3. From Nobody to Mr. Popular

I arrived home after such a long run. Boy, was I tired! What I saw, it was like a tattoo in my head. It was unforgettable. I looked once again at the wound in my wrist. It was smaller than the last time I checked, less deeper. The lights in the kitchen were on, nobody was probably there, I guessed.

I walked into the kitchen to see my mom and dad sitting on the table, talking and laughing…that was a HUGE shocker. My parents were never together, especially laughing. They always fought for everything and, trust me, seeing them laughing was the weirdest thing in the world.

There was something bittersweet about this. I always admired Peter's childish smile and laugh. I found awesome the way my mom blushed whenever she laughed. That was the sweet part. The bitter was that it was probably the only time this would ever happen in quite a while. They both stopped laughing and looked at me, "Oh hi, Brandon, didn't see you there." Peter said between laughter.

"Why are you guys laughing?" I asked.

"Me and your father were remembering our days in high school."

I looked around, "Alright." I started to walk away.

Peter grabbed my wrist. I groaned, "Ow, Watch it." I muttered.

He let me go and looked at the cuts, "Who did this to you?"

"Oh, Peter stop acting like if you cared."

"It was James wasn't it?" Now my dad was angry. "I had enough with that kid, tomorrow, I will talk to the principal about him and, believe me, if he doesn't do anything about it…Then I will."

"Come on, Peter, James doesn't have girl nails to do a cut this bad." I pointed at the wound in my wrist.

My mom leaned closer, "Actually, Brandon, it doesn't seem that bad." I looked at it again. She was right, the cut wasn't deep at all. It looked more like drawings now. I sat down. "What are we eating?" Mother didn't respond, she just pushed a dish of lasagna my way. I grabbed a fork and began eating.

My head began to feel heavy. I was beginning to experience dizziness. I stopped eating and walked towards my room. Obviously, my parents were too busy laughing to notice. I opened the door to my bedroom, my head feeling lighter than usual. I glanced at my wound once again…almost gone. My vision started to get extremely blurry. My limbs began to feel heavy, so heavy I fell to the door. I breathed heavily as I fell the sweat that fell from my forehead. The room, it was so hot. I took off my shirt and I began to freeze. What then hell is happening to me? I slammed my head against the table next to my bed. This was horrible. For the first time, I didn't enjoy pain. I hated it. I started to cough. I looked at the blood that dripped from my mouth. Now it was overtaking me. I couldn't take anymore. I tried to stand up, but fell on my bed during my first try. I slowly closed my eyes and let the rest of my pain to go away.

My alarm clock woke me up. I sighed and turned it off. Dammit, another day of hell, another day of bullying. I grabbed my glasses and put them on. Everything was blurry. I took them off and everything seemed clear again. "What the hell." I muttered very softly. I stood and looked at the T-shirt I took off last night. I grabbed it and noticed that I no longer had the wound in my wrist. It was completely gone. I placed my glasses next to my TV. That's when I noticed them…the six-pack. The muscles in my arms. I touched my stomach to feel the lumps of the sudden formation of abs. I looked at myself. I no longer had that kid face. I had a well formed jaw, and kinda longish emo hair. My light brown skin stood out and looked like a perfect tan that girls go crazy for. I looked at my golden brown eyes, wow, they actually stood out now! My mouth dropped, wow was I beautiful! I was so stunned I couldn't keep my eyes away from myself. You know what, I think going metrosexual wouldn't be such a bad idea now.

I grabbed a maroon v-neck shirt and put it on. Damn, these shirts looked good on me now! I smiled. Gosh, even I fell for my new smile. I was actually hot!

I looked away. Wait, Brandon, don't take your looks to the extreme. Sure, now I am good looking but who cares it will always be me. The same old Brandon Clearwater. The same geeky, Star Wars freak as always.

I sighed and grabbed my hairbrush, I slowly started to comb my hair. I tangle my fingers into my hair and felt the softness, the healthy black hair.

