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But, as this story is set in Ireland, I figured there would be a few words that might need some clarification, and/or pronunciation.

As the story progresses, this area will be updated, so if you're the sort of person who can't stand feeling lost while reading a story (like me), and you don't come with a vast knowledge of Irish names and folklore, I'd keep this page on tab!

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Thank you!

Aidan – 'AY-den'

Cian – 'KEE-an'

Daragh – 'DARR-ah'

Fae – The collective word for all faerie folk: 'the fae'.

Faerie – Small, magical folk found in Irish folklore. Can be kind, loving and generous if pleased, and angry, vengeful and dangerous if angered.

Kaelen – 'KAY-len'

Niamh – 'Neev'

Roisin – 'ROW-sheen' – Aidan's girlfriend, close friend of Hannah

Sidhe – 'Shee' – Faerie folk

Sidhes – Underground palace of the faeries

Siobhan – 'Sha-VON' – The name Katie gives to her late sister.