Fairy Land

In this twisted life we live in we often get sucked up into a place, a place called fairy land

A place where we are always happy and everything always works out

The only thing is, is that such a place doesn't exist

Besides us imagining it in our heads

That is the sad truth about fairyland

We can sit here and imagine all we want about things that won't come true

About love being returned

Happy endings

It doesn't matter though

Because those things only exist in fairy land

What is a fairyland?

A place of joy?

A place of amusement?

Or is it a place of fun?

Could it be a blindfold that hides us from the truth?

Is it a lie?

Is that what it is?

Are we just lying to ourselves?

Are we just torturing ourselves?

Building false hope?

What difference does it make?

Everything that takes place, only exists in our fairylands

Our fairylands are a place where we can escape

Escape the sad shackles of reality

Can we fly in real life?

No we can't

Can we fly in our fairy lands?

It's up to you

That's the difference between reality and fairyland

In fairyland we control everything

In fairyland we are God

But in real life

Whether you believe in God or not

You aren't in control

Even if free will exists

You still can't win

You can only get lucky

Unfortunately for us

Luck is a rare thing

Not everyone can become rich

That's just the way life is

In fairyland we are rich

We are happy

We are anything that we want to be

The only sad part is when we open our eyes

And enter reality…