Myer went to see the counsellor who had the name of Pam;
And he said, "I've come for lots of help to find out who I am."

So she offered him the couch, that he might do some partial resting,
While she asked a lot of questions in the process of her testing.

Well, to kick things off with question one, the specializing shrink

Asked him, "Do you like to feel a lot, or do you like to think?"

Myer said, "I like to think a lot about the things I'm feeling."

Pam was pensive. Did she think or feel, "His answer's not revealing"?

So she asked him, "Would you just perceive, or do you tend to judge?"

He was sure: perceptions influence a judgment. "Would he budge

From his viewpoint?" Pam then asked herself, and found herself perceiving

That the judgments building in her thoughts now needed much relieving.

She said, "Are you extroverted or are you an introvert?"

Myer shyly told her he'd be someone likely to assert

All his viewpoints, making room for other people's different answers.
He was shy around psychiatrists, but confident with dancers.

Pam said, "Are you more intuitive, or do you like to sense?"

And again she felt his answer seemed like sitting on the fence.

Myer too began to wonder, or perhaps his intuition

Told him: common sensing skills may lead to more complete fruition.

Though he didn't work in counselling, still Myer clearly saw
That each situation doesn't cause a choice of either/or

In reactions, which more likely come in varied combinations,
As the train of life makes many stops at vastly different stations.

If a person faces something, when he hasn't really slept,

Then his tiredness and the nausea might make him seem inept

In his people skills. Yet if he's at his peak, then his expressions

Of his feelings (or his thoughts) won't be the same as other sessions.

Pam and Myer never met again. Perhaps he never felt

That his pants of life could keep their height, with Pam's ideas as belt.

Now the problem was that stuff like this is wholly humanistic,

When reliance on the Lord for all is helpfully realistic.