The Next Year's End (Dec 31)

Here we are, yet again
at the year about to end
looking back to the days that we have left
and the memories that we'll forget.

All of these moments have come and gone by in an instant
bleeding, flowing, falling like in free fall
and I'm afraid that if tomorrow comes
I won't be able to keep my memories anymore.

Oh, but the bad things
they always follow you.
They aren't memories
as they are judging you.

All that's left is to carry that weight
and try to make it smaller and smaller
so we get to feel taller and taller,
unrestrained by the burden we hate.

Yes, yes indeed,
the guilt will follow me
yes, it will,
and I've no choice
but to keep carrying it.

And I hope to God that I can make it to the next year's end
so I can look back to the years that I've just left
as they stockpile one above the other
perishing when my life is finally over.

Well, that's that for 2012. Somehow we're still alive and continuing on for the next year. Hope you had a good holiday or whatever, and I hope you do fine on the next year. Be sure to keep in tune for the return of Words A Day 2013, where I'll post a poem a day throughout the whole year, much like I did in 2011.

I will see you tomorrow, on the Returning January.