The ever present ghost, the ever present mountain of yesterday's fears and tears gives birth to more confusion. Weak, the once intelligent human mind is now a candle in the wind. Free falling through air, free falling through life, the human mind is torn asunder and reaches a point of surrender. Tender to the touch, fragile tiny miracle of God, stand still and smile for a while. Overtime rust turns into dust eventually becoming hope and faith takes on the form of trust. Faithfully devoted to internal pride, there has to be a way to finish the climb up to the mountain top. There has to be a way to breakthrough the chaos and see the light once again. Battling one obstacle after another, its a never ending cycle of drama and heart warfare. Learning to breathe is similar to riding a bicycle for the first time. Filled with many life experiences, everyday is a lesson within itself. Awakening up to love, embrace life as a dove and be strong enough to move mountains, overcome obstacles. The oracle says there will be more sunrises, golden years and few bumps in the road to redemption.