A/N: M'kay people, how are y'all doing? Good? That's good. So another chappie to make you laugh. SO LAUGH! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


SETTING: On the spaceship to Cahaya.

SE: These are my real initials.

RW: Rylee Wyatt, my official alter ego.

AH: My BFF, these are her real initials.

Ava: Keel, it is really boring on this ship.

Keel: Yeah, it is.

Jacii: Can we get some ice cream? PLEASE?

Keel: Jacii, we are on an alien spaceship.

Jacii: Your point being…?

*SE, RW, and AH suddenly appear out of nowhere*

RW: My creations!

SE: You idiot! They are mine!

Ava: You all are creepy.

AH: No, I'm new here.

Ava: Yeah, just what we need. Another weirdo.

SE: Actually she is a lot saner than me.

Keel: Now that is quite believable.

RW: So, you said you wanted ice cream?

Jacii: YES

RW: I can make some magically appear!

AH: Am I the only one who has realized that they don't have toothbrushes on the spaceship?

SE: Good point. Maybe you shouldn't get them ice cream RW.


SE: Sounds like me on a bad day.

AH: Can I like, poke somebody.

SE: Now that is weird.

AH: I want to see if they are solid or not. This is amazing being able to meet your characters.

SE: Yeah, really amazing.

*sees Guardis*

Quit picking your nose Guardis!

Guardis: Shut up human!

AH: That was gross. Wait, you know how I said they didn't have toothbrushes?

SE: Yeah…

AH: Then where do they go to the bathroom? Do they ever change their UNDERWARE?

SE: No, they got kidnapped!

AH: Still though if you think about it…a whole month…

SE: Also, I am sure they have a bathroom.

RW: Yeah, I just used it. Didn't look much like a bathroom though.

*Guardis stomps up to RW*

Guardis: That…was NOT…the…bathroom…!

RW: Well then what was it?

Guardis: The cockpit.

RW: That sounds like a bathroom but whatever.

SE: Really RW?

AH: Then where is the bathroom? I'm confused.

Keel: Over there.

*Points to a door*

AH: Huh.

SE: This place is weird.

AH: That has got to say something about you, considering you created the place.

SE: This is true.

RW: And where do you keep the food?

Guardis: Who cares? Go away!

Jacii: No, I need ice cream!

*ice cream magically appears*

Jacii: And my day is complete!

Ava: You all need to go please.

RW: Well if that is how you all are going be, then we will go.

*RW, SE, and AH disappear*

Guardis: What, now, is a toothbrush?

Keel: *palm slaps his forehead*

A/N: Hehe, I hope you liked that AH.