She rushed to answering her ringing cell phone, hoping that her boyfriend was on the other end. She was horny and wanted him badly. She hated how much he traveled for work.


" 'Ello darling" his words almost brought her to her knees.

"Hey honey. I miss you. So guess what?"

"Ummmm….you miss me?" he chuckled.

"I told you that already. Guess again" she laughed.

"Ummm…I don't know darling just tell me"

"NO! You have to guess baby" she teased.

"You got a promotion?"

"Nope." She pointlessly shook her head.

"You got fired?"

"Hell no. My boss loves me."

"You're sleeping with your boss?"

She laughed.

"You are?" the anger was evident in his tone.

"NO WAY!" she screamed back in protest.

"Thank god." He breathed a sigh of relief.

"So guess again"

"You bought a pet?" he was running out of guesses, he had always hated guessing games.

"Nope. Guess again" she moaned slightly.

"You met someone else?" she could hear the heartbreak in his words.

"No" she moaned as she pulled on her hard nipples.

"Fuck. Don't tell me we have to move again" he was starting to get annoyed.

"No. Ohhh… baby" she moaned as she moved her hands down her body to rub against her clit.

"Whatever fucker is over there teasing you better be gone in five!" he growled, driving faster in order to get home.

"Mmmm baby" she moaned.

He hung up the phone and flung it onto the passenger seat of his Jaguar. He was ready to kill whoever was there teasing his woman. He may have fucked men in the past for money but when it came to his soon to be finance no one but him was allowed to touch her. He didn't know what her good news was but it would have to wait until the other man was gone.

She heard the dial tone on her phone and was shocked to see that he had hung up on her. She stripped off the lingerie she had on and laid herself seductively on the couch, knowing that he would walk in to find her pleasuring herself.

She heard the wheels squeal as he pulled into the drive. She bit her lip as two of her fingers slid into her wet cunt, her other hand teasing her nipples.

He stormed in the front door, banging it shut behind him.

"Where is the fucker?" he shouted before hearing her moan.

He looked over to find her eyes closed as she pleasured herself. His cock instantly got hard at the sight. He started to strip his clothes off as he walked towards her. He pushed her legs further apart, causing her to look up and smile at him.

"You little tease" her growled before bending to kiss her.

As they kissed, he lifter her up and she instantly wrapped her legs around his waist. She rubbed herself against him, wanting him to fuck her so bad. He started to carry her to the bedroom but her gyrations against him became too much for them both. He gently laid her on the floor in the hallways and thrust deep into her cunt. They both moaned loudly as he moved his hands to rub his thumbs over her nipples.

She started to suck on his neck as he pulled out. His thrusts where met with the lifting of her hips. Their moans grew even louder as he started thrusting faster. Her nails dug into his muscular back as she came with a loud scream. Seconds later he pulled her hips to his as he came with a moan.

Afterwards he laid next to her, both of them trying to catch their breaths.

"So did you guess?" she teased.

He simply nodded before kissing her again.

"I love you" they said at the same time.