It's A Long Walk Home (May 30)

I remember the day
the day you left
it's been haunting me for years
this pain and guilt.

Those nightmares haunt my sleep
I can't be free
as I'm shackled by then dreams
of when you left

You died a sunday morning
you hung yourself
with a bloody note that said
"I blame myself

for all the troubles I have caused
so I'm sorry, mom and dad
I hope that you'll do fine
after I die."

If I had listened you'd be fine
but you have died
as you resort to suicide
in search for

Heaven, or Angels, or whatever
but I want you to remember
that you'll be dead forever
no turning back at all...

So please just come back home
my little boy
if only I had known
that you'll be dead

I would've tried to understand
your need for love and comfort,
but now I'm left with this regret,
take me instead!

Take me instead to your home
because it's a long walk
to reach the place where you've gone.
It's a long walk home.