I tried, you walked away.
I ran after you, the friendship we had falling apart.
We pretend everything's fine, but the tensions there; the inevitable coming closer, we ignore this, refusing to talk about what was bothering us.
You were foolish - but so was I.

I tried for a second time. You walked away.
I ran after you, the fight was petty; it wasn't even between you and me.
You were immature - I was impatient and angry. The awkward silences began; talking only when necessary until stopping completely. You were angry - so was I.
You didn't understand - I was sick of explaining. You lied - I was snide. I said I wouldn't pick a side - but I did.
I saw the end coming, taunting and final. I needed to make it right; I had to explain.
I tried one last time, you walked away.

I will not run after you.