I wrote a good portion of this at three in the morning Christmas Eve and I apologize I didn't submit it earlier. Stephan belongs to me, so no using his character without asking me and NO ONE is permitted to use Kyla because she belongs to a friend of mine.

The cold little ice particles caress my face before quickly melting because of the heat. I shove my hands in my coat pockets, wondering why it just had to snow tonight. I shouldn't really be cursing it since it is Christmas Eve and all, but still... wet cold stuff and I don't mix well. Letting a titch of a sigh out, I continue on my way back to my apartment, wondering how Kyla's fairing alone. There's just the slightest spark of hope for being comfortable when I get home when I think about her because she is... everything to me.

Finally getting to my apartment building, I quickly enter the nice warm building and shake my hair free of the snowflakes, only to find it partially damp; I didn't realize the snow was attracted to my head so much. I grumble to myself as I use the stairs, even though it'd be so much easier using the elevator; I just need more time to think. Listening to the radiating silence of my walking up the stairs, I continue to think about Kyla. I love all the little things about her, especially her smile; it warms my heart over to see her happy after what she deals with, even if I don't appreciate her little friend butting in all the time.

Reaching my floor, I pull my keys out as I walk down the hall to my door. I continue thinking to myself as I put the key inside the lock and listen to the satisfying click of it coming undone for me before pulling the key out and unlocking the deadbolt. When I get the door open, I'm bombarded by the scent of chocolate and cinnamon pinecones - I had forgotten about the pinecones - and wonder what in the world Kyla's up to.

"Stephan, is that you?" She calls from the kitchen.

iWho else would it be, /i I think to myself. "Yes! What are you up to?"

"Oh um -" - there's a crashing sound - "Nothing!"

"Kyla, do I need to come in there?" I ask as I close and lock the door.

"What - NO!" She retorts quickly.

"Why?" I question.


She comes out of the kitchen carrying a tray with two steaming hot mugs of hot cocoa. That's not what catches my attention. It's the outfit she has on. The top has straps and hits slightly above her midriff; the fabric is red and has this white trim. I look to her skirt to find it in the same fashion only with a black belt around her hips. Her boots lace up in the front and make her about three inches taller. It hits me belatedly what she's dressed in: one of those sexy Santa outfits.

"Whoa um... hey there." I think my cheeks flush just the littlest touch.

"Um... hey." She bites her lower lip.

My eyes quickly rack over her and I manage to chuckle a little. "You uh... you look great."

She blushes deeply. "Thanks. I decided to use part of the money you gave me to buy it."

"You know you're not gonna get much use out of that outfit after tomorrow right?" I point out with a bit of a laugh.

"I could use it... dammit, you're right, but if I store it properly, I'll be able to use it every year if I don't get too much bigger." She retorts with a smile. "Now, why don't you take your coat off, sit down and stay awhile?"

"Don't mind if I do." I smile.

I laugh to myself as I take my coat off and go hang it up in my closet before going back into the living room, discovering Kyla had set the tray on the coffee table and settled herself in the corner of the couch. She looks lost in thought and smiles when she gazes up and stares at me. She gets up and walks over, taking my hand in hers and bringing me back to the couch. As if planned, we sit down at the same time, our hands still clasped together. I shift and look at her; she just smiles before giving me one of the coffee mugs.

"Thanks Kyla, but you do remember I like coffee right?"

"Oh, I remember you're addicted to coffee." She smirks just the slightest hint before picking her mug up and lightly blowing on it to cool before taking a sip.

I go ahead and do the same thing. When I take a swallow, I nearly spit it back out. Why? It doesn't taste like hot chocolate whatsoever. I notice Kyla out of my peripheral vision shaking with laughter. Sighing, I take another sip, smiling when I realize it's how I like my coffee. I instantly look up at her to find that knowing smile on her lips.

"Told ya I remembered your addicition to coffee. Even fixed it how you like it."

"Thanks Kyla. I definitely needed this." I fervently say, taking a couple more swallows of the delicious liquid.

She nods once before concentrating on what I assume is her hot chocolate. I down the mug in about five minutes and set the empty container back on the little tray before looking over at her. She still sips on her before setting it down and returning the favor. She scoots closer before slipping her arms around my waist and resting her head on my shoulder. Instantly, I snake my arms around her and kiss her hair softly.

"You doing alright sweetheart?" I wonder, holding her closer.

"What, of course I'm alright. I'm just happy I'm with you." She smiles up at me.

"Why in the world would you be happy to be with me?" I tease.

"Because... you actually care about me. You have the most tender soul inside that I notice you haven't exactly shown to anyone else but me and I don't blame you."

When I look down at her, I take note in the way she lightly rests her eyes and the littlest smile dons her lips, not to mention her arms tightening around me. I cuddle her closer and kiss her hair again. I know I haven't been content like this at all in my life, not even when I was with my ex Kayla in high school. I don't know what it is about this girl, but she is amazing. I take this as a sign to hold her closer, not to mention a bit tighter, which causes her smile to widen.

I smile to myself about the situation as I gingerly place my head on hers. My hand comes running up and down her back and my fingers accidentally graze her lower back, which causes her to shiver. I raise my eyebrow afore stopping the action. I'm not entirely sure if she's okay with it or not. The response I get is her cuddling closer than before.

"You like that?" I wonder.

Kyla nods and lightly kisses my jaw, which in turn makes me shudder. Something along the lines of pleasure courses through my veins and quite frankly, I enjoy it. I decide to do it again, this time earning the slightest bit of a moan from her. I bite my lower lip and pull my lip ring into my mouth as I gnaw on it. I try to resist the urge to be a naughty boy and I actually win over.

"Stephan, is something wrong?" Kyla inquires.

"What… what do you mean?" I stutter.