I opened the door to my room and walked downstairs. My dad was there, reading the newspapers and drinking coffee.

"Morning, Peter!" I said cheerfully and full of happiness. He bit the toast and looked at me. His eyes widened and he almost choked on the piece of toast he bit. I helped him and asked, "A-are you okay?"

He swallowed and looked at me once again, "Damn, Bran, you look…look goddamn great!" He looked at me like if he was some kind of pedophile, "Since when have you been working out?" He smacked my chest, "Did you go trough puberty TWICE?"

"No I've never worked out in my life and…seriously? Puberty twice?"

"Come on, it's possible, especially in your case." He said, patting my back.

"Ha ha ha," I sarcastically laughed. "That's very funny, Peter." I grabbed my backpack and opened the door, "Oh, Peter, I don't need your help to handle my problems with James…and well, thank you for at least looking like if you cared last night." I smiled and walked out of our house.

I opened the two main doors. I noticed that I had forgotten my sweater. I sighed. Today, was going to be a long day. I walked through the jungle of douchebags. All I heard was laughter and talking.

Laughter and talking that soon enough stopped. Everyone looked at me, like if I was the new kid. I looked around and noticed the looks on the girl's faces. Most of them bit their lip. Several tightened the handle of their bags. The smiles of the group of jocks slowly faded away. Bullies stopped harassing the math geeks just to look at me. I fixed my messy hair and, I swear, I heard say girls say: "OMG, He's so hot! Are you sure that's Brandon Clearwater?" I smiled at the retarded comments that girls, who never even looked at me before, said as they saw me pass by. My smile drove the ladies crazy, like if they recently had gotten a hug from Ryan Reynolds or Taylor Lautner. I walked towards my locker and opened it.

It was weird how I could hear things that I had never heard before! It was freakishly awesome! The comments of cheerleaders and possibly gay jocks surrounded my ears. It was awesome. I guess there was no better thing than to hear the popular people compliment you. I grabbed my math textbook and binder and closed my locker.

I headed towards my math class when suddenly Brittany, the school's head cheerleader, called out my name. I turned around and looked at her. I swear to god that when I looked at her she blushed. Wow, I did not think air heads like her had enough brain cells to know how to blush.

"Brandon, is that you?"

I looked around and nodded.

"WOW! You're hot! How come I've never noticed you before."

"You did notice me before…"

She gave me a confused look, "I did?"

"When your boyfriend was beating the hell out of me."

"Oh, well, I just broke up with him and stuff, and, well, if you ever wanna like…hang out with me." She pulled out a pen and a piece of paper and started to write on it. "Just give me a call."

I smiled, "I'll think about it." I said and crumbled up the paper in my pocket.

I walked into math class and threw Brittany's number into the trash. I looked around, looking for Darcy. I smiled when I saw her. I sat behind her. She looked at me. "Uh, my friend Brandon goes there, buddy."

I sighed, "It is me, Brandon."

She checked me out, "Look, in case you don't know, Lying is a sin."

I pulled put my glasses from my pocket and put them on. Her eyes widened, "Holy crap what the hell happened to you?"

"To tell you the truth, I have no idea."

"Well, you look good."

"Thanks." I grinned, she made me a bit happy.

The teacher walked in and headed to the front in the classroom. Ms. Underwood, the most beautiful woman I have ever met. She was so beautiful and well-proportioned…and I was glad that during MY senior year she decided to become a math teacher. She had wavy orange-red hair that ended on the middle of her back. She had awesome brown eyes that, sadly, were hidden by a pair of glasses. I have been in love with her since I first layed eyes on her. She began to call row.

"Brandon Clearwater." My name was the first.

I slowly raised my hand. She squinted and walked closer. She smiled and she recognized me and marked a check next to my name. Ah, I think I was in completely in love with Underwood.

-End Of Chapter-