I am at a loss for words where I am in this Darkness. I wanted to find my light but I couldn't because I couldn't see in this Darkness. It was the thickest shades of black. Blacker than the night sky (which so happened to have light from the stars) I began to lose hope but then I knew that my heart has fought in many battles of light and I couldn't give up. So I walked through this Darkness while having scars from thorny vines. I hoped I could find the light. I wanted to call for help, anything but then I knew I had to do this alone. It's like facing a villain. You have to do it alone in order to find complete peace within yourself. So I walked through the Darkness and payed no mind to the vines that were supposed to hurt me.

I felt rain.

Tiny little droplets on my skin.

The rain melted the vines with ease

But cured the wretched marks on my skin like a pair of delicate hands.

Then one by one I saw a star in the sky

So I took those stars and made a map

To find my light

And I knew now the road.

But I also knew another thing

Darkness was Eternal

But not forever, If you fought it with true light within you.