Title: Pink-Haired Fairies and Blue-Eyed Stars

Authoresses: VoodooPanda and ANT-chan

Rating/Genre: SMUT/NC-17 (for SLASH, SEX, and GENERAL DEPRAVITY)

Summary: He had finally listened to his fiancé. He'd have to get used to Aiden somehow. This… wasn't how he expected to do it, though. A smutty One Moment AU. M/M/M/M

WARNING! This oneshot includes very graphic SLASH. GAY LOVE, PEOPLE. More specifically, nudity, bondage, anal, oral, HJ, rim, crossdressing, moresome, and incest. That's right. You read that right. This is what happens when Panda and ANT-chan decide to write a "typical" yaoi porno. XD We understand that a lot of people won't enjoy one, if not a few of those warnings. It's okay. We would like for you to read, but if it turns out this oneshot is too depraved for you, please don't flame. We warned you. We will not pity you.

Pink-Haired Fairies and Blue-Eyed Stars

When you said "get used to him," this is not what I pictured.

'Oh god. Oh god. This is so wrong. So-' Kendall's thoughts trailed away, too busy staring down at the bobbing head between his legs. The little angel kneeling on the floor in front of him was so innocent and beautiful that it should be sinful. Kendall was panting harshly, gray-green eyes watching in fascination as his cock slid wetly between those reddened, full lips.

But then half-lidded blue eyes glanced up at him from under heavy cocoa bangs, and the thoughts returned. 'No! T-This is SASHA. God, this is so wrong!'

"Pull his hair." The older brother glanced up at the deep husky voice that came from across the room. His eyes drifted over to the desk, where the bastard that was his little brother's boyfriend sat. (The same little brother that was happily sucking him off. 'FUCK! Don't think about that!') Sam was in the man's lap, back to his chest and rocking his ass against Aiden's groin. Aiden was staring at him with honey-colored eyes. One hand was cupping between the blond's legs, fondling him as he moved, while the other was sneaking up his shirt to tweak a nipple. His lips buried in the crook of Sam's shoulder, where he was delightfully creating hickeys on Kendall's boyfriend. It if wasn't so hot to watch Sam writhe under the bigger man's ministrations, he'd be pissed.

Oh, wait. The bastard had been saying something. "What?" he growled. Or tried to. It came out breathy and lusty.

Aiden smirked. "Pull his hair. He likes it. Just give 'im a little tug, Kendall."

That brought the pink-haired man's attention back to the sucking, bobbing head in his lap. For the first time since this started, Kendall raised his trembling hands from the bed he was sitting on, stroking them through Sasha's soft hair. He took a deep breath, and tightened his grip to the point of pulling. The little angel in heat that was his brother moaned around his cock.

Kendall's back arched. "Fuck, Birdie..."

Sasha's hands drifted up to wrap loosely around his brother's cock, and he pulled back to lave the head with his tongue. His eyes rose to meet Kendall's, and his lips pulled into a small smile. His blue gaze was expectant, as if he were waiting for something. It took Kendall a while to realize what it was. He pulled again, and another moan vibrated down his length.

"Asteri," Aiden rumbled.

Sasha released his brother with an obscene slurp and glanced back over his shoulder, taking in the image of Sam in Aiden's lap, bucking into his hand, which had slipped into jeans and was working busily.

"Take him into your throat Asteri," the dark-haired man ordered. He directed the next comment at the pink-haired man. "He's really good at it." He smirked wickedly. "But they do say that practice makes perfect."

Fury boiled in Kendall's stomach at the implications of that statement, and he almost leapt off the bed to strangle the smug bastard, but Sasha's mouth had closed around him again.

His anger abruptly left him, and he stared down with wide eyes as Sasha - sweet, innocent Sasha - took his length steadily deeper. His first instinct was to draw back as he felt his tip brush the back of his throat, but a moan was ripped from him as the petite brunet relaxed his throat. Oh gods, even if he was a bastard, Aiden hadn't been kidding. Kendall almost couldn't breathe as Sasha's mouth went lower and lower and lower until his nose touched the dark hair at his base. And then he swallowed gently. "Oh fuck!" It took all his willpower not to pull his little brother's hair again. Sasha moaning right now would be the death of him and his decency.

"He'll let you fuck his mouth, you know." Again, Aiden Patroclos' voice broke through his (oh so wrong) pleasure. But this time he raised his gaze without anger. "As long as you're careful. That okay, Asteri?"

"Mm-hmm..." Kendall felt the small sound of agreement rather than heard it.

"Do it, baby," Sam urged him breathily, hips bucking hard into Aiden's hand. "Do it." He couldn't deny Sam anything. His hips scooted forward on the edge of the bed, giving him enough room and leverage. He watched, groaning softly, as he started to thrust, slowly moving his arousal in and out of Sasha's throat.

So wrong. But so... so good.

If you had told Kendall this morning that he'd end up sitting on a bed in his enemy's room and shoving his cock down his little brother's throat, he would have dismembered you. While you were still alive. And then thrown you into the sea for the fish to nibble on.

That morning all Kendall knew was that Sam had been spouting off about him being civil with Aiden, if only for Sasha's sake, for the past week and had called to tell him they were going to Aiden's apartment. For what, he didn't say, but the pink-haired man was sure it was something he wouldn't enjoy it. That afternoon found him standing in front of apartment 211, grumbling softly and torn between kicking the door down and just saying fuck it. But he knocked anyway.

He blinked when Sam answered the door, wearing a coy little smile that Kendall knew meant trouble. "Finally!" the blond said, dragging him inside. "We've been waiting for you! Come on, this way!" Kendall couldn't speak as his fiancé took him by the hand and pulled him down the hall.

"Sammy, what the hell's going on?"

"You'll see!" the blond sang, bumping open a door with his backside. Kenny stepped in after him, and his heart suddenly stopped. Rage blinded him.

Sasha was wearing his Halloween costume. That sinfully short white dress with its fishnet stockings and white choker. That dress was currently shoved up over his hips, the stockings bunched around his knees. He was on his back on the bed, gasping and moaning, one hand grasping Aiden's dark hair.

The bastard in question was nipping at Sasha's thighs, leaving little red love bites all along the pale flesh.

"YOU FUCKIN' BASTARD!" Kendall roared, stomping towards the bed. Sam caught his arm, glaring at the pair on the bed.

"Sasha! Aiden! I told you two not to start yet!"

Kenny whirled on his fiancé, his eyes wide and confused. "What?"

His question went ignored for a moment as Aiden glanced up at the blond. "Sorry, Sam," he chuckled. "He's just looks so fuckin' cute. I couldn't help myself." His eyes drifted to Kendall's enraged face, smiling impishly. Sasha was pointedly not looking at his brother, face an embarrassed crimson.

