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The Foreign Student



Change. It happens sometimes. Whether you want it or not, change is bound to happen.

Change comes up when you at least expect it. You're not prepared for it, yet you kind of are in the back of your head. And when it comes, you don't know what to do about it. Change is unavoidable. But sometimes, change can be good and bad.

To me, it's both.

So, where do I begin? Well, for one thing, my Mom recently passed away from cancer...yeah...you can already tell that that's the bad part of the change. When I first heard the news from my Dad, I was completely devastated. I prayed long and hard for her not to die. When I visited my mom at the hospital, she told me not to worry about her, saying that if one day, if it was her time to go, then it was her time. I didn't accept that. I told her not to say such a thing. She just smiled warmly at me and held my hand, saying, "Let your heart not be troubled, sweetheart."

She died a day later. Thankfully, I said I loved her before I left. We all did when we visited her, my dad and my little sister.

I prayed. And what happens? She passes away.

I was really angry at first. Angry at everything, angry at God. I felt like He just played a sick joke on me. Doesn't He provide those that call onto Him? I almost cursed at Him when I was alone in my room but restrained myself from doing so. I was at an emotional state, so being angry at everything, especially at God, wouldn't solve anything at all.

My Dad came into my room later to give me a reassuring, comforting hug, telling me that Mom was in a better place. I hugged him back. My dad was hurting on the inside as well. I could tell just by looking at his face when I saw him in the den/living area, sitting on the couch with a forlorn expression as I walked in the house. I should've seen that as a warning sign when I first came home, him sitting on the den couch with his head in hands, quivering...

My little sister didn't take the news too well either. She cried for fifteen minutes. Dad was there to comfort her as well. He called us all in the den/living area, letting us join him on the couch, and told us this.

"Kids," he paused, trying to form the words out of his mouth without shedding any tears, even though he shed some. "I know that this is a hard time for you all to accept this. I'm trying to accept it too. But...from what I learned from all those years I was with your mother...when she introduced me to our Lord..." Dad was trying to keep it together. "She told me that whatever happens to her...let it be bad...she will always be with us in spirit...just like our Lord," Dad said that with a slight smile.

That fact made me feel a little better. I mean, I couldn't stay mad forever. Like my Mom said, quoting a bible verse; 'Let your heart not be troubled'. I was strong to accept that she was gone. That she will always be with me, looking out for me like a guardian angel.

Oh...sorry. Heh. I was so caught up with my mother's passing that I didn't tell you my name.

My name is Hyoga. Ozawa Hyoga. I'm seventeen years old, and I'm an artist. As you can see, I'm Asian, obviously by the name. Half Japanese and Chinese, which is something, really. My current residence is in Tokyo right now...but soon I'll be leaving my home city to live in another country.

What happened, you say? Nothing really. It's kind of related to my Mom's passing though. You see, my Mom is Chinese, but she's actually Asian-American, meaning that she was born in the United States. In the city of San Francisco to be exact. My Dad was born in Japan, as well as my sister and I, all three of us being born Tokyo-ites.

Anyways, we all made a decision on reconnecting with my mother's roots and be near her family at her home in San Francisco, California. It was my Dad's idea of wanting to establish a new life there. No matter how at peace he might be at Mom's passing, he still feels like he should be closer to her by remembering all the times he spent with her.

Actually, they met in Los Angeles, one of the bigger cities of the U.S. My Dad, whose name is Shuhei, met my mother, whose name was Chun-Yu, in their college years. My Dad went to the American Media Institute, while my mother went to the Los Angeles College for the Arts. They met at a coffee shop of all places, dated, and got married. But mostly she introduced The Lord to us. It's kind of strange for a Chinese woman to introduce Christianity to a man who used to be a Shintoist, but she did. My Dad was unsure at the time, but he loved her enough to know that if what she believed in giving her so much happiness and confidence, then he'll have happiness and confidence in it too if he'll be with her. My grandparents from my Dad's side soon understood and converted as well.

