Do you see it?

Floating there in space.

In this dark void which has no light.

There it is again!

Did you see it?

It's floating away!

You reach for it, yet can't seem to grab it.

You look at it again.

You smile softly.

The light flies closer to you.

Reach for it again.

It's just out of your reach

You have a funny feeling deep in your heart.

You look and see it float again.

Going nowhere

Going everywhere

You hold out your hand reaching for it again,

Yet you pull back.

You wonder if you even deserve this.

To have something so close and yet so far.

To have your emotions played with.

Closing your eyes you feel it flutter past you.

The warmth that is seems to give you as is passes.

The light you can see behind closed eye lids.

You open your eyes and look at it again

It floats to somewhere you can reach.

You move slowly and circle it

It doesn't move balanced perfectly.

You feel the others well up inside you.

Hate, for making this apparent.

Love, for giving you hope.

Sadness, knowing that you might never grasp it.

Fear, that you might never find it again.

Longing, because your long wait might be over.

Others you feel that you cannot name.

Some that you cannot even fathom.

You run this time and jump.

You grasp it and feel the emotion overwhelm you.

You fall to the ground and look at it.

The small shining light glowing brighter than before.

It stays there going nowhere and you smile.

It suddenly feels wet and you look down.

You watch as the light melts through your fingers

You clench your hands and feel your heart hurt

It's falling to the ground and you have no idea what to do.

You feel some tears as you realize it will always be this way


Maybe you don't deserve it

You still want it though

So you'll wait for another chance at it.

SO yeah here I am with more depressing things.I had a conversation with someone and this is how it made me feel. I know he wont pick me. The thing is the thought of him doing so made me happy and I had to get it down. Sorry for mistakes and the like. I just wanted to share this with some people who might appropriate it.