Sam huffed. "Alright, up! Both of you!" The pair obeyed, Aiden helping his boyfriend up and letting the boy compose himself. "You!" the med student continued, pointing at Aiden. "Chair!" The dark-haired man grinned, raising his hands in a show of peace as he resigned himself to the computer chair. "Kenny, you sit on the bed here." Hands at his shoulders gently guided him down to sit on the edge of the bed. Kendall wanted to protest, because he had a very good idea of what exactly went on in that bed.

He instead settled for repeating himself. "What the fuck is going on?"

Sam smiled bewitchingly at him, not at all affected by the man's furious tone. "Sasha here," he wrapped an arm around his little brother's shoulders. "wanted to 'play doctor' with Aiden. But he doesn't know how. So I am going to teach him."

"Wha-WHAT?" Kendall demanded his face flushing crimson. "What the hell we need to be here for?"

"Kenny, I just told you!" Sam rolled his eyes, clearly exasperated. "We're teaching Sasha to play doctor! Don't you listen?"

Kendall's jaw dropped. "Sam, what the hel-" A hand slapped over his mouth, replaced by Sam's firm kiss.

"No more talking, love..." he purred. Kendall looked dazed, and still a little perplexed. "Sasha, sweetie. Come here..."

Sasha obediently scooted closer to Kendall, blushing brighter than his brother's hair. Sam frowned and shook his head, gesturing impatiently. The boy bit his lip shyly, but crawled closer and settled himself in Kendall's lap.

Kendall blanched, fingers gripping the sheets. His mind was going through so many scenarios, and each one made him equal parts sick with himself and grudgingly turned-on.

Sam chuckled, covering his mouth with his hand as he watched the little brunet sit on Kendall's lap like a child on his father's knee. "No, no, Sasha. Rule number one: everything you do needs to be sexy. That's the whole idea of roleplaying. You've got that innocently sexy thing going for you, but now you need to learn to act sensual. Here, watch me, okay?"

The blond turned to Aiden, who wordlessly turned the chair to the side, so that way Sasha could see Sam's demonstration properly. The man walked up to him, hips swaying seductively. "Hello, Mister Patroclos," he purred.

A black brow rose, and Aiden grinned. "Doctor," he greeted with a nod.

"How are we feeling today?"

Aiden's grin was starting to turn wicked again, but he wiped the expression from his face and replaced it with a slightly troubled one. "Well, doctor, I have been feeling under the weather lately. I keep getting hot recently..."

"Ohh..." Sam drawled, looking understanding. "That is bad. Have you been aching at all?" He took the last few steps, walking between Aiden's comfortably parted legs. Kendall's lips twitched into a snarl as he leaned down and placed his hand over the other man's groin. "Maybe... here?"

The dark-haired man's breath hitched. "Now that you mention it..."

Kendall's fiancé twittered sensually, and slid onto Aiden's lap, straddling him. His arms went comfortably around Aiden's shoulders, noses almost touching. "I may have a few... remedies for that..." He drew closer, slowly closing the gap between them. And withdrew at the last second. He looked at Sasha again. "Like that, sweetie. It may seem over the top, but it works." He giggled, casting a sly glance at Aiden and rocking his hips into the man's forming hardness. "It really works. Go ahead! You try!"

Sasha bit his full lower lip, changing his position so that he was straddling his brother's lap. "M-Mister Adelais..." he stammered shyly. He stopped suddenly and looked back. "I can't do it, Sammy! It's too embarrassing!"

"C'mon, Sasha," the blond said encouragingly. "You can do it. Just say what I told you!"

Sasha returned his attention to Kendall. "Mister Adelais," he murmured again, his voice soft and husky, "I'll... I'll need to examine you properly, s-so..." He swallowed, shifting back so that he could finger Kendall's zipper. "These will have to come off..." He pulled his brother's jeans open and dove his hand inside before he could protest, his fingers curling around his hardening length. He leaned forward, his breath hot on Kenny's ear. "T-turn your head and cough," he whispered.

Both Sam and Aiden snorted with laughter, clearly hearing the boy. Sasha went red, dropping his face onto Kendall's shoulder and slumping with defeat. Kendall didn't move, too baffled to even be amused. The boy started to withdraw his hand, but Sam's voice stopped him. "Oh no, honey, don't give up now!" he said soothingly. "It's okay. You were doing fine up until that last part. That was just a little too clinical and, well, humorous for this, all right?"

The brunet glanced miserably over his shoulder, and the blond continued. "Rule number two: adapt. Sometimes things don't go as planned. So you have to think on your feet a bit."

"Asteri," Aiden spoke up, "he was getting hard, wasn't he?"

Sasha blushed. "Y-Yeah..."

"Then you're doing fine. Try again. You can do it."

"Yeah!" Sam agreed, turning in the man's lap so that his back was pressed to Aiden's chest. "You're doing great for your first time, sweetie."

"It was easier being the schoolgirl," Sasha muttered petulantly. Kendall felt his ire rise again, and his eyes flashed to Aiden, who was now kissing Sam's neck and stroking between his legs. Kendall's mouth went dry.

His attention returned to sweet little Sasha, who was closing his eyes as if trying to remember something. They opened again, sharp and clear blue, and he sounded rather professional. "How does it feel when I do, this, Mister Adelais?" His slender fingers squeezed Kendall's shaft, and the pink-haired man arched and gasped.

"Fuck!" he swore loudly, fingers tightening on the sheets so that he wouldn't grab his little brother's pert little ass and just grind into him.

"Hm. That is odd," Sasha murmured. He stood up and shifted down his brother's jeans, gazing with barely disguised want at his brother's hardness. "I'll have to examine you more thoroughly, won't I?"

Kendall wasn't quite sure what that meant, but he nodded anyway. Sasha then fell dutifully to his knees.

He forgot to breathe. Sasha was running his fingers over his length, studying it with a sharp gaze that barely hid the sensual intent in them. His pouty lips were drawn into a frown of concentration that had no right to be so cute and so sexy at the same time - and coming from his brother no less. "This doesn't look good, Mister Adelais," he murmured grimly. "We'll have to deal with this right away..."

The young man leaned close, his lips very slowly inching towards Kendall's hardened flesh. The older man inwardly panicked. This wasn't going to happen was it? It... it was so wrong!

The tense atmosphere was broken as Sam clapped his hands together, his face delighted. "Good job, Sasha! That was fantastic!" Aiden had stopped his assault on Kendall's fiancé, merely resting his chin on the blond's shoulder and smiling proudly at the boy kneeling between Kendall's legs.

"Really?" Sasha asked, his voice hopeful.

"Yup! It was very sexy, hun!" Sam replied brightly. "You've got the seduction act down. Now..." he trailed off meaningfully.

