Silence replaces whatever ray of sunshine, praying words can not say out loud. Cloudy with a high chance of poisonous worms and thunderstorms, the sky will be gray forever. Today will be less sunny and end in tragedy as usual. Labor pains hit mother nature and bloodstains on church pews are very visual to see from heaven. Divided, the body of Christ is now broken and there is no need to sing a sweet people are suffering and dying all over the world, this is no funny joke. In a dying world full of bipolar people, drama reigns as king and Karma is considered to be comedy. Carrying death, every last breath taken each hour remains only just a vapor like an unappreciated labor of love. Dying to be born again, be lost in the celestial sphere and give into sin nomore. Dying to be born again, listen to the sound of Gabrielle's horn shake the ground. Walking on stars, be awake and alive, fully completely make believe. Walking on stars, find a cure that will end the self torture and stop all of the wars in the world. Longing for paradise, heaven is one sunrise away from becoming a reality.