically teleport to me and be magically duct taped.

*All magically teleport back duct taped*

RW: Hehehehe

SE: Funny day. I want to meet Guardis now!

*Guardis magically appears*

RW: Hi! I'm Rylee and this is-

SE: Shut it!

RW: Fine this is my alter ego.

SE: No you are MY alter ego! Jeez.

RW: Then get a real name!

SE: I do have one!

RW: Prove it.

SE: You are an annoying alter ego.

Guardis: You both are annoying.

RW: Shut it you!

Guardis: Why did you call me here Earthlings? I have important business to attend to.

RW: Like tending to your secret hoard of unicorns?

Guardis: No…this is why I am going to blow up this planet. Humans are unfit to be deemed an intelligent species.

SE: Whatever dude.

RW: Could you like, say that again. You lost me after planet.

SE: Go figure.

RW: What's that supposed to mean?


RW: Meanie.

Guardis: I am going to go now.

SE: Have fun.

*Guardis walks away*

RW: Well that was fun.

SE: Rylee?

RW: Huh?

SE: Why did I have to get you for an alter ego?

RW: 'Cuz I balance out your boringness.

SE: Is boringness even a word?

RW: Ya. It isn't getting that red squiggly line under it when I type it here on Word.

SE: True.

A/N: So, how did you all like it. Stupid, yes. But most comedy is. I hope it made you laugh, and if I get good comments I will do more.

~Rylee (SE)