His little brother's eyes returned to his, staring up at him searchingly. And then those big baby blues fell to his crotch, where his flushed erection was throbbing at the silent attention.

"Go ahead," Sam urged quietly, leaning back into Aiden's chest and starting to grind his hips. The other man growled huskily returning to what he'd been doing. This was really going to happen, wasn't it? And then Sasha's lips had wrapped around his cock, and all thoughts left.

And that brought him to where he was now, holding his brother's head still as he moved his aching arousal in and out of that wet, hot mouth. Sasha was whimpering quietly around him, suckling him and enjoying every second of it. His eyes rose to catch Sam's, unnerved by the lusty gaze. His lover had his hand tangled in Aiden's dark hair, holding his mouth to his neck. He was panting softly, bucking into the busy motions of the man's hand.

Gods, it was almost too much. Kendall gently pushed Sasha off him. He stared down at the boy, whose parted lips were red and glistening with saliva and Kendall's precum.

"You wanna fuck him for a little while, baby?" Sam asked him.

"Yes." At first, Kendall wasn't sure who the husky, desperate word had come from. He didn't realize it had been him until Sasha stood and kissed him deeply, tasting so sinfully delicious that it brought him crashing back to earth. "Oh, god, yes..." he breathed, drawing the boy's tongue into his mouth and suckling on the slick muscle. Sasha whimpered and reluctantly pulled back, his eyes glistening with lust.

The petite brunet's hands went to the edge of his little nurse's dress, lifting the hem up over his waist. His erection was straining against his pretty, lacy red underwear, and he pushed them and his stockings down to free himself. He moaned, surprised, when Kendall boldly reached out to touch him.

His brother's hands slipped around his waist, pulling him close, fingers slipping down to his ass and between pert cheeks. Kendall was surprised to find him slick and pleasantly loose when a finger ran over his entrance.

"Sammy prepared me while Aiden watched..." the boy murmured. That thought had a moan clawing up Kendall's throat, and he glanced over Sasha's shoulder to the two men in the chair. They were both grinning at him, little devious smiles that sent a jolt directly south. He even forgot to be angry at Aiden.

Kendall drew his attention back to Sasha, whose hands were on his shoulders and was pressing his slender body against him imploringly. The pink-haired man licked his lips, trying to decide. How would he take the delectable little brunet? On his back? On all fours? Pull him into his lap right there and slip inside him?

No, no... he wanted to give Sammy a good show too...

Finally inspiration struck, and Kendall scooted back onto the bed. He beckoned Sasha to follow him with a crooked finger. The boy crawled after him, and a chorus of low moans from across the room told him that the sight of Sasha bare rump swaying as he crawled over the sheets was just as arousing as he thought it was. The older brother laid down, pushing his jeans farther down his legs. "C'mere, Birdie," he whispered lustily. Blue eyes widened, sparkling with eager need. He straddled his brother, taking a moment to simply look at him. Kendall rested his hands on Sasha's hips, thumbs tracing circles on the sharp hipbones.

"Oh!" Gray-green eyes darted over, and widened. Aiden had slid Sam's jeans farther down, and had hiked up one leg, exposing his fiancé to the fullest. One slick finger was circling around that pink pucker, not heeding the needy bucks of Sam's hips. Aiden was looking at him, silently urging him to continue. Waiting for him.

Sasha whimpered, and Kendall's attention was brought back where it needed to be - on the lusty little angel straddling him. He placed a hand at the small of Sasha's back and carefully guided the boy over his aching length. Sasha sat back on him suddenly, hard. He groaned, almost drowning out Sam's very happy whimper. Kenny glanced over again.

Aiden was watching them with hungry eyes, and his fingers were pushing in and out of Sam's opening, stretching him. "Meet him halfway, Kendall." The younger man was watching the two siblings on the bed with a predatory glint in his eyes.

Kendall obeyed and thrust his hips upwards. At the same time Sasha pressed down. He let out a high, keening, breathy moan, which was echoed by Sam.

"T-tell me..." the blond panted, turning his head to bite Aiden's earlobe. "Tell me how he feels, Kenny... Is he tight?"

"Y-Yeah..." Kendall choked. "So... so tight. Gods...! Fuck, I'm dying here..." His last remark came out with a breathy chuckle. His hands went to Sasha's white-clad hips, gripping firmly and slamming the boy down on him. Sasha arched too beautifully for words, a loud cry leaving his lips.

"K-Kenny...! Oh god!" The little brunet started to move faster, all but bouncing on his cock. His brother moved with him making him moan and mewl loudly with every thrust.

"Birdie..." Gods, no wonder Aiden loved fucking him. The boy was angelic and sin all wrapped into one little package.

Sam was whimpering and gasping heatedly as he watched his fiancé really let go and enjoy himself. He'd been worried about that. But now Kendall was swept away by pleasure, and looked like he wanted to flip his little brother over and fuck him into the mattress. The blond was jolted from his thoughts as Aiden abruptly added a third finger, plunging deep inside him and making him squirm on the man's lap.

"Dirty little slut," he chuckled into Sam's ear. "Sneaky too. Getting them to fuck like that."

Sam's brow twitched at the remark, but he grinned anyway, rocking down onto the intruding digits. "Does it bother you...?"

"No." Those fingers crooked, searching out his prostate and just barely brushing over it. Sam whined, the teasing touch not giving him the full amount of pleasure he wanted. "I might have to return the favor though."

"F-ah!- Favor?"

"Yeah... the one where I let Kendall take my boyfriend." The man's other hand pressed Sam's hips back, so that the ridge of his arousal was pressing intently into the curve of his backside.

"Ohhh... Oh, god, yes... Fuck me..." Sam moaned, rocking back hard onto Aiden's fingers. His moan drew Kendall's attention again, and Aiden smirked, pulling down his own zipper and pulling his cock from the confines of his jeans. He stroked himself, spreading his precum around and groaning at the feeling. He let his fingers slide from Sam's body, but quickly replaced them with the tip of his erection, nudging his well-stretched hole. He ran his tongue along the shell of the older man's ear, nipping gently.

"Want me to fuck 'im, Kendall?" Aiden growled huskily. "Wanna watch me fuck your lover while you fuck mine?"

If this had been an hour ago, hell, even ten minutes ago, Kendall would have killed the man. But now the thought of watching Sam moan and scream while Aiden fucked him sent heat shooting through every nerve. "Make him scream," he rasped.

Hazel eyes flashed with lust. "Same to you." Aiden hastily removed Sam's jeans the rest of the way, dropping them carelessly to the floor. He took the blond's thighs in his hands, spreading them wide and pushing his knees toward his chest to give Kendall the best view. And then he dropped Sam onto his erection, thrusting up and forcing himself inside with one fluid stroke.