"You um… don't seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Wha? I'm supposed to -"

Kyla presses a finger to my lip before she surprises me by climbing onto my lap and straddling it. For some reason, I become worried that her skirt's going to rip, but it seems to hold up. I stare at her for the longest time, trying to understand what in the world she's trying to tell me. Granted, I know what it is, but… I've never thought about doing it with her, especially since she's younger than me. She looks at me again.

She draws closer and rocks our hips together. She giggles a bit when a little moan erupts from my lips. "Oh, you mean ienjoying/i myself."

Kyla just smiles innocently with a hint of wickedness to it. "Of course."

"Is there anything I should do?"

"Not until I tell you to." She replies.

"Alright then." I answer.

"Well, there is one thing… you gotta relax." She whispers in my ear, slowly running her hands down my chest.

I shudder and moan a little, falling into the back of the couch. I feel her fingers touch the hem of my shirt and then her skin on my stomach. Oh God, her flesh is soft and warm; I feel mine begin to grow heated under her touch. Teasingly, her fingers travel upwards to my pecs as her lips slowly kiss my jaw and trail down my neck. I totally don't know what she's trying to do, but it's working.

I place my hands on her thighs, dawdling as I snake mine upwards. She shifts and moans a little but it doesn't defer her from what she's doing. Her right index finger circles around my nipple, toying with it cruelly as she leaves a lovebite on my neck. To see how she'll react, I slip my hand under her skirt, touching the cloth at her hip and smile upon discovering it's lacy. When I look at her face, I absolutely love the crimson color in her cheeks.

"Hey Kyla… I love your panties." I whisper into her ear.

"Stephan…" She moans.

"What, you can't take it but you can deal it?" I teasingly lick her earlobe.

"Stephan Ayres, you quit it." She whines.

"You told me to enjoy myself, so I'm doing so." I point out, taking the opportunity to kiss her neck.

She lets a little moan out. "Please stop teasing me…"

"All the way?"

She shakes her head and scoots closer before putting her lips at my ear again. "Play with me." She whispers.

"How?" - she rocks our hips again - "Okay, okay, I get it."

She grins at me. "Good."

"Only one problem: here or the bedroom?" I ask.

"I don't think I'll be able to make it to the bedroom." She pulls off a sexy little pout.

"Neither do I." I breathe.

Kyla quickly scrambles off my lap and takes her boots and the stockings she had on off. I can't help but look her over and grow hungry lustfully because of all the skin exposed. I scoot to the edge of the couch and pull her to stand between my legs as I put my hands under her skirt once more, only to pull her panties down; a small smile appears on my lips as the black lace enters my sight. She shifts and blushes as I get them down to the point where they fall the rest of the way themselves.

"Damn Kyla… you're beautiful." I mutter as I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her belly.

She titters and runs her fingers through my hair. "Thank you. You're very handsome yourself."

I let a little moan out. Hearing such nice words and feeling her fingers course through my hair has proved to be too much for me. I shift a little as my bulge begins to grow in my pants before whimpering because my jeans are just too constricting. Kyla continues letting her fingers course through the black strands and somehow, I find it comforting, although it makes it worse at the same time. She smiles a little before coming down to her knees and unfastening my pants. I gasp before sighing in relief, just to moan as her fingers slip in and start stroking.


"Yes?" She asks with a smile, continuing to play.

I bite my lower lip and whimper again because what she's doing feels so pleasant. She slowly begins to pump, getting me to moan aloud. She smiles innocently and continues at a slow, even pace. I take a look down her top and reach out, brushing the straps off her shoulders and pulling it down to unveil her perky breasts for the taking. I wrap my arms around her waist and kiss her collarbone on down until I reach her pleasantry item. Kissing in a circular motion, I come upon her nipple and begin sucking it as a baby would while kneading her other one with my thumb and forefinger.

Kyla moans aloud, deciding to pump a bit faster. All I do is play a little faster with her torso, switching breasts to make them even; she moves the slightest bit. Gingerly, I bite down on her nipple and lick the tip. I can't describe the noise she makes, but God it sounds amazing. The hand on her breast slowly slips downward and touch her inner thigh. My fingers creep upwards and touches her womanhood, which causes her to shift and stop messing with me; I hadn't even paid attention to it.

I throw her onto the couch as I start rubbing her entrance in circles. She whimpers and moans. "Stephan… that feels so good."

"Good." I stick a finger inside and start rubbing her clit.

That causes a really loud moan to erupt from her lips. I continue to tease her and add another finger somewhere in the mix. She soon begs for me to be in her, so what do I do? I pull my pants and boxers off and yank her skirt off before placing my tip at her entrance. She wraps her arms around me and lightly puts her legs around my waist before I delve inside. Grinding our hips together, I pump in and out of her tight sheath, getting her to groan aloud and dig her fingers into my back.

I don't know how long we go at it, but we both end up cumming. Looking down at Kyla and noticing the sweaty mess she's in makes me smile a bit because I know I look just as ragged. She giggles and brushes the hair off my forehead before gingerly kissing my lips. I kiss her back and lick her lower lip, which earns another moan and giggle from her. I whisper into her ear,

"I love you Kyla."

"I love you too Stephan."

"You wanna go to bed now?"

She nods and I smile, so I get off her and scoop her up in my arms. I quietly pad into our room and tenderly set her on the bed. Getting into the drawers, I pull out my flannel bottoms and another set of boxers before grabbing her tank and shorts. She slips her arms around my waist before I have the chance to hand them over. Kissing her head, I escape her grasp and hand her clothes over and slip into mine, jumping into bed. Kyla follows my lead and snuggles into my side under the sheets. Looking at the alarm clock on my nightstand, I smile.

"Merry Christmas Kyla." I whisper.