Ignoring Evil's Bitter Sting

By Geoff Gonzalez

Mankind has lived for thousands of years,

But still can't allay its greatest fears,

Of failure, of infamy, of terrible shame,

And its hurts, finds something else to blame.

We wallow in our pains of today,

And tomorrow, give them all away.

We blame them on someone else to bear,

But good feelings for this are always rare.

All too often, we are makers of our own pain,

Even though, by hurting ourselves, there is nothing to gain.

To give in to ourselves is to give in to hate,

And to permanent self-loathing that will never abate.

Of course, we have all been wronged in different ways,

And for those who do, the deed never pays.

But for us to give in and hate ourselves whole,

Is to finish completing their ill-conceived goal.

But Justice will be dealt them where Justice is due,

And at the end of time, it will be dealt you too.

Our Maker will ask, "What did you do for me this day?"

And what is it you plan to say?

Will you tell him you gave in to his thrice-damned foe,

Because one of his minions stubbed your toe?

Or will you tell him you conquered evil that day?

Tell me, what is it you plan to say?

Stupid people will always do you wrong,

But we are all supposed to still stay strong.

To give in to pain is to give license to kill,

And trust me, my dear, it always will.

The worst idea is to hide alone in a hole,

For the evil of others attacks your very soul.

A brave man faces adversity with pride,

And the pain from others, he always hides.

So if you ever feel scorn's bitter taste,

Remember that your life is never a waste.

Ignore the sting of Satan's fiery rod,

And focus instead on our ever-loving God.