"A-Aahh!" Kendall's lover threw his head back, legs straining against Aiden's hold and hands clenching in the arms of the chair. "Oh god... oohh!" Kendall's eyes darted down, moaning low at the sight of Sam's entrance stretched around the other man's shaft. He had to stop Sasha from moving, forcing him down so that he was sitting fully on his brother's length.

Sasha squirmed restlessly and shifted his hips, moaning heatedly. "K-kenny.. don't stop... I want... Nnnn!" He felt Kendall's hips twitch minutely, and a shiver raced through him, but it wasn't nearly enough to satisfy him. He tried to resume his earlier rhythm, but his brother's hands held his hips in a firm grasp. "Kennnnyyy..." he whined needily.

"Hush, Asteri..." Aiden soothed him, taking great pleasure in watching his lover trying to fuck himself on his brother's length. "He'll fuck you..." He took Sam by the hips and lifted him slowly, listening to his small moans, then simply released him. The blond dropped with a sharp cry. Kendall mirrored the movement with Sasha, and received much the same noise. He shot a smirk at Aiden, before he began to buck his hips upwards into Sasha's. The delicious little brunet began to cry out in earnest, almost sobbing with pleasure. He assisted in his brother's relentless pace, angling his hips slightly. He cried out harshly. "Keeennnnnyyy!"

Kendall's back arched as Sasha tightened around him, a ragged groan leaving his lips. And then he started to thrust harder, aiming for that spot again, wanting to feel is sweet little brother clench around him in ecstasy.

Aiden grinned as he watched them, listening to Sasha's cries that were rapidly growing louder. His hands were on Sam's delectable ass, lifting him off his cock and letting Sam drive himself back down onto it. With every hard drop, the blond arched and squirmed, breathy moans slipping out of him. Sam's trembling hand tangled in his hair, tugging him down and taking his lips. Aiden hummed softly, tongue forcing Sam's lips apart so he could taste him. "H-He's getting... hah... close," the older man half-whimpered when they parted, referring to Kendall.


Sam drew close and whispered in his ear - halting little murmurs as Aiden continued to fuck him. When he was done, he drew back, taking in the man's shocked face. "Will you?" he asked. Aiden looked thoughtful, and then nodded, gently lifting Sam off him. He set the man in the chair, and moved towards the bed.

Sasha yelped as he was suddenly pulled from his perch, drawn back against a familiar hard body. "A-Aiden... no... I-!" He squirmed trying to return to his brother, but his lover held him fast. When that failed, he at least tried to impale himself on his boyfriend's arousal - to find some satisfaction for the burning ache between his legs. But Aiden merely lifted him higher, murmuring incoherently into his ear, trying to soothe him. Sasha didn't want to be soothed! He wanted to come!

Aiden held him until the ecstatic tremors calmed. "There," he whispered. "Why don't you go sit with Sam, okay Asteri?" Sasha looked over at the blond, naked from the waist down, hard, and arms held out for him in silent invitation. The brunet obeyed, walking shakily across the room. He gasped when Sam yanked him onto his lap, kissing him deeply.

While the two were occupied, the dark-haired man cast a glance at his... enemy? Annoyance? Whatever. The man was gazing at the pair across the room with lusty eyes. Slowly, gray-green eyes met hazel. Aiden smirked roguishly. "Your turn, Kendall."

Kendall sat up shakily, not quite understanding. "Wh-hat?" he asked, still a bit muddled from the intense pleasure of Sasha's heat gripping and squeezing him without mercy. Just the thought sent his hand to his length, stroking. Aiden's tongue ran over his lips as he watched.

One of Aiden's hands reached out to stroke Kendall's cock, and he was pleased to see that the pink-haired man didn't stop him. His thumb slid over the slick liquid coating the head, and he rubbed it between his fingers, before trailing them down Kendall's shaft, over his sac, and lower to press against his entrance. Kendall's body went rigid with shock.

"I'm gonna fuck you, Kendall..." Aiden breathed, pinning the older man to the bed. He fingers pushed past the first tight ring of muscle, and Kendall's struggles began.

"Like hell you are, you horny fuck!" he roared. He twisted and writhed against the sheets, but Aiden held firm, grabbing both thin wrists in one hand and pinning them above his head.

The man beneath him snarled and kicked, but Aiden was sitting safely between his legs. He held Kendall as still has possible while he shoved two slick fingers deep inside him. The older man tensed and arched his back, his expression tight. And then his struggles began anew, worse than before. "Take them out, you bastard! I'll kill you, I swear!"

"Aiden." The dark-haired man looked up at Sam's voice. The blond had situated Sasha in his lap so he could watch them, idly stroking the boy's inner thighs. "Kenny hasn't bottomed in a while. Be a bit more gentle with him, please."

"Please don't hurt him, Aiden," Sasha murmured. It was then that Aiden recognized the tightness of Kendall's body for what it was. His passage was clenching and convulsing around his fingers, his thighs vaguely shaking in what he now recognized as mild pain. With a sigh Aiden withdrew, turning his gaze to Kendall's enraged face. The pink-haired man was silent, his expression guarded. If it had been anyone else, Aiden would've been kissing them in apology by now, whispering soothingly to them. But if he tried that with Kendall, all he'd get was a bloody lip.

Well... there was another kind of apology he could give...

Kendall yelped as he was flipped over onto his stomach without warning. The bastard took advantage of his shock, bringing his arms behind his back. His shirt was roughly pulled over his head, tangling on his captured arms and entrapping them more. A jingling of a belt was the only warning he had before Aiden tied it around his forearms. "Damn it!" Kendall shouted. "Let me go! You're not sticking that fucking thing in me!"

"Shut up, Kendall, and stop being difficult." One hand stayed at his back, keeping him pinned against the sheets, while the other raised his hips so he was balanced on his knees with his ass in the air. Humiliated, Kendall hid his face in the pillows. He couldn't kick, couldn't fight back. He was going to be utterly dominated. And he hated the fact that that thought actually turned him on.

He gasped as breath fanned against his lower back, devious lips marking a burning path downwards. "You'll enjoy this," Aiden's husky voice reached his ears, hot breath fanning down his backside. "I swear."

Kendall struggled feebly as Aiden's hands spread him open, leaving him so exposed. He felt himself flushing with shame and embarrassment, and he buried his face into the pillows, groaning. Aiden's fingers prodded his entrance again, much more gently than before. A shudder rippled through his bound, helpless body.

"Stop..." he growled. He would've sounded more convincing if his voice wasn't so damn breathless. "Don't you fucking dare- Ah!" His back arched suddenly as something hot and slick ran down his crease, sliding over his entrance. He began to shiver violently, hips twitching and bucking as the sensation continued relentlessly. "Ooooh, f-fuck... Wh-what are you... what th' hell... Ah! Hah... B-bastard..." His hips pushed backwards of their own accord.

