Dawn is breaking:

The first rays of light pierce the darkness like arrows.

A traveller, clothed in green, rides down the winding, dusty road.

He pauses and looks back at the castle behind him.

Servants scurry around.

They are bees buzzing around the hive.

A girl, dressed in a gown of finest cloth, sits by a window.

She looks up, through the window, towards the road.

He rides on.

'Did I do the right thing?', he ponders.

A tear flows down his cheek, his heart aches.

But in his mind, he knows that they had to part ways.

She turns away.

'Why did you have to leave?', she asks.

Her heart aches like it will never heal, she also sheds a tear.

But, she knows, this love could never be.

For he was but a simple archer,

And she was the high king's daughter.

Yet to begin a joyous new life,

They must suffer great pain.