And, believe it or not, my Mom's family is Christian. It probably has to do something with a missionary in China spreading the gospel to my ancestors over there(whoever did it though, I'm grateful. I thank The Lord and the person for that.).

But anyways, we're getting packed right now. Loading everything, all our belongings, stuff that we need, all into cargo boxes onto one big ship. We leave tomorrow.

...I'm really nervous.

Well, not because of meeting my relatives from my Mom's side. I've met them numerous times when I was growing up when they came to Japan on the holidays, and they're very wonderful people. It's just... well, I'm nervous when it comes to meeting new people from a new country. I mean, the United States doesn't house one race, they house multiple races! I mean, I see some occasional Caucasian people as well as some African-Americans in Tokyo off and on, but I never even spoke to them! And there will be some races I've never even encountered before! I told my Dad about it, but he just laughed and said, "Don't worry about it, son! Relax! We're all of God's children! Just be yourself.".

Easy for him to say. I heard in American schools, that they kind of pick on the new kid. And what's worse, is that not only that I'm new, but I'm foreign as well! I don't know how some American schools work, but from what I've seen in American movies, they like to target people like that.

Ah well, if they do bring up any trouble for me, I'll surprise them with my martial arts that I've learned over the years...however, I don't want to make a bad new impression in my new home...

...Man, this is gonna be harder than I thought, is it?

You're also probably wondering how we can afford all of this? Well, my Dad is a writer and publishes fantasy novels that have spiritual messages in them. He was going to go with fantasy adventure books when he was studying in America, but after meeting my Mom and knowing The Lord, he decided to go deeper. His books sold pretty well here in Japan. He's written about three, a trilogy set of them. It's a good thing my country doesn't really mind Christianity that much. He's also thinking of lending his works to an American publisher and letting it translate his writing to English audiences.

I find that pretty exciting. I would love to see my Dad's work expand across certain parts of the world!

Anyways, once we arrive in San Francisco, we'll be staying in a marketplace/neighborhood in the city called Chinatown where my grandparents work. That sounds very fitting.

But yeah, all in all, I'm kind of excited, yet nervous about this next step in my life.


Hyoga snapped out of his gaze from the window of his small, modern two-story house in the city(in the area of Shibuya.). He turned around to see his younger sister, a girl of fifteen, Lin-Lin(or just Lin) standing in the door frame, her hands were on her hips, her face contorted into a look of annoyance.

"Yeah?" Hyoga said, out of it.

"I said, 'Dinner's ready!' two times already!" Lin-Lin said aggravatingly.

Hyoga blinked. "Oh, you did? Um...sorry, I was just um..."

"Daydreaming once again?" Lin-Lin said with a peculiar raised eyebrow.

Hyoga scratched the back of his head, blushed and chuckled. "Well, if you want to put it that way, yeah..."

Lin-Lin rolled her eyes at him. "Well, snap out of it and get to dinner!" she said as she went to her right to the den downstairs.

Hyoga got up from his chair and desk and walked out of his small room, down the narrow hallway to the stairs to the den/living/kitchen area. There's one thing he won't miss in Japan; living in confined spaces.

Hyoga reached their traditional Japanese dinner table where his father, Shuhei, and his sister, Lin-Lin, were all seated. He knelt down on his floor chair at his side of the table, which he was across from his sister, and seated on his left side of the table was his father. He scooted towards the table and looked down at his plate.

His Dad cooked them stir-fry with pork and vegetables. It was their Mom's specialty dish.

Hyoga smiled. His father was trying to copy their mother's recipes for them. He was doing a good job so far; he followed the recipes just right.

It had been four months after his mother, Chun-Yu's passing. They've been preparing and gathering all their things, stuff, belongings, etc. into some packed boxes for the past month, getting ready for their move to the States, as the movers put their packed books, DVDs, pictures, clothes into cargo boxes, along with some of the furniture into more cargo boxes onto a ship for them to sail overseas.