Aiden smirked a little, his tongue flickering hotly over Kendall's tight pucker. Sam and Sasha watched, enraptured, Sam's fingers stroking the brunet's erection.

"Aiden," Sasha panted suddenly, "Do it harder... T-tongue fuck 'im!"

Kendall sucked in a hot breath, both shocked at the words coming from his little brother's mouth and alarmed that he actually wanted Aiden to obey. Aiden drew back so he could look at his lover, whose half lidded blue eyes were shining with lust, and licked his lips. "If that's what my Asteri wants," he purred. The man returned to Kendall, circling his tongue around that twitching pucker. He grinned at the full-body shiver and little whimper he received. Then he pressed gently against the other man's opening, just barely pushing inside him.

When Kendall moaned softly in the back of this throat, he decided it was enough teasing. "F-Fuck!" the pink-haired man cried as the slick muscle abruptly slipped into him. It writhed against his convulsing passage, curling deliciously against the smooth walls. And then it started to move, spearing into him relentlessly. "A-ahh... nnn!" His hips started to rock back. "N-No... mmmn! D-Damn it... stop!"

Aiden drew back with a dark chuckle, licking his lips and smirking. "I might actually listen if you weren't fucking yourself on my tongue, Kendall." The younger man slid his index finger inside him, proving his point when Kendall thrust back onto it. He returned to his task, keeping his finger inside that hot, tight passage, using both it and his tongue in unison.

Kendall rocked his hips urgently, moaning heatedly. Occasionally, he'd cry out for Aiden to stop, but it was so needy and lustful that it was more of a plea. Another finger joined the first, and Aiden thrust them in harder, crooking them slightly and searching out Kendall's sweet spot.

"Mmmnnn! Ah... Fuck!" Kendall's heavy, embarrassingly high-pitched moan was muffled into the pillow. Aiden smirked and crooked his fingers again, dragging another muffled cry from the pink-haired man.

A sudden sharp keen from across the room got the attention of the two men on the bed. Sam had abandoned the chair, and Sasha was now seated on the desk, his legs wrapped around his brother's fiancé's waist. His eyes were hazy with lust, locked on his lover and brother. It wasn't hard to tell, even with Sam's body in the way, that the blond was already buried inside of the petite teen.

He parted his lips slightly, moaning again, and smoothed his hands up Sam's back. "Don't stop..." he panted, trembling.

Sam laughed weakly, hands gripping Sasha's waist as he started to move. Kendall hadn't been joking. The boy was so very tight - gripping and squeezing him like a hot vise. He buried his face in the brunet's neck, raining open-mouthed kisses on his heated skin and whispering dirty little nothings in his ear. "Watch them, Sasha," he breathed. "You wanna see Kenny scream while Aiden takes him, right?"

"Y-Yes!" the little angel whimpered. "O-Oh... Sammyyy...!"

The display was thoroughly distracting Kendall, and Aiden took advantage. He drew back and nipped just below the curve of the man's rear, pushing a third finger into him without slowing his pace. "A-Ahn... th'f-fuck you think you're... god... doin'?" Aiden was sucking and biting at him, working the flesh until a red mark bloomed under his lips.

"This is the only time I'm gonna get the chance. Might as well enjoy it, right?" He crooked his fingers hard, jabbing that little bundle of nerves and holding his fingers there.

Kendall arched, legs sliding helplessly against the sheets. "Ohhhhnn—Aid-nngh!" The pink-haired man bit into the pillow to choke off his moan, cursing himself. Gods, he'd almost moaned the bastard's name! Aiden quirked a brow, and grinned. He wanted to hear that again - to the full effect this time.

He jabbed his fingers harder against Kendall's prostate, and a strangled moan worked up his throat. He bit down on the pillow to stifle the sound. Aiden nipped at the mark he'd made and withdrew his fingers almost completely. He waited for Kendall's soft moan of displeasure, before slamming all three digits almost savagely back inside.

Kendall arched and cried out in intense pleasure. "Fuck! Aiden!" He heard the younger man chuckle, and he looked back over his shoulder, glowering. "Th... that what you wanted, ya sadistic fuck?" he panted.

Aiden grinned. "Exactly what I wanted," he purred. He draped himself across the pink-haired man's back and nipped his chin. He was shocked when Kendall caught his lips in a fierce, open-mouthed kiss. He pulled back and shifted his weight. "Fuck me, you bastard," he growled. "And make it good. Don't disappoint me."

"Make it good?" Aiden repeated incredulously. "You really don't think much of me do you?" Kendall looked like he was about to retort, so Aiden slithered an arm under him, leaning over his back and nipping harshly at his ear. "I'm gonna to make you scream, Kendall," he growled.

"Like I'd scream for you," the older man hissed back.

"We'll see..." Aiden sat back, withdrawing his fingers from the man's tight body. Kendall groaned at the loss and pressed his face into the pillow once more, knowing exactly what was coming. The kendouka studied Kendall's bowed form, from the back of his pink-haired head, down the elegant curve of his back, and finally to his firm backside. He licked his lips, his arousal throbbing in need. "Sam," he rasped, spreading his precum over his hardness. He glanced over at his Asteri, who was panting and whimpering as Sam slowly fucked him on the desk. He smiled at the boy, stroking himself a bit more firmly. Sasha's mouth formed a little "o" of pleasure, eyes staring intently at him.

Sam's blond head rose from Sasha's neck. "Mm?"

"You want to watch this, right?"

Sam groaned, pulling the brunet close and turning them slightly. This way he wouldn't have to crane his head while he watched his lover be taken. "Yeah... do it."

Aiden carefully positioned himself, just barely pressing himself against Kendall's entrance. He felt the muscles spasm already at the nearly forgotten sensation, and he groaned a little. He grasped the pink-haired man's hip with one hand, stroking the lightly tanned skin. Kendall trembled a little, and Aiden couldn't help his slight smirk. He leaned over the older man's back again and licked the shell of his ear, blowing cold air over the damp spot and relishing the intensified tremor. "You're gonna love this, Kendall..." he murmured. Slowly and carefully, he began to ease himself inside. At first, the inner muscles tensed unbelievably, but Kendall forced himself to relax, taking slow, deep, shuddering breaths. His fingers clenched and unclenched where they were pinned against his back, and his eyes squeezed closed. He felt his Aiden's thickness slowly push into him, far less painfully than he thought it would be. Actually, he sort of liked the slight burning pain that accompanied the delicious fullness. Of course, he would never admit this out loud.

