1. The Miserable Life of Brandon Clearwater

A nerd, a loser, a geek, a smartass, a tool, pretty much an embarrassment to all humans…that's how I was recognized in school. I didn't care at all; my druggy dad and my psychopath mom had called me worst. Names like: Dipshit, Crap-head, Fuck Face, a Jackass, and finally…a Fucking Idiot. I have an option of living a freaking hell with parents like these or just run away into the nearest forest and start working on my own future. To tell you the truth, I was the only one in my entire goddamn family who actually cared about my future, but like if that even mattered to anyone.

"Bran, you haven't even touched your food." My father said. Ah, one of the few moments my father was sober and in a good mood. Very rare, but enjoyable.

"I'm not hungry." I muttered while moving my breakfast with the fork.

"Is everything okay in school?" My dad sat down and drank from the coffee he had just prepared.

I took off my glasses and slowly started to clean them, "Everything's fine…don't worry." I smiled and put on my glasses.

"You know, you look just like me when I was your age." He scratched his beard and looked at me again, "Only stronger, more social, sporty, and a total ladies man." I've noticed that whenever my dad is in a good mood, he's always, and I mean it when I say always, making me feel bad for myself.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Hey, I'm only saying the truth. You know I'm like that, I honestly don't know what surprises you about this." He looked at my Punisher shirt. "Really…you're seriously wearing that to school?" He continued, holding his laughter.

I rolled my eyes, "There's nothing wrong with it."

"And then you wonder why people don't talk to you."

"Look, Peter, I don't have to stand for this you know?"

"How come you snap like that to me but not to the douche bags that bother you in school?"

"You know, I should already be leaving to school and you're not allowing me." I stood up and grabbed my backpack and sweater. "Bye, dad." I said as walked towards the door.

"Be good, my child, and PLEASE try to make some damn friends!"

I stopped and looked at him, "I'll try my best, Peter." Peter, that's the name I had been calling my dad after his drug problems started to get out of hand. I was ashamed sometimes to call him dad but the word couldn't help itself from slipping from my mouth.

I put on my headphones and listened to the music in my iPod.

Milford is a borough in Pike County, Pennsylvania, United States, and the county seat. Its population is 1,021. It was founded in 1796 by Judge John Biddis, one of the state's first four circuit judges, who named the settlement after his ancestral home in Wales. We didn't have the biggest population out there. I think we're 937 in population now….wow, we've decreased by 32, my town is that lame. Too bad I wasn't allowed to leave until I graduated from high school; those were my mom's rules: "You're not leaving me until you graduate!" I remember her words to perfection. I mean why wouldn't I she was yelling and completely drunk. However, I swore, I swore to myself that as soon as I turned 18 and had graduated from the zoo I call high school; I would leave to Toronto, Canada…my dream city. I walked through random streets until I reached the intellectual wasteland I called school. Ah, school…the place the killed you slowly through the years. Then you finish high schools and what's that? Oh yeah! Even more hell…called college. I hated school mostly because I was the typical science nerd who was bullied by the also typical group of jocks who slept with almost every girl in school. I had no friends, nobody talked to me actually. That had been my friendship status ever since kindergarten.

I sighed when I had reached my destination: Delaware Valley high school…my personal hell…wow, already a senior and people still hate my guts. Yay! Seven more months until I leave this town and make a life of my own. I opened one of the main doors and fixed my glasses.

I lowered my face and pulled up my hood because I knew what was coming up ahead: The Jungle of Douchebags. I gave it the name for a reason. There was jocks playing football thinking they were part of some professional college football team. There was the dumb blondes kissing their boyfriends or having sex with someone in the restrooms. There was cheerleaders covering mountain-sized zits with makeup that made the pimples even more obvious.

I'm telling you, I would've made it out of this group of idiots, if one of the jocks hadn't noticed me and tossed a football to my head that made me fall to the floor. It was painful, and I am not talking about the moment my face made contact with the floor, no, I'm talking about the moment the football slammed against the back of my head. That obviously made people laugh. Did I ever mention that my pain was like a comedy attraction to, gee I dunno, THE ENTIRE SCHOOL!

I wanted to stand up again, but the jock's foot on my back held me down.

"What took you so long, Brainy?" James, the most popular douche from the group, asked. Brainy, the nickname the popular kids gave me. I didn't understand if the nickname was meant to be an insult or a compliment but I got the nickname for being in the Top 10 throughout my entire Middle School and High School reputation and for making these assholes look like total shit heads most of the time.

I stayed quiet. James chuckled, grabbed me by the neck of my shirt and pulled me up, "Not answering, eh? What? Are you trying to act like a tough guy?"

I gulped, "No, why would I want to act like you?"

He chuckled once again, "Why do always act up if you know the ending to this story?" He leaned closer to me and whispered, "With you inside a locker."

"And with your girlfriend giving you a victory blowjob in the nearest restroom?" Ah, I just had to let that insult fly out of my mouth! Boy, was I stupid!

That got James angry. He pushed me into a locker and called his friends: Mark, Steve, and Drake. I sighed, "Why do you always bring them up? Are you too weak to do it by yourself?" SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP YOU STUPID IDIOT! Me and my stupid big mouth!

The consequences my insult brought were: A huge bruise on my neck in the shape of a hand that was holding me, a bleeding lip, about sixteen bruises on my stomach from the kicking, a slight color of black in my eye from the punch James gave me, and a scratch on my arm caused by Steve's girl nails.

"It's the third time I have you here this month." The nurse said as she cleaned the blood that fell from my lip.

"This time it wasn't my fault, it was my big mouth's"

"What did you tell him that was so bad?"

I sighed, "I told him that after he finished beating me up like usual, his girlfriend would give him a victory blowjob on the nearest restrooms…Oh, I also said that he was so weak he needed his friend's help to beat me up by himself."

"That was your big mouth's fault."

"I don't know what went wrong with me that I just blurted out those kinds of stuff." I said fixing my messy black hair.

"It happens…when someone can no longer take the same bullshit from the same damn asshole they just say things they think and that just burst out of their mouth without noticing. Things that the person knows are going to bring him or her a horrible outcome."

I sighed…this is my life in high school. I hate myself.