It's only a wave, I say.

It will never be more,

And it hurts me down to the core…

I could stare you in the eye

Look at the sparkle that will never be mine.

You're talking to her,

Your eyes drift to the one you prefer.

She's blabbing on about nothing,

You look at me like I should know something.

You walk at her side,

She can't wait to be your bride.

You smirk in my direction

But I know that's a sign of your affection.

Your arm slips around her,

I couldn't watch, so now it's just a blur.

I watch your lips as you speak

And realize how much you make me weak.

What happens when she feels your kiss?

It's going to be hard to resist.

She's so good,

She's so nice,

She's so pure,

But why her?

Don't you see me?

This is how it's meant to be.

I've been here all along,

And I need to you to make me strong.

I need you to be here for me

I need you to look at me

I need you to smile

I need you to open up

I need you to…

Look, I really just need you.