They'll be leaving tomorrow.

Hyoga looked to his left to see his Dad patiently waiting for him with a smile.

Shuhei was a man of forty, wearing a collared button white shirt and blue jeans, all the while wearing his glasses. He sported a short-haired look, just like Hyoga, his height being quite tall, exactly 6 feet. He was also pretty lean from working out in the gym.

Hyoga's sister, who was more into the quirky fashions, was in pink and white stockings with blue shorts, and a pink shirt with a spunky 'Hello Kitty!' insignia on it. Her hair was stylized into a braided ponytail. Hyoga just shared the average Tokyo teenager look; the shaggy hair, the red sporty T-shirt, and dark blue jeans.

"Now let us say grace," Shuhei said.

Hyoga nodded and so did Lin-Lin. They all bowed down their heads in prayer.

Shuhei started. "Lord, thank you for this food that we are about to have, and provide us guidance when we set off to America tomorrow, to start our new life. And even though we will leave behind friends and family, we will make new friends and reunite with our other loved ones. Let us have a safe flight, and enjoy this next step into our lives. Thank You, Lord Jesus, and bless us in Your name, Amen."

Hyoga and Lin-Lin both said their 'Amen's', grabbed their chopsticks and dug into their plates.

"So how were your last days of school in Japan?" Shuhei said onto his kids.

Lin-Lin was the first to start. "Oh! My last day was awesome! My homeroom class bid me farewell, and the teacher gave me extra treatment, but not too much for her to interfere with my work," she added with a hushed voice. "and to not make the rest of the other students jealous." She went back to her regular tone with a smile. "Then my friends made me this special friendship bracelet so that I'll be able to remember them! See?" She sticks her arm out to show her multiple beaded colored bracelet to her Dad and Hyoga.

Shuhei chuckled, "I saw that. That's very nice of them."

Hyoga chuckled as well. "Did any boys wished you farewell?"

Lin-Lin turned her head to Hyoga with an annoyed pout. "Did any girls wished you farewell?" she countered back.

"Now Lin-Lin..." Shuhei softly corrected her.

Hyoga blushed. It was no doubt that Hyoga was quite the looker, with his handsome features like his honest face, his hair having a more natural tamed shaggy look to it, his strong medium build as well as his arms showing a little muscle on them from taking karate and judo. His height was also 5'11" which was pretty tall for someone his age. All in all, Hyoga was sure quite the catch with the ladies.

Lin-Lin was also quite attractive. She was very pretty, with her round face and her growing figure. She already grew into her hips and has long legs, and is 5'5" tall, not to mention she's wearing a bra.

Back to the discussion at hand, Hyoga muttered, "I asked you first..."

Hyoga has one thing in his personality he wishes he wants to get rid of. And that's his shyness towards talking to attractive young women. A lot of young women from his homeroom class tend to have the courage to talk to him, while he has zero courage to say anything 'cool' to them. His father, and his mother when she was alive, did say just to be himself, but that was pretty much hard to do, even when talking to a beautiful girl.

There was also a reason why he never did have a girlfriend around Tokyo, and that was because of their religion. They are either Shinto or Buddha, and he was kind of afraid that he would offend them if he was ever in a relationship with these young women, all the while trying to convert them into his faith. He didn't want to force his faith onto them so soon and so abruptly. And to be honest, he didn't know how to spread the gospel to some people. Some of his guy friends understood it, but that was when his Mom was alive, and she explained it to his friends when they came over to his house(his Mom was quite the looker herself, so you can say his friends had a crush on her.).

Maybe this was one of the good things about going to America(or is it the United States? Guess either one, really.). They have a lot of churches there, so they just have to find one that suits them, and they'll be all set! And maybe then Hyoga will find a good girlfriend there!

