Airy do I sound!
Through your lips
and out of mine
sometimes saliva do I taste!


Strum and pluck,
bow and fingers,
press and quiver,
nice and melodious.
There isn't another,
whom can sound like I!


Metallic sounding,
that is me!
There isn't a band,
which I don't join!
Watch as I sound,
and vibrate you
off your chair!


A song is never complete
without little notes I play.
A piece is never as intriguing
if lacking my add-ons.
I control the mood of the song,
for the most of it.


Hear me as I impersonate you,
When I crash some notes,
you hear percussion.
When I hold some keys,
it becomes string.
when I hit lower ones,
the grand brass is heard!
Grand or standing,
beauty in feelings.

A/N: This is just a random write I came up with for each section of the orchestra. I hope it's sound. If I happen to hit the wrong note on your instrument, please pardon me. Flames are still welcomed though, but It would be sad that most of the instruments would be destroyed