I'll always love you,

Don't get me wrong,

We'll always be living proof of Whitney's song

You didn't do anything bad,

For once you didn't make me mad,

And you didn't make me sad.

You said I was weird,

And for once I thought about how I didn't care.

You smiled at me,

And I just looked away.

I wasn't giving you the cold shoulder,

And it's not that you're getting older.

I just don't know what it was that clicked in my mind;

You were never mine,

So why should I aspect you to act like you were?

I don't know why I got so mad over you and her.

I pounced for any information about your life,

I bugged so many people to get to know you

And it ended so many times in strife.

Now I don't know what to do,

Because for as long as I remember I've loved you.

I would stay up endless nights

Just thinking about us in the light.

I've filled so many pages with your smiles and winks,

And I've stared at you so long I forgot how to blink.

Now it makes me cry

To remember us and think Why?

I dreamt about you,

And everything I would do

Would have to involve impressing you.

I knew your smell,

I knew your eye color,

I knew the secrets you didn't want to tell

But now that I think about it maybe I didn't know you so well.

I never knew your goals,

You never answered my polls

I never knew your plans for the future

And I realize I'll never suit you.

I don't mean to be mean,

But I just think we're not mean to be.

I never thought I'd live to see this day,

One where I'm not crying

One where I'm not dying

One where I'm not going to sigh

And now that this is off my chest

I think I can say good-bye