He heard Aiden panting against his ear, and felt the younger man's throat convulse against his shoulder as he swallowed. There was a long moment of complete silence, save for the kendouka's panting, as Aiden sheathed himself completely inside his once-enemy. At last, the silence was broken, as Aiden chuckled against his ear. "Tight little bitch, aren'cha, Kendall?"

"Shut the fuck up!" Kendall growled, but his voice was far too needy to hold any real conviction. The feeling of being bound and helpless and utterly filled by the other man with him whispering that into his ear made him feel equally humiliated and terribly excited. Aiden lifted himself onto his knees, holding his classmate's hips in a firm grip. He slowly started to pull out, groaning as the older man's body gripped him, as if trying to draw him back inside. Fuck, it made him want to pound Kendall into the mattress. And he would. As soon as Kendall adjusted.

"W-Wait!" the pink-haired man choked out, "M'not-!" The feeling of Aiden's hard length moving past his entrance had him trembling. But he knew the man wouldn't show him any mercy. He wouldn't go slow with Kendall. And that had him almost afraid.

But his brother's lover surprised him. "Hush, Kendall," he murmured. "You're ready for this, at least." Aiden thrust back in, just as slowly, exerting all his self control as the tight heat clenched around him. Hazel eyes flitted to the pair across the room, smirking at the enthralled, lusty stares. "He feels good. Fuck, amazing," he said, watching as Sam's hips moved minutely. He chuckled as Sasha tried to push back into the shallow thrusts, but was stopped by Sam's hands at his hips. "You want him to fuck you harder, Asteri?"

The brunette nodded, whimpering breathlessly.

"Maybe he would if you asked him real nicely."

"P-please, Sammy," the boy moaned helplessly, his arms wrapping around the blond's shoulders. "Please..."

"Please what, Sasha?" Sam purred, sliding his hand over those milky-white thighs. "What do you want?"

"F-fuck me," the little brunet pleaded. "H-h-haaard!" He was arching and moaning, and Sam couldn't resist. He drew back, groaning at the feeling of his fiancé's brother's tightness convulsing around him, before thrusting back inside. Sasha cried out desperately and dug his nails into Sam's shoulders.

"Want me to do that to you, Kendall?" Aiden asked, his voice low and husky and so lustful that Kendall could almost feel the younger man's hunger against his skin. "D'you want me to fuck you hard?"

Kendall shoved his hips back hard, smirking as Aiden gasped. "The hell do you think, asshole?" the elder snarled.

Aiden's lip curled in a sensual smirk. "You asked for it, Kenny," he growled teasingly. Without warning he pulled out so just the tip of his arousal was in the man and slammed back inside.

"Aaahhh!" Kendall arched, hands fighting to get loose as dual sensations of pleasure and pain spiraled through him. His mouth dropped open as the dark-haired man began to thrust, his strokes bordering on rough. The sharp edge to his pleasure was overwhelming, and he didn't even have the presence of mind to stifle his cries into the pillow. "Fuck...! Nnnn!"

"S'matter, Kendall?" Aiden husked, pulling the lithe man back onto him as he fucked him hard. "Too much for you? Thought this was what you wanted...?"

"S-Shut- aaah! Shut up!"

God, it hurt, but the pleasure was so intense that it far outweighed the pain, and, in no time at all, Kendall found himself pressing back into the younger man's hard thrusts. The angle of his hips gave Aiden all the room he needed to plunge deep into his pink-haired classmate's body, but he knew he could make it better.

"Fuck, Ai-Aiden, I need... Jus... just a li'l more..." Kenny's senseless mutterings made Aiden smirk, and he stopped abruptly. His smirk widened at the near-wail of displeasure, as well as the way the other man was jerking his hips to regain the rhythm. Aiden held him still while he carefully angled his hips, one hand smoothing down his spine to calm him. Kendall could have snarled at the damn near tender gesture.

After what felt like an eternity to Kendall, Aiden found the angle he was looking for, and wasted no time in slamming back into that tight heat.

"F-fuck!" Kendall almost screamed, back arching. "There!"

His entire body felt like it was on fire. Every hard thrust was pounding against his prostate, wrenching the most embarrassingly loud cries from him. Aiden was chuckling breathlessly at every wail of pleasure, and the only sane part of Kendall's mind left cursed him for it. Aiden gripped the man's hips tightly, a sort of twisted satisfaction going through him at the thought of leaving bruises on his skin. Kendall was tightening around him every time he struck his sweet spot, arching and making the most delicious sounds.

He could hear Sasha quite clearly across the room, his whimpers and needy pleas for Sam to fuck him harder and faster were growing in volume. Aiden reached down, grasping Kendall's bound arms firmly and yanking him upright. "S-Shit! What th'hell- a-ahhn!" The older man's surprised yelp was cut off as he was brought against Aiden's hard chest, the new position causing his length to sink deeper into him. The younger man took advantage of his shock, turning them to face the pair across the room. One hand held Kendall's hip, steadying him as he picked up the rhythm once more, while the other grasped his jaw, forcing him to watch their lovers.

"Look at them, Kendall," he hissed, taking the pink-haired man's earlobe between his teeth. "You say you hate the idea of Sasha having sex, but you fuckin' love watching him be taken, don't you? You love fucking him too. You love pounding into him and making him scream, don't you Kendall?"

"S-Stop it..." Kendall's face flushed in shame, even as he trembled from pleasure.

"Maybe we should let you watch more often, hm? I bet if you asked nice, he'd let you take him again. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"

Kendall was so acutely aware of every thrust into his body as well as Sasha's, and of two pairs of eyes suddenly on him- one chocolate-y brown, nearly black with lust, and the other cloudy blue. If he said he didn't like it (and, gods, what a lie that would be), he would hurt Sasha, and he'd done enough of that in previous months to last a lifetime. If he said yes, he was an incestuous pervert.

'Ah, fuck, that ship's sailed, hasn't it?'

"God, yes!" Kendall panted at last, his head falling back against Aiden shoulder. "I love feeling that tight little ass around me, I love making him scream, I wanna watch him writhe and beg and- F-fuck!" Kendall's confession was cut short as Aiden slammed hard into him, putting a mind-numbing pressure on his sweet spot.

Sam gave a smile that was bordering on predatory, watching his lover writhed and moaned - manipulated into such a confession by his once-enemy. Aiden was smirking in triumph, nibbling at Kendall's ear as he slammed into him over and over again. He loved seeing his Kenny become so undone.

The blond chuckled softly as he kissed Sasha's racing pulse point, long, fluid thrusts making the young man cling desperately to him. "You hear that, Sasha?" he murmured deviously, "You hear how much your big brother loves you?"

The little brunet gave a mewl that sounded vaguely like an agreement, pushing back into Sam's movement.

"You loved it too, right? You loved sucking him off, you loved him fucking you?"