"Well, if you must know," Lin-Lin said with a roll of her eyes. "Then yes, a couple of boys wished me farewell. One of them even gave me a kiss!" she finished with a smile.

Shuhei frowned and went into protective father mode. "A kiss?"

Lin-Lin giggled. "Oh don't worry, daddy! It was just a kiss on the cheek!"

Shuhei seem to believe Lin-Lin with a nod, but still asked, "Who was the boy?"

"Daddy, it was just Daichi! You know he's a nice enough guy and he wouldn't hurt a fly!" argued Lin-Lin.

Content with that answer, he chuckled. "Just checking, Sweetie."

Lin-Lin rolled her eyes with a groan as she picked up a piece of pork with her chopsticks and ate it.

Shuhei smiled warmly at his daughter. He then looked to his right at Hyoga with a smile as well and said, "So how was your day, Hyoga? Did your homeroom class bid you farewell also?"

Hyoga nodded. "Yep! And to Lin-Lin's question," he said with a cocky tone. "there were girls in my homeroom class that did bid me farewell." He said with a smirk.

Lei-Lei just rolled her eyes again for the third time and countered back again. "And what did you do? Act like a fool?"

"Now now, Lin-Lin..." Shuhei softly but sternly said to his daughter.

Now Hyoga rolled his eyes. "No. I just said 'thank you' and told them I'll miss them."

"...What, is that it?" Lin-Lin asked with a raised brow. "Come on, bro, what else did they do? Did they confess their love to you or something?"

Hyoga blinked, his cheeks flushing red. "Lin, they just-"

"Did they at least give you a kiss on the lips? What about that girl with the big boobs? I was pretty certain she liked you." Lei-Lei said with a sly smirk.

"Lin-Lin! This is the dinner table. Don't speak about the female anatomy of the body." Shuhei scolded her.

"Hey, I'm just wondering," Lei-Lei said innocently.

Hyoga blinked some more, his mouth slightly agape as he blushed further. He shook his head, and said, "N-No! They're not ten! They didn't give me any kisses, they're mature young women! They just gave me hugs!"

"Ooooh!" Lei-Lei said deviously. "Did you even get hugged by the big boobed girl?"

"Lin-Lin, that's enough." Shuhei softly scolded.

"Her name is Emiko, Lin-Lin! And...yes, I was hugged by her." Hyoga murmured, his face even red than before.

Lin-Lin giggled. "Aha! Lucky for you, I know from her sister her cup size. If you're dying to know what size it is, I'll tell you after dinner~!"

"What the-Lin-Lin, seriously, why would I want to know that? What do you take me for, a preteen boy?" Hyoga said in repulsion.

"Hey, you need a girlfriend, Mr. 'I'm Finding Ms. Right'. " Lei-Lei stated. "And don't tell me you haven't fantasized about those girls in your school. I remember a time when you were looking at Tamaki's older sister's butt! And you were fifteen!"

"Lin-Lin, would you just-Dad, help me out here!" Hyoga said to his father in embarrassment

Shuhei just shook his head with a chuckle at the spectacle. As his children were arguing, he thought to himself in content. 'My dear Chun-Yu, if you were here to see this humorous sight now...'

After dinner(and the sibling battle), Hyoga told his Dad that he going out to meet his friends at the local arcade joint to play with friends one last time since it was a Friday. Shuhei let him go but told him to come home around nine so they can sleep in and wake up early.

After meeting with the guys and playing genre games like shooters, fighters, and even dance games(which Hyoga was partially bad at, but his friends told him one last try wouldn't hurt.), he bid his friends one last farewell and set off home, but not until someone called out to him.

"Yo, Hyoga!"

Hyoga turned around to see his childhood friend, Tamaki running up to him. He smiled at him. "Hey, Tamaki!"

Tamaki was one of the few friends that followed him through his faith since kindergarten, thanks to his mother and father's help when he came by his home for the first time.

