Summary: Mary Ellen Mercer thought she had a pretty normal life. She had a popular boyfriend, great friends, and her parents were together. That all changed a few months ago when her friends started changing. They abandoned her for the senior jock, Nick. She was left with Tyler, but after a tragic incident, she basically lost the Tyler she knew forever.

There are no spoilers.

People Involved in the Story

Mary Ellen Mercer: Dark, curly hair with electric green eyes. She's average height and is dating Tyler Solomon. She is the smart, talented girl and also obeys the rules, but she is also a popular girl. She was friends with Asher Sigo until Nick Pieterse managed to get his grasp on him.

Tyler Solomon: Blonde hair, green eyes. He's around six foot, one of the shorter boys in his class, and is dating Mary Ellen. Tyler's a risk taker and fell off a cliff doing something risky. He is thought to have committed suicide, but he had taken a step too many backwards and fell. He is in a coma and has to wake up or he will die because of the Change.

Asher Sigo: Dark hair, brown eyes. He's around six two and used to be friends with Mary Ellen until the Change caused him to be unable to. He is the newest member of the pack.

Matt Black: Dark hair, brown eyes. He is around six two or six three. He has a younger sister Jessyca and is one of Asher's best friends. He was the third member of the pack, following Jareth and Nick.

Jessyca Black: Dark, curly hair, brown eyes. She is around five three. She is a year younger than Matt and is closest to Asher in the pack. She is soft natured and gets her way by being soft. Jessyca was the first girl in the pack.

Lexi Prokop: Blonde hair, blue eyes. Lexi didn't want to be in the pack and tries to make their lives miserable because of it. She often doesn't stick around with the pack and goes off by herself. She doesn't socialize with people, which is why Nick allows her to go off by herself.

Sawyer Young: Dark hair, green eyes. He is around six four. Sawyer is the second newest member to the pack. He was best friends with Tyler until the Change. He then became Nick's friend by force, causing Tyler to hate him.

Nick Pieterse: Blonde hair, blue eyes. He is the tallest of the group at six, six. Nick had to go through the Change by himself with the little help that the Elder's could give him. He figured things out on his own and then passed them on to Jareth, the second member of the pack and also Nick's best friend.

Jareth Snow: Dark hair, green eyes. He is around six five and was Nick's friend throughout school until Nick suddenly disappeared for a month. Jareth began the Change two weeks after Nick returned and Nick figured out that he was going through it and helped him out. Together, the two began the pack with Nick as the Alpha and Jareth as the Beta.

Grayson Grant: Dark hair, blue eyes. He is about six foot two. Grayson is the younger cousin of Asher. He began hanging out with Asher, Tyler, Sawyer, and Mary when he moved to Brooke, West Virginia. He stuck with them and now remains the only person who still talks to Mary other than her best friend Alyssa Stewart.

Alyssa Stewart: Red hair, green eyes. She is about five four. Alyssa was Mary's next door neighbor until they bought a larger home across town. They grew up like sisters and is the only person who knows Mary's secrets and fears.

Grayson Wolfter: Blonde hair, brown eyes. He is about six foot. He has been Mary's friend forever and they are more like siblings. People often think that he likes guys, but he doesn't. He often calls people hon and darling is why.

Evan Westholder: Blonde hair, puppy dog brown eyes. He is about six five. He is the eldest of the Black Ones and is also the leader. Unlike the others, however, he isn't cold. The pack believes him to be their enemy and shy him away. He is one of the few, however, who actually gets along with other werewolves. His siblings do not.

The Solomon Brothers: Heath, Chris, Brett, Aaron. All look like Evan. Brett's more caring. Heath created the girl Jocelyn into a werewolf, thinking there needed to be a girl. Aaron and Chris keep to themselves.

Rick and Isabel Solomon: They are the Solomon brother's adoptive parents and the Elders of their pack. Isabel is kind and caring. Rick is too, but knows when there needs to be discipline. Isabel has dark hair, Rick is blonde.

Rankings of the Lake People Pack

Alpha: The Alpha is the leader of the pack, the first to change. He is flanked by Beta One and Beta Two. They are his most trusted members of the pack. The Alpha is: Nick Pieterse.

Beta One: The Beta One is the second member of the pack. He often flanks the Alpha's right side when running in formation. The Beta One is: Jareth Snow.

Beta Two: The Beta Two is the third member of the pack. They are the last person allowed to flank the Alpha and has to be loyal to the Alpha. The Beta Two runs on the opposite side of the Beta One. The Beta Two is: Matt Black.

Ranking One: Ranking One is the fourth member of the pack. They have two wolves flanking them, like an Alpha does. The Ranking One is: Jessyca Black.

Left Flank of Ranking One: The Left Flank of Ranking One is the wolf who runs on the Ranking One's left side when in formation. The Left Flank of Ranking One is the fifth member of the pack. The Left Flanking of Ranking One is: Oliver Hopkins.

Right Flank of Ranking Two: The Right Flank of Ranking Two is the wolf that runs on the right side of the Ranking One when in formation. The Right Flank of Ranking One is the sixth member of the pack. The Right Flank of Ranking One is: Lexi Prokop.

Ranking Two: Ranking Two is the seventh member of the pack. This ranking is not completely full until Tyler joins. Ranking Two runs behind Ranking One. Ranking Two is: Sawyer Young.

Ranking Two Right Flank: Ranking Two's Right Flank runs on the right side of Ranking Two. Ranking Two Right Flank is the eighth member of the pack. Ranking Two Right Flank is: Asher Sigo.

Ranking Two Left Flank: Ranking Two Left Flank runs on the left side of Ranking Two. Ranking Two Left Flank is the ninth member of the pack. Ranking Two Right Flank will be filled by: Tyler Solomon.