Remember our promise,

Remember that kiss.

Remember my prince,

Remember I'm your princess

Remember the park

Remember the sparks

Remember my eyes

Remember you're mine

Remember my pigtails

Remember the fairytales

Remember your "daughter"

Remember when we were plunged under water

Remember …

And just so you know, I try hard not to remember…

When you called me a jerk

Because the only thing I saw was your smirk

When you pushed me

Because I thought we'd never be

When I wrote our song,

Because I realize I was so wrong

When you were ticked off

Because you thought I was just a bluff

When she walked with you,

Because I didn't get to.

When your mom said what would he do?

Because I knew I shouldn't do that to you.

When you scream at your friends

Because it makes things come to an end

When you say I can't play

Because it ruins my day

You drive me crazy,

And sometimes I know things get a little hazy.

You make my heart rip in two,

So I stop think about what I should do.

I stop thinking and just cry.

Because if you don't realize this is about you,

I promise I'll die.

So please just remember…