A man once wrote, "When the character of a man is not clear, look at his friends". What it means to me is that in order to see how the man acts, you must look at his friends. They way his friend's acts are how he will act, more than likely. It is the way that he has grown up. He has been around these people nearly all his life, most of his behaviors comes from them.

A man is not the way he acts when he is with one person. The real man is who he is around when he is with his friends. If he is a jerk around his friends, you don't need him. You're better off without him. But, if he is kind and gentle around his friends, you'd better get that man fast because if you don't, then he's not going to be free for very long.

A man is not himself if he does not have his friends. Look to his friends to see if he is a true, honest person. Look to his friends to see if he is a liar or a jerk. Look to his friends to see who he hangs out with. Look to his friends to see what he does. Look to his friends to see his actions. Look to his friends to see his dreams. Look to his friends for anything that you want to know. He may be different and it's just an act around his friends, but who he is around his friends, and if he is totally different alone, then he is not showing his true self to everyone, and is putting on a fa├žade.

The End