His friend came to an exact stop without exhausting himself. Being the track and field star at the school can certainly give an advantage.

"Hey man!" Tamaki said.

"Hey! What's up?" Hyoga asked.

"Aw, nothing, it's just..." he hesitated as he glanced away. He looked back at Hyoga with a solemn look. "Look, just...don't forget about us, alright?"

Hyoga blinked. "Wha? Of course, I won't forget you guys."

Tamaki nodded. "Good. And...I just want to let you know that I'll be praying for you, okay man? I'll be praying that you'll have a safe trip, praying that you'll have a good life overseas, and...praying that you'll be very successful someday."

Hyoga's eyes widened in surprise at what Tamaki had said. While what he said was touching, that last part was what struck him.

If there was one thing Hyoga likes to do, that's drawing. He wants to work in animation someday in studios like Toei Animation, or Studio Ghibli if he can even go higher. He heard that the U.S. mostly has CG animation movies, and while he likes some of those, his heart is set on doing 2D animation. Maybe with a little hope, he can make his own animated film studio. And he wouldn't mind animating a series while he was at it, just to start somewhere.

Hyoga gave a warm smile to his friend. "Thanks, Tamaki."

Tamaki gave him a smirk and patted him on the arm. "No prob. And get yourself an American girlfriend while you're at it!"

Hyoga chuckled as he blushed a tiny bit. He then looked at his best friend attentively and said, "Really, I won't forget you guys."

Tamaki nodded. "I know."

They stood there a bit...until they both gave each other a man hug, patting each other on the back a bit, before parting.

"Hey, don't worry, I'll visit you guys soon," Hyoga promised with a smile, trying not to get all emotional.

"Heh, you better. The U.S. is a big country! You'll get lost in it." Tamaki said, trying not to get emotional himself.

Hyoga softly laughed. He looked around the neon lights of the city and saw a neon clock that showed the time. It read 21:44. "Well, I better get going. I have to wake up real early tomorrow."

Tamaki nodded in understanding. "Well...see you around..." he extended his arm out to shake.

Hyoga blinked but understood the gesture and looked at his friend with a soft smile and firmly shook his hand. "See you around."

It was Saturday morning on a September day in 2012.

They woke up around 4:00 in the morning and drove to Hyoga's and Lin-Lin's grandparent's place that was not too far from where they live, which was a simple, single(and also small) Japanese home. They have been waiting for them to drive and take them over to the Shibuya Station and let them use the Narita Express to go to the Narita Airport.

As soon as their grandparents gave them their hugs and kisses and their tearful goodbyes to their grandchildren and to their son as well, they headed off to the train. They rode it and reached to the airport in time to catch the gate to their flight.

As they waited for their boarding flight, Hyoga watched the numerous people passing by in the airport terminal. He saw many different people, young and old, from a little boy holding his parent's hands, to a young couple walking by, the young woman with her head on the young man's shoulder, and to a sweet old couple that was holding hands. He also saw other people greeting each other with traditional bowing and handshakes.

Hyoga smiled warmly at all the culture and tradition around him.

He really is going to miss Japan.

"The flight to Honolulu, Hawaii, is now boarding." The flight announcer made known.

Once again Hyoga snapped out of his daydreaming and got up from his seat to be at the line with his father and sister.

"You all ready for a long trip?" Shuhei said to his kids with a smile.

"I'm ready!" said Lin-Lin with excitement.

"I'm sure as enough ready." Hyoga smiled back.

Shuhei laughed softly. "Well, alright then! Let's head on!"

As they reached the line to the gate and waited, Hyoga looked at the terminal window to see that the sun was slowly rising. He gazed at it and smiled.

'Land of the Rising Sun.' Hyoga lowered his head in thought. 'A new sun...a new beginning...' He smiled widely at that. He looked back at the slowly rising sun and thought one last thought before boarding.

'Bye Mom. I love you.'

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