I've no heart for a ride on the Marry-Go-Round,

Made with someone, who steps on and later alights,

Leaving me all alone, as I'd fall to the ground

In a carnival promising lonelier nights.

I would love to spend life on the Fairest Wheel ride

With a traveler, who stays 'til the fair is replaced

With a rocket to heaven for me and my bride,
From the fair's righteous Owner in final day's haste.

I should like to grow old in the carnival known

As our lives. Now those days of adopting the role

Of the clowns have long vanished. I'd pass up a cone

Filled with ice cream for someone who'd help fill my soul.

If I meet someone who has had reason to grieve

Former loss or betrayal of last time's "I do,"

I could pour out my heart, in the hope they'll believe:

In my past, I've been thrown from the Dodgem cars too.

If I climb to the top of the great slippery dip

Of romance, and position myself on the mat,

Then I'll trust it won't leave me, when I start to slip,
And go falling in love, and – this time – not fall flat.

When it comes down to trusting that they would remain,

At the fairground with me, and continue to care;

So we both could enjoy full remission of pain.

One should best trust the Owner of Testament Fair.