"Y-Yes!" Sasha keened, past the point of coherency. "Ohhhn... oh gods, yeesss-!"

Sam leaned up, and whispered so quietly that only Sasha could hear: "You wanna taste him when he comes?" The boy froze, a shudder of pleasure racing up his spine, arching against his brother's fiancé. His voice left him, but he managed to nod vigorously. "Good. He's close." Sam withdrew from him, groaning as his throbbing length slipped from that deliciously tight heat. He cut off the petite teen's whine of sheer disappointment by scooping him up in his arms. "Let's go give Kenny a little surprise then, okay?"

Kendall was gasping, moaning, nearly screaming in pleasure as his little brother's boyfriend fucked him hard and fast, without mercy. His eyes were squeezed closed, his head thrown back so the Aiden could ravage his neck with eager lips and teeth.

Aiden's eyes, however, were wide open, slanted across the room as a large, glaringly purple mark bloomed beneath his lips. He smirked against Kendall's skin as Sasha came towards the bed, his tongue running eagerly over his lips. Aiden slipped a hand between his body and Kendall's, tugging his belt from the older man's arms.

"Don't forget, he likes havin' his hair pulled," Aiden growled in the pink-haired man's ear.

Kendall felt circulation returning to his arms, and a question formed on his lips, but before he could ask, he felt the bed dip in front of him, and soft lips surrounding the head of his cock.

Gray-green eyes flew open, darting down to the supple red lips engulfing his shaft. "Oh god!" His tingling hands shot out, tangling in soft cocoa hair. Every hard thrust sent him deeper into the boy's mouth, and Kendall struggled to breathe from the delicious double assault. "Birdie!" he choked out, tugging at his little brother's hair.

Sasha moaned around him, and the older man stilled, shudders ripping through him. "Fuck-! S-Saa-nnn!" Heat was pooling south, his breath coming in fast pants and his moans pitching feverish.

The little brunet released him, throwing his head back with a keen as Sam settled behind him, grasping his hips and slamming back inside Sasha's willing body without warning. "No no, sweetie," Sam cooed, guiding the boy's head back to his brother's arousal. "Suck him." Sasha whimpered as the blond began to move, fucking him hard while he held his head at Kendall's erection. He took the head back into his mouth, moaning loudly as he suckled his brother's throbbing length.

"Aahhn! Oh fuck! Oh... h-haah..." Kendall was close. So, so, so close.

"Scream his name," Aiden's low voice husked into his ear. "Do it."

"S-Sasha...!" He keened as near-brutal thrust pounded into him.


"Sa...ahh! Ahhhnn! Sasha!" Kendall arched, screaming as his climax ripped through him, his seed spilling into his little brother's waiting mouth.

A particularly hard tug at his hair, as well as a hard thrust into him, made Sasha cry out around his brother. His fingers clenched into the sheets and his back arched. His release came blissfully soon after his brother's, which was slipping down his chin as his jaw went slack. Kendall's softened manhood slipped from between the boy's parted lips, and Sasha nuzzled his hip, jolting when Sam thrust once more into his body before hot liquid was searing his insides in the best of ways.

"Sammy..." he whimpered. "K-kenny..."

Kenny's trembling hands gently combed through Sasha's hair, and he pulled the boy up into a deep, heartfelt kiss, his tongue lapping up all traces of his come. He shuddered and cried out suddenly, however, when Aiden's hips snapped hard.

"Not done with you yet..." Aiden growled.

It was only then that Kendall realized that the man inside him was still hard. Another loud cry flew from him as Aiden continued to thrust into him, pounding his abused body. The movements sent jolts of pleasure straight to his spent length, painful in its intensity. "Fuck! Fuck, s-stop! A-Ahnn stopstopstop!" he inwardly winced as his voice came out in a near sob. "I c-can't-!"

The younger man froze, panting harshly. Whatever animosity he had towards the man, Aiden could never bring himself to ignore a partner who was sincerely begging him to stop. He propped his chin on Kendall's shoulder, hands smoothing over his trembling body. The urge to fuck him was oh-so-tempting - Aiden had been in that steady rise towards the brink when Kendall had stopped him. "Too much?" he murmured.

Sasha's hands joined Aiden's, stroking over his older sibling's chest. Sam leaned over the brunet to kiss his fiancé softly. Kendall frowned at this attention. He wasn't some weakling for them to coddle, damn it! "Take it out," he growled, his voice tight.

A dark brow quirked. "Alright, but it's your responsibility," Aiden husked.

Mind too muddled to think on the implications, Kendall merely nodded. "Fine, fuck, whatever! Just-" He hissed as Aiden pulled out of him without warning. His hips were grabbed in a firm grip, and he suddenly found himself sprawled on his forearms and knees before the man. A commanding hand buried in his hair, pulling his head up. Kendall recoiled, eyes wide as Aiden held his flushed length to his lips. When the hand in his hair didn't relent, the pink-haired man opened his mouth to shout - to bite if necessary. That was the wrong choice. His brother's lover brought his other hand to Kendall's jaw, holding it still in a strong grip.

Aiden smirked as he slid his aching cock past those plump lips. "Don't bite me," he growled. "I said it was your responsibility, didn't I?" The older man struggled, hands coming up to claw at Aiden's hips, trying to stop the thick hardness that was being forced into his mouth. His eyes watered as he fought not to gag.

Sasha was the one who came to his rescue. A small hand pushed at Aiden's hip. He pressed a small kiss to the middle of Kenny's back, his eyes on Aiden's. "Not so fast, Aiden..." he murmured gently. "You have to let him get used to it first. You're not exactly small." His tone was gentle, and Kendall wanted to kiss the boy as that thickness was slowly withdrawn. He panted, his eyes flickering up to convey to Sasha just how grateful he was. The boy smiled and stroked his cheek. "Now... Just a little at a time," Sasha carefully instructed. "Just lick the head a little bit at first. Then slowly take more and more into your mouth... It took me a little while to get used to it too."

Kendall's anger arose as his little brother instructed him on how to perform oral sex, and he shot Aiden a venomous glare that the man returned with a devilish smirk. Aiden gripped his shaft and brought it back to Kendall's lips, and he smirked when that pink tongue darted out to taste him.

Kendall licked his lips, contemplating the taste of the man. His tongue flickered out once more, boldly laving the flushed head. His face burned in shame, not believing a part of him actually was enjoying his actions. The rest of him wanted to recoil, to wrench away, but the hand tangled in his hair prevented that.

Aiden stared down at the pink-haired man, mulling over how he could get him to cooperate. Kendall was far too tense, like a skittish animal. This was real reluctance, and it made him feel more like a rapist than a demanding lover. He let out a slightly annoyed sigh, more at himself than his lover's brother. The dark-haired teen eased his grip on his vivid pink locks, instead running his fingers through the messy strands, trying to calm him.

He didn't expect Kendall to visibly shiver, a shaky sigh of pleasure slipping past his parted lips. Sam crawled over to him, smiling impishly. "Good job," he whispered into Aiden's ear, only loud enough for the kendouka to hear. "He likes having his hair played with. But don't pull. He hates that." Aiden nodded, continuing to pet and stroke the man's hair. He let out a shocked moan when the older man suddenly took the head of his arousal into his mouth, running his tongue over the smooth flesh.

"That's it," he hissed, pushing forward just a bit. Kendall tensed for a moment, fearing Aiden was going to return to shoving his length down his throat. But when the man only moved enough to cause slick friction on his cock, he relaxed again.

His tongue fluttered just under the head, and Aiden's fingers tightened in his hair. He let his teeth press down on the taut flesh as a warning, and the grip loosened once again, and the younger man resumed his gentle petting.

Sasha was watching eagerly, his hands smoothing over Kendall's back and shoulders, then sliding underneath to stroke his brother's chest and stomach.

"Good job, Kenny..." he praised, kissing the man's shoulder blade and nibbling gently. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Sam moving, sucking his fingers. The brunet acted as if nothing was happening and continued gently urging his sibling on, whispering just what his lover liked.

Kendall had just brought one hand up to curl loosely around Aiden's shaft, when a long, slender finger slipped into his abused entrance, tearing a shocked cry from his throat.

Aiden groaned as vibrations raced up and down his length, body trembling in the restraint not to thrust. Hazy honey eyes caught Sam's dark chocolate depths, and the blond grinned at him, slowly pushing his digit in and out of his lover's body. Sam leaned over Kendall's back, pressing little kisses along his spine. "Suck him, baby," he purred, "Make him come for you."

Kendall moaned softly at the words, beginning to suck the man's shaft. He was rewarded with a choked sound of pleasure. Precum was dripping liberally into his mouth as he started to bob his head. Aiden wasn't going to last much longer. Pleasure was rocketing up his spine, and the pink-haired man started to enjoy sucking Aiden off - enjoying the surge of power he got from making the man moan.

Sasha smiled as he watched them, eyeing Aiden's hands stroking gently through his brother's hair. This wasn't exactly the "getting along" he'd always pictured for them, but it made him happy nonetheless. The brunet crawled over to Sam, his smile turning eager. "Can I help?" he whispered.

The blond grinned and caught his lips in a stirring kiss, tongue wiggling into his mouth to taste the last traces of his lover's release. "Sure thing, sweet," he said, and moving over so the boy had room to join him.

Kendall jolted as a second pair of hands feathered over his ass, and another moan hummed along Aiden's length. The pink-haired man heard Sasha giggle happily, and another slender finger wiggled into his slick passage alongside the first, stroking his inner walls teasingly.

"Keep sucking, Kenny," Sasha whispered, kissing the base of his brother's spine. "He's close..." He slipped in another finger, as did Sam, curling and stretching the already well-stretched opening.

Kendall began to slowly bob his head, somewhat enjoying the feeling of his brother's lover's rigid sex sliding in and out of his mouth. His fingers feathered over the younger man's length, caressing whatever he couldn't quite fit in his mouth. He yelped suddenly and pulled back, ignoring Aiden's groan of irritation and displeasure, and craned his neck to stare wide-eyed over his shoulder when he felt a slick tongue slide down his crease.

Sparkling blue eyes stared back at him, a nearly feline smile on those adorable lips. Sasha dipped his head again, running his tongue over the stretched pucker, flicking inside to lick Sam's fingers. "F-Fuck..." Kendall groaned, body shaking under the assault. God, that was almost too much! He was going to get hard again if they kept that up for too much longer.

A firm hand took his chin in a surprisingly gentle hold, turning him away from the scene. Kendall glanced up into lusty hazel eyes, not even trying to decipher the thumb caressing his lower lip. He didn't protest as the other man guided his throbbing hardness between his slick, parted lips, too distracted to be indignant or ashamed.

He sucked firmly, pushing his mouth down until the tip brushed the back of his throat. His squeezed gently at the base as he rocked back into the teasing, insanity-inducing ministrations of his lover and brother. The rhythm had him moving between them, between being fucked by his little brother's tongue and his lover's fingers, and his mouth being fucked by Aiden's cock. Soon Kendall was moaning and whimpering at the sensation of being so thoroughly violated by them, no longer caring.

"Kendall..." Aiden's fingers tightened in his hair, trembling with the urge to pull. The younger man's minute thrusts were going erratic, thighs shaking as he neared the brink. Kendall stilled, pulling back so only the head was in his mouth, sucking harshly and hand pumping his length.

Aiden's hips twitched, and a shudder tore through his long, well-muscled body, before it tensed, then relaxed. A hot pulse of liquid filled Kendall's mouth, and he swallowed eagerly, suckling Aiden's softening flesh to milk every drop of his release from him.

Aiden's fingers were carding gently through the older man's soft, hot pink hair as small, post-orgasmic tremors rippled through his body. Kendall, at last, let Aiden's length slip from his lips, and he collapsed onto the sheets, panting raggedly.

Sasha's tongue and Sam's fingers left him, and Sasha draped himself over his brother's back, nuzzling the back of his neck. "See?" he hummed happily, his slender hands running up and down the man's sides. "Wasn't that fun?"

Kendall gave only a butchered moan in response. There were a lot of words he could use to describe the past couple of hours. "Fun" wasn't at the top of the list, no matter how much he enjoyed it. There was a deep chuckle above him, and the lithe man snarled when rough hands picked him up by his shoulder. "Damn it!" he growled. "You can't want to go again. I swear, if you even think about-"

Aiden rolled his eyes, and unceremoniously shoved the man onto towards the pillows. "Always so hostile," he drawled, tugging the sheets out from under him. "I'm actually trying to be nice this time."

The pink-haired man blinked, his eyelids drooping as the sated haze gave way to drowsiness. They fluttered closed as Sam kissed his temple, stroking his hair. "Get some sleep, Kenny," he murmured sweetly, "You definitely earned it."

Sasha yawned cutely, giggling as his lover shifted to kiss him. "I'm gonna sleep too..." The boy crawled over to his brother, slipping beneath the sheets and snuggling into his side. He smiled as Kendall wrapped an arm around him, drawing him close. Both Sam and Aiden watched, smiling as their lovers drifted off into slumber.

"They'll be hungry when they wake up," Aiden whispered, standing. Sam followed after him, grabbing his discarded jeans from the floor and slipping them on. "Wanna help me, Doc?"

"Sure!" the blond chirped. The two of them snuck out of the room, leaving the siblings to their rest, curled in